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Residents of the small English coastal town were not happy about the illegal immigrants who were coming ashore, despite the fact that there was dock or any other mooring places quiet a few immigrants came ashore on the beach very close to the town, the coast guards and the immigration authority did very little to stop the problem, they only sent out a patrol once a week and if anybody reported immigrants coming ashore it took a very long time for the authorities to turn up. The residents of the town held meetings and decided to form their patrols and look outs and had a couple of successes in stopping immigrants from getting into the country, one evening a boat was heading for the beach but was spotted by one of the look outs who quickly called others then when the boat beached the immigrants were quickly caught and handed over to the authorities but sixteen year old Asif and his ten year old sister Pia managed to avoid being caught and hid in the sand dunes, A hour after the immigrants had been caught sixteen year old Steve who was a violent thug and not liked by other residents in the town was out on his own because nobody else would go out with him, Asif who was bi sexual saw Steve as he waked along the dark deserted beach keeping a look out for any more boats, Asif woke Pia in case they needed to run, Asif saw Steve stop and undo his joggers and pull his six inch dick out, Asif said to Pia ” look at that kid a white cock ” Pia said ” yeah I can see it ” both Pia and Asif lay in the dune watching Steve as he had a pee once Steve had finished he took a couple of steps forward his dick still out, Asif thought cool as Steve’s dick slowly grew to an eight inch erection then after looking around Steve started to jerk totally unaware that he was being watched, after jerking his dick for five minutes Steve squirted cum in four spurts, then after a couple of minutes wiped his dick and carried on walking, Asif looked at his sister and said to her ” how is that you have just seen a white English boy have a wank and shoot spunk ” Pia said ” that was good better than the porno movies back home. After a few hours it started to get light and a bit windy so Asif woke Pia and moved closer in land as they crossed a road a set of flashing blue lights went on, Asif said run and ran but Pia was not quick enough and got caught, Asif was able to get away and hid in a field at the rear of some houses disappointed that Pia had been caught, As he hid among some trees Asif saw a light in one of the house go on and a naked girl about his age enter the room, Asif stared in awe at the naked girl admiring her ample boobs and when she moved further into the room he clearly saw her love tube and watched as she moved about the room, the girl left the room returning fully clothed ten minutes later, After a hour Asif left the field and started to make his way to a house he had been told by other immigrants was safe to go and where he would get help, Asif walked through the country side happy after what he had seen and hoping to meet up with Pia again.