Warm Up

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The whole of England was going through the coldest winter since records began, the temperature had been below freezing for over two weeks which caused the roads to be very icy and slippery which in turn was causing many accidents. Most people were not venturing outside of thier homes instead they were staying inside where it was nice and warm, Tony was a sixteen year old bi sexual boy who lived in a small town in the country side, he was a known peeping tom and flasher and because of his actions he did not have many friends, he was not trusted by many people and was shunned. It was si in the morning when Tony left his home to go and do his early morning paper delivery round, he wondered how the van drivers managed to drive in such bad conditions to get the papers to the shop, after arriving at the shop and having the usual jokes about the hot weather with Mr Khan who owned the shop Tony pulled his coat tight round himself and set off into the cold to deliver the papers as he walked along the deserted streets he noticed the frozen over fish ponds in peoples gardens and wondered how the fish survived. Tony approached the mansion on the edge of town knowing that the owners were away on holiday but thier sixteen year old daughter Kerry would be at the mansion on her own looking after things. Tony liked Kerry she was one of the few people who did not give him any trouble at all. As Tony got closer to the mansion he saw a light in one of the ground floor rooms go on and through the window saw Kerry enter the room to his surprise Tony saw that Kerry was naked he had a good view of her ample boobs and her hairless love tube, Tony noticed that Kerry’s nipples were erect as he admired Kerry’s naked body she turned to face the door Tony then saw Steve a local hard thug walk into the room, Steve had given Tony a lot of hassle and had beaten him up, Tony’s eyes went wide when he saw that like Kerry Steve was naked and that he had a nine inch erection, Tony could hardly believe what he was seeing but stood and watched as the pair started to cuddle, Tony thought cool when Kerry knelt down on the floor and started to suck Steve’s dick then after a couple minutes when Kerry stood up again Tony saw Steve’s dick twitch and smiled as Steve lowered Kerry to the floor then kneel down between her parted legs then slide his dick into Kerry’s love tube and start to thrust in and out. Tony could feel his dick throbbing inside his jeans but thought far to cold to get it out and carried on watching as Steve thrust in out of Kerry’s love tube and after five minutes when Steve pulled his dick from Kerry’s love tube and squirt his cum in four spurts over her body Tony thought very nice. After a few minutes Kerry and Steve left the room. Tony put the news paper through the letter box then walked away thinking what a very good way to warm up.