Hey guys I am back with the continuation of my first story “A Virgin Mistake“. So as soon as I mouth fucked her and released my complete load in her mouth, she was sitting there laughing. I with my flaccid cock staring her and asking “Why are you laughing?” Poorva- Nothing baby, you look so great with this little dick hanging down. Haha. Me- So now what baby, what to do? P- We can’t do anything more now except for sleeping. I was so disappointed that I completely messed up by forgetting to bring condoms with me. Also had no option but to sleep with Poorva. I wanted to sleep with her but didn’t know that I would have been

Hey guys, this is Abhishek. Decided to open my own experiences and share them with you people. I live in Pune, this story involves my college life and how I and my first girlfriend lost our virginity. Her name was Poorva, she was about 5’5 in height and was fair looking with a whitish skin tone, she was ok when I first saw her in my first year but since then had improved herself by leaps and bounds, now was much more beautiful and had developed a combination of jaw-dropping assets, her stats were 34-28-35. ( I won’t ask you to imagine as you people must be fully aware of how a 34-28-35 looks ). I was fortunate that we

I sat up dazed from the previous night’s events. The first light of dawn dimly lit my hostel room. The empty bed opposite to me indicated that my roommate was still out. There was a faint noise from the distance that I could hear. The programs must have been going on all night, well beyond the expected closing time. I rubbed my eyes as my senses began to return and pulled off the blanket covering my morning wood. I sat at the edge of the bed. I looked beside me anxiously, where Neha was still fast asleep, happily devirginized. I took a sip of water and started to recollect the events of the previous night. I remembered dancing with my

Well I born in Sunni Muslim family my family we suffered financially tensions when my dad 6 siblings passed in road accident our business was captured by my uncle me and my mother were just with house that too no single person came for help to us from our relatives, Muslim community I was 16 years old at that time was almost my young days were bad I used to part time work in utensils factory studied till high school matric my mother too worked in hotel as Cook we used to hardly later my mother met my factory owner where I used to work part time after coming from school I used to work 12 hrs. Our owner where

Fourteen year old Sharon was a loud mouth girl who caused trouble where ever she went, not many people liked her she was a loner with not many friends, Dawn who was in the same class as Sharon was at school was often bullied by Sharon and did her best to avoid the trouble making girl. Dawn was on her way home from school one afternoon and walking past the house where Sharon lived when Sharon who was suspended from school came out of her garden on her bike as she did she put her foot in Dawn’s back and shoved her hard yelling get out the way bitch as she did then rode off laughing as she did. Dawn

Colin was a sixteen year old boy who did not have many friends, he lived in a small quiet English town where he was not liked by many people because of the fact that he was a flasher as well as a peeping tom, he had been warned by the police a few times about his behaviour, but Colin ignored the warnings and carried on flashing and spying on people, even threats from people and being beat up twice did not put Colin off he carried on flashing. Colin was walking through the derelict building on the edge of town feeling very happy he had just been watching his school class mate Tony as he thrust in and out of

There were only a few people at the swimming pool on what was normally a busy day. Tina was there with her aunt and young cousin, Tina was sitting on the edge of the pool when she saw her sisters ex boyfriend Steve who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what she was, Tina did not know where her sister and Steve had split up all she knew that they had a big row one night with her sister dumping Steve, Tina saw that Steve had his little nephew with him but thought that it was best not to speak to him, after a hour Tina went into the family changing room with her aunt and

It had been very sunny and hot for just over two weeks, but then with out any warning what so ever there was a big thunder storm, the storm had not been mentioned on the weather forecast the first that residents of the English town knew about it was when early one evening there was a sudden loud clap of thunder followed by streaks of lightening more thunder then rain which began to fall lightly but after a couple of minutes was pouring down very heavily, the unexpected storm lasted for four hours catching people by surprise with in a minute of the storm starting many of the towns residents were soaking wet and running for cover, Pia was a

Hello Readers. I am Mr. Random. I made a deal with the devil and gave my soul away. In Return, He granted me the power to manipulate time and to be invincible and now I was the greatest power on earth. And like any villain, I used my power for bad deeds. First, I became world’s richest and most powerful man and have many goons, thugs, politicians working under me. Second I used my power and money to satisfy my sexual desires. This Series Contains The Story Of How I Misused My Power and My Money To Manipulate, Force and Blackmail Hot Virgin Girls. The First Story Is When I Was Rich And Was Living as a tenant in a

Hello friends, It’s a dark evening with rain giving lot of respite from humidity and in spring season it’s a hot physical love which can make you satisfy with your lover or boy friend but I am a dirty gal with my eyes on dad’s long penis but soon he will fuck my virgin vagina and as Ritu is well drunk, her eyes are getting closed and with my legs apart, I can feel dad’s hand rubbing it softly and so mom is sitting near my face with her sexy body nude as she starts rubbing my face gently and while I hold mom’s breast to squeeze, she smiled “losing virginity is not so painful but with your dad’s cock,

Hello readers, New to elaborate my life full of romance with strict discipline as I am going to explain my physical appearance’s to all of you, Bina, a young gal of 21 years with a tall figure of 5’6 feet as my round boobs seems like a pair of tennis ball with strong thighs and V shaped buttocks, none of it have been touched by any guy till now. My dad, a class-2 officer in education department with my mom, a housewife and my younger brother Nilesh, a 17 years guy……… All lives in the city of Patna [Bihar]. Bina is studying in B.SC [HONS.] In Patna women’s college as without any guys in college it seems like a life

Little Julie The end of my 8th-grade year was only a bit over 2 months away and so was the end of my Middle School years. Cindy had been the first virgin I had a few months before. Lots of thought were on my mind as I would enter high school next year. For one I would now be one of those on the lowest rung. In my favor, I had banged one of the biggest school sluts what would be a Senior next year. Chris was a friend of my brother’s girlfriend. When I was in 7th grade she took my virginity at a party my brother had. Her date had not shown up and she was horny. I

Most guys dream of “popping the cherry” of at least one girl in their lifetime. At least half never will. Then there are guys like me. I’ve had over 20 virgins and many other partners. I started to have sex in the 7th grade shortly after I turned 13. I was average height for my age and I would say average looks. I was into sports and played football, baseball and was on the wrestling team. The secret to having lots of sex was to not go after the cheerleaders or popular girls that every other guy was after. The pretty girls know it and are mostly dick teases. Look for the skinny girls with no tits or the girls

My first experience was when I with a friend of my fathers who was 35. I was a very horny girl, I had been playing with myself at an early age and had given blow jobs to my older brothers friends, but I was saving my cherry for a more experienced guy, I wasn’t expecting him to be that much older, but I’m glad it was Jim. I was at home alone, my parents were on vacation, and my older brother who was supposed to be watching me, was staying at his girl friends house, I was busy playing with my pussy when the door bell rang. I pulled up my thong bikini, that’s all I ever wear, I love

Hello guys I’m Rahul from Bangalore average guy 5.5 is my dick size, I stay in north Bangalore I had interview on that day finished my interview and waiting for bus. As soon bus came I climbed, it was very rush due to school leaving hour it was around 3pm, there was nearly 15 stops to my destination. I’m waiting if I get any seat then got a seat I sat and listening to music then a girl came. I think she must be in 10th std but her feature was really good. She asked can you hold my bag the bus was full rush I took bag from her kept on my lap, she was just next to me

As the next week went by I was wanking every morning and evening just thinking about those two stunners. I’ve not really gone into much detail on their appearance before so let me give you a mental picture. The blonde 5’8” long legs toned body with big natural tits. A smooth shaved pussy and had a rose tattoo on the small of her back. Her nipples were huge and she had the most amazing set of teeth, big white Hollywood Smile. The brunette was around 5’2 very petite with smaller perter tits. The bust of a 20 year old. Her skin had a fading tan, again pussy was shaved and smooth as her peachy bottom. The next Sunday was my

Upon returning the following Sunday, the weather was a lot drier but still very cold. As I approached the hut the sense of anticipation already had my cock hard way before I opened the door. As I opened the hut door I was shocked but pleasantly surprised to find the Guy from last week wasn’t there. Instead was another lady around the same age as her. I was barely in the door when the ‘new’ lady with long jet brown hair said “is that him” ? ”Yes that’s him” she said I’d been in the hut just a few seconds and barely spoke a word and was being ravaged by them both. Naked within seconds and being sucked off by

I like to ramble, normally shortish walks of around 5 miles, mainly around lakes or reservoirs. The wildlife helps me relax and be carefree for a few hours to escape everyday stresses. So most Sundays I head off on my own with a flask and a light snack. Firstly, I must say that I’ve had more than a fair few episodes that you wouldn’t expect to see when rambling. Perhaps these occasions are why I go, although I tell myself it’s the fresh air, exercise and nature. Let me tell you about my first encounter. One of my favourite reservoirs in Shropshire has many vantage points with bird huts to observe from. Located in very quite spots with plenty of

Previous part link I ate at home and I hope he had eaten because it was night time when I snuck into the barracks. Tap Tap Tap. I could not knock too loud. I knew everyone was away for a week but I did not want anyone to catch me there anyhow. He opened the door and I walked in quickly. JT: Hi, I just got out of the shower. I was about to go to sleep. Me: So you’re tired? You’ve changed your mind? JT: No, I thought you changed your mind. Me: No sir, I’m not letting you out of this. You said you can teach me something, than do your job. I’ll be back. I’m going take a shower. JT: Lol. Do

Hi all I am Rita I am 21 years old now in all my teen age life I was teased in my school I was given many names by boys and other classmates like PAWG, BBW, white ass pig, white hog & etc.. Due to this I had lost my confidence and I use to keep my self away from every one when I turned 18 my weight had crossed 100 kg and my Brest where over DD cup size my ass was so big it occupy two persons space by the age of 19 I had left my house and I was sharing a room with my friend Lena she was nice to me she helped me find a

Previous part link The next week, my husbands whole unit had to go to the field for field training so he and KeyKey were going away for one full week. KeyKey left her room open for her boyfriend JT. He was so in love with her because she and he both had the same type of life and they could understand each other, but he knew she was still having sex with other men so he knew they would not stay together. He was trying to enjoy the time she was giving him now. I knew everyone was gone but I wanted to see if she had left her room open for her boyfriend. His MOS was different from theirs

Now I am fucking fast I asked her when I cum where shall I deposit my seed. She said in my pussy I said what if you become pregnant she said playfully I will be mother you will be father I said ok and deposited my seed in her young virgin pussy. Now when I pulled out there was some blood on my cock and at her opening. Now she told me both of them is on the pills. Now the sister wants to be fucked. I told her to suck and make me hard. She started to suck my cock she licked my cock clean of her sister’s cum and mine. Now it is hard I made her sit

I lay on bed took one girl on me 69 position and made the other one lie on my side. Now I started to lick the pussy of the one on me from ass to pussy. And played with the boobs of the one at my side both of them start to moan aaahhh mmmm sssss. Now without being told by me the one on me took my cock in her mouth. And started to suck my cock taking as much as she can. I started to lick her pussy and ass faster and touch her small clitoris. She is in ecstasy and also I rub the other one’s pussy she too is wet. Suddenly the one on me grinds

This is your Jaleel again with his fuck story again. One day I was travelling in a KSRTC bus the bus was nearly empty I was sitting seat meant for three persons. Two young girls about 16years came in even though there is many empty seats. The sat at the seat where I was sitting. I looked at them they were very petite. At the same time beautiful and happy go Lucky type even though there is enough place in the seat where we were sitting. They moved nearer to me until one girl’s leg touched my leg. I looked at her she smiled I returned the smile. Then the one near me took out her mobile and started video.

Hi friends, this is a true incidence, not a story or fantasy.  I am Rohan 52, a doctor by profession, not a hunk or that much handsome man.  However, females get attracted towards me very easily, probably because I am well-behaved, polite, shy and caring, respect females a lot.  This incidence happened to me just a few week ago, when I was travelling from Delhi to Chennai in a early morning flight.  On the Air India queue for checking in, a girl was just ahead of me (I was behind her). I was talking to one of my friends in Chennai, who was supposed to book hotel for me at Chennai.  Once my call was over, she turned back, and asked if I am taking

Part 1 link Coaching Chloe arrived home from school after lunch. She had a free afternoon. ” Hi baby.” Brenda said greeting Chloe at the door. ” ” Good mum ” Chloe said ” Ok darling, I have a surprise for you.” Brenda said smiling. ” Oh god what.” Chloe said putting her school bag on the floor reaching up adjusting her pony tail. ” In your room ” Brenda said. ” My room ? ” Chloe asked looking towards the hallway seeing her door open. She usually closes it. ” Go on have a look ” Brenda said her hands on her hips. She wore a short black leather mini skirt and white satin blouse. Chloe walked down the hallway

My body knew that tonight was the night my cherry got popped, it felt right, I wanted it. And needed it. I started masturbating at the age of 15, to be honest that was pretty old in comparison to some girls my age, but once I started I never wanted to stop, every night after school I would rush in from the cold outside and remove the lock from my hidden draw under my bed, each night playing with myself harder and faster, with the dildo I brought from online; skiving off school the day it arrived so I could hide it before my mum found it first. I remember one night my mum walked into my room with my

Nancy is looking at me while we all are attending class. She is a nice gal in her teens, her tits are small as her square dome shaped ass is sexy, her vulva as well as labias are reddish as her glory hole is pink in colour. We both have enjoyed oral sex twice but never got the chance to enjoy intercourse with her. We attended our classes as I moved out of classroom, Nancy followed me fastly and now we both are walking as she shouted…. “Garry stop please, I want to talk with you. ” And I stopped there, looking at her, I asked…… “Yes Nancy (Nancy) Garry tomorrow is my 18th birthday and I want yours present

Hello everyone, hope you all doing good if you didn’t read my previous story kindly read that story. And this is the continuation of that story. I made my sister to understand the reality that why boys are roaming behind a girl like my sister who has hot shaped body. Before she will talk to boys whose behavior is bad. After my advice she behaves well. Finally it returns me. After that day we became too close. Two days passed within this these days we met many naughty moments. Before I entered my sister bedroom unknowingly and I apologize her and go out after we became close she trust me she even allow me to watch her dress changing. I

Hello everyone, I’m Naveen back with my story. By the by this is not a story, this happened to me couple of days before. As I said before I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me. Who has all parts at right place. I just not to waste time I say what happened. My parents will go to work early in the morning and come after nine at night. From four am to nine pm me and my sister will be alone at home. I returned from college and put my phone to charge as my battery is almost dead. And went to speak with my street friends. When I returned home I went to my sister