My wife, Beth, and I have been married for a number of years. I’ve never been a jealous man, but I also wasn’t the type that wanted his lady to be fucking around either. At 25, when we got married, she was gorgeous. Tall, brown hair, large breasts, fantastic legs and ass, and weighed about 130#. She was very outgoing, a tad flirtatious, and loved to dance. My name is Steve. I’m 6’1”, and weighed at the time 175# with brown hair and blue eyes. We were in a club one night with her brother-in-law, Dick, and a few other friends. Beth was dressed wearing a short skirt and blouse, no bra, and g-string panties. A friend named David and

This happened a few years back. I was kind of horny back then (still am), used to watch a lot of porn and read sex stories. That is when I came across stories of the sisters getting a look at their brother’s penis and brothers sharing these experiences on public platforms. Some of the stories went the extra mile in which sister gave a handjob/blowjob to their brother and I did not care whether they were fictional or the author tried to be more imaginative. I also wished to try this on my younger sister and understand her feelings/ expression in seeing a live penis. My sister was 14 and I was 17 something. She already started getting sex education in

I am Anne. I am 23, 5’2”, petite, 34dd enhanced, athletic toned and a small tattoo on my mound. It’s a Queen of Spades. I had a black boyfriend in college who sent me for BBC training. My boyfriend said I had a nice “little bubble butt.” I have long brunette curly hair and hazel eyes. I am divorced. My ex-husband knew of my sexual needs and thought he could live with my activities. He couldn’t. I have a computer science degree and work for a large corporation. What started out as a way to stay in shape by pole dancing has become a part time money maker. My friend Linda and I entertain at adult parties and adult clubs.

This was so intense. I’m been fucked with a dildo strap on before, my girlfriend and I do it often. But having your mother doing it. Oh fuck. I teased Dads cock as I looked down watching him lick and suck the dildo. He then got off and sat up against the bed head legs open. I knelt between them grabbing his cock again sliding my lips down his shaft. Mum knelt behind me leaning in licking my pussy and anus, she circled her tongue around both my holes. It felt nice. Her soft wet tongue working both holes. She then sat back up and guided the dildo to my pussy sliding it back in after lubing it again. Oh

Wednesday night. Well dinner was nice, we cleaned up. I went to my bedroom and moisturised my body with coconut Moisturiser, I put on my favourite perfume. Mum did the same. Dad sat on the sofa. He had the snacks all ready for us. I really could not wait for the sex afterwards. Mum sat next to Dad, I sat on the other side placing my legs over his lap, my thighs on his thighs and my calfs and ankles on Mum’s. He put the blanket over my legs and rested the snacks on top of it using my legs across his lap as a table. The curtains closed it was dark. The movie started. It was so nice. I

True story. Wednesday. Well Monday was fun. Tuesday a normal day, a day working online. I worked Wednesday too. It had been two days since…. Well….. You know I bonked my father. Anyway 5pm on Wednesday night we decided to have a movie night. You know the whole popcorn and wine, family bonding and all that, but not in a way normal families bond. Dad chose the movie. I signed off my final video call for the day at 5.04. I switched off my computer and leant back in my chair pleased that the day was over, work wise anyway. ” Oh shit. ” I said out loud. I picked up some files and put them away. I then heard

Monday. Well Monday came. Four days with my parents. Four naked days with them. It was so nice. There didn’t seem to be sexual tension between Dad and I. It felt like a normal, as can be relationship between naked father and daughter. 9.50am Mum and Dad were at the table eating breakfast, yep naked. I had a meeting online so yes I was dressed. I wore black short skirt and a red v neck cotton blouse, my hair straightened and make up on. ” Whens then meeting ? ” Mum asked ” Ten minutes ” I replied pushing bread into the toaster and pouring a coffee. ” Strange seeing you dressed. ” Dad said smiling. ” Prefer me naked

True story. Hi Readers. Jess here. Yes I have been a busy girl lately, new job, new direction in my career. I have lots of stories to write, lots of ideas and going to share a lot more of my experiences (Sexually.) As you all know about me and my lifestyle. A lifestyle not all agree with but hey its my life, my body and my career. Lockdown. What a time. I decided to go and stay with my parents as I live alone, I wanted some company. All my friends asked me to stay with them but I wanted to stay with my parents. As you all know my history with them. They were pleased to see me. They

My Attorney Allen has been hot on the trail of my husband Bob’s cheating in our marriage. I am seeking a divorce as Bob has been spending less and less time at home. He stopped being intimate with me and when he is home as a long haul tractor trailer driver, he is involved in his hobbies. Hunting, fishing, and bowling. It’s been going on for six years. Friday I was at work when my cellphone buzzed. It was Allen. He said, “when you get out of work come to my office. I have information about Bob.” I replied, “I will be there.” I did worry all day at work about the meeting with my attorney. Finally it’s 4PM the

My name is Leila. I’m a lesbian from Iran. I migrated to Britain a few years ago. I was a teacher in my country and the story which I want to tell happened in mid 1980s when I was in my twenties. In order to make my story understandable for a foreign reader, I should explain the situation of those years. Shortly after the 1979 revolution, a theocratic dictatorship began which harshly oppressed the women in Iran. In 1980, a war began between Iran and Iraq. Since the government couldn’t provide sufficient military hardware for its army, the army had to rely on human waves. Masses of humans had to be brainwashed into believing that they are fighting in a

I am on the road a lot with my job. My beautiful wife Kathy a a five foot three red head with tits the size of small watermelons and a ass that is round and firm stay’s home taking care of the bills and house. I call every night before I go to bed to say goodnight. The last couple weeks when I call her there seems to be something a little different. Being away is a little hard on both of us I understand that. This is different though. I began having the feeling that she might be seeing someone else. It could be my imagination but sometimes that can even drive you crazy. So I call my boss

If you haven’t yet go read part 6 first (My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 6) He said he was going to get his balls in my mouth too! I didn’t know how I felt about balls, though the small chode in my mouth was nice and meaty! My sexy teacher kept on rubbing my nipples, after a while they got numb and wouldn’t stay hard, so she left the room and said, “I’ll be right back!” Her husband said back, “You better hurry up whore ass slut!” After a couple seconds, she came back in the room with a cup full of ice. Her husband looked at her in disgust, “Baby, come here really fast.” She started to walk

My first story I was 17 and at that time not much work about I lived with my mom we wasn’t close as she was 43 when she had me and my parent’s divorced when I was 7 Anyway my brother who got married before I was born his wife I’ll call her Sue (not her real name) and is 22 years older than me have always been close I’ll jump a few years now to when I was 17 as I said there wasn’t much work around but we had a caravan and the land owner said I could work down there ground rent was paid plus cash in hand at 17 it was my freedom from home. I

If you haven’t yet go read part 5 (My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 5) There we were, my Spanish teacher was sucking on my balls as her husband was sucking my cock and I was eating his ass. I didn’t really enjoy it. After a couple of minutes I eventually came again, he sucked it all in his mouth. Then he grabbed my teacher by her hair, and forcefully opened her mouth with his other hand. He spat my cum in her mouth then grabbed her sexy tits very aggressively as if they were balloons. He told her, “Gargle that cum in your mouth!” So she did. After that he turned around and said, “Now spit it on my

In case you haven’t yet, go read part 4 first (My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 4) Start where I had left off, my teachers husband said he wasn’t down punishing me. He made me suck his cock and came in my mouth, I’m not gay, that was already a huge punishment! I didn’t think it could get crazier, I was so wrong. He grabbed me and his wife by the hair and threw us onto the bed. Then he took the blindfold that me and my teacher where using earlier, and tied it around my face. Once again, I couldn’t see anything. After about a minute of me laying on the bed, all naked, waiting for him to punish

In case you haven’t yet go read part 3 first (My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 3) Starting from the end if part 3, the door opened, the way her room was built, the door has a little walk before you can see the bed, so she hid me under the blanket before anyone came in. I opened the blanket up a bit so I could see what was going on. It was her husband! He had cane home early. He sees her naked with the dildo on the bed and said, “Wow! You were waiting for me?” She reply’s in a nervous tone, “Of course honey! I’m so honey right now!” Her husband takes off his belt with a

My name is Joan. Since I visited my daughter Linda my life and loves have changed. I met two black male strippers at Linda’s bachelorette party. These lovers in two days changed my sexual needs to becoming a black cock whore. These men made love to me as I had never experienced in my life with my husband Bob. Since I returned home I have found more black cock love as my husband Bob of 24 years of marriage chooses to not be intimate with me. I believe he is cheating on me. I met a Black Attorney at the Club named Allen. He is 50 years old, handsome, 6’6”, thin muscular, divorced, and charming. We were attracted to each

Joan’s plane arrived and husband Bob met her at baggage pickup. They met, kissed and hugged. She was happy to be back. She had visited her daughter and had been invited to her bachelorette party that was celebrated but the bachelor was caught cheating on several cellphone cameras. So that ended the engagement plans. I told Bob what happened. We agreed Linda will find the right guy. I was exhausted from a busy week and the flight. It was a week of discovering BBC Love. It started with the black male strippers at the bachelorette party. I had taken them back to my hotel suite. They left town for work. I met 3 more BBC men from the bar where

In case you haven’t yet, go read part 2 before this (My Naughty Spanish Teacher – Part 2) Starting from where I left off, she pulled something from under the bed. It was a box. She used a key to unlock it and opened it up. Then she grabbed out something crazy. She grabbed out a huge black dildo! This dildo was probably about 10 inches long and very thick! She looked at me in a naughty way and told me, “Shove it in my pussy!” So I grabbed it, and right before I was about to put it in she grabbed my wrist and told me, “Wait! First cum on it! I need to to be lubed up and

In case you haven’t yet, go read part 1 first at (My Naughty Spanish Teacher) So starting where I left off, she spilled her water on her shirt. She had a shocked expression and tried to cover up her nipples, she looked at me and said, “Oh no! I’m so sorry!” I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was so hard and could feel my pre cum in my pants as my tip would move around. I told her back, “No no it’s ok, I know it was a mistake.” She ran to get a new shirt. As she ran her tits where bouncing up and down over and over again. I count take it! My dick print was

My name is Anne. If you read my last story I became best friends with Linda. Her fiance Joey D fucked me at his bachelor party. I worked at the bar and served his party. He was cellphone camera caught fucking me and recorded trying to arrange to have me available to him after he married Linda. The party and what he said to me was sent to Linda by his friends. Linda took everything she saw and heard very upset. You know what she did. After the bachelorette party Linda and I hung out at her apartment Saturday and Sunday. Linda’s mother Joan called her. She said, “she was staying the week. She said she called my father telling

Hi readers, Kirti and Ritu are semi nude as I felt bit tired with heat making me feel uncomfortable, so we both moved inside car’s back seat and than he started the car to switch the air conditioner, so hold me and pulled out my tops and like a shameless gal Ritu removed her brassier, complete nude infront of my cousin Kirti as he removed his shirt and so both are voiceless as he asked me ” put your head on windows pane as stretch your thighs wider ” and I did it easily, so as I put my both legs widened my one leg is down to seat and than Kirti hold his penis as he starts rubbing it’s

Hello everyone, Ritu is in Gwalior to spend some nice time while moving at historical places and so in the evening as my uncle came home, we four are in terrace with a cup of tea as uncle owns a business of marbles and he is too rich as his house with cars as well as lavish lifestyle is showing it and he asked ” so Ritu, tomorrow where you want to go ( Kirti said ) dad I think first I will take sister to Gwalior fort ( Ritu nodded her head ) yes uncle Kirti will be my guide ” and I know his intention of making me a slut but it’s my desire also, so night passed

Hello everyone, It’s afternoon 01:40 as Ritu is completely nude with her brother Kirti and as he sucked my vagina I felt too horny but shy also and I moved inside washroom but he followed me as his flurry cock is inciting me for suck as well as fuck. Kirti hold me and soon opened the cascade as water starts flowing on us and than while holding him hard I am kissing his face but soon as I felt his 5-6 inches long cock hitting my waistline, I sits on my legs and hold his penis as it’s in erection and looking at him I opened my mouth as I swallows it and starts sucking it hard with my hand

Hi friends, Ritu Bhatia is in uncle’s home as it’s a nice decorated home with a large premises and as I arrived at Gwalior junction my cousin brother Kirti came there to receive me. Ritu is too tired as her journey was of a night and there also she get fucked with a stranger but while getting money for it and than as I walked out of train my brother Kirti was looking at me, so I put my bag on floor as took him in my arms like a beloved sister but Kirti kissed my face as slapped twice on my buttocks and as I left him ” nonsense, it’s a platform ( Kirti hold the bag ) sorry

This is an absolutely authentic story that took place in my life. It all started in High School. My Sophomore year I had Spanish 1 with a teacher, who I won’t name for privacy reasons, so we’ll just call her Mrs. Steph. Now Mrs. Steph was my Spanish teacher, she wasn’t Spanish in any way, she was white and had short curly hair. She was in her mid 40s and always dressed very interesting. She wore dresses all of the time and always had on some pantyhose. I hated Spanish but couldn’t wait to get to class to see her. She was so hot I couldn’t help but get hard every single time I had her, It was so hard

I am Anne and you know if you have read my stories I like to fuck. My last story I became an unplanned participant in fucking the Bachelor Johnny D. And his friends at his last night of freedom party before marriage. His friends used their cellphone cameras taking pictures of Johnny D. And each other fucking me. They also had a video camera and recorded everything. There is one problem with taking pictures. They were sent to their friends and to friends of Johnny D. Someone sent Johnny’s fiancé Linda pictures of his Bachelor party gang bang with me. Friday evening I was working with Charles at his bar. I made the drinks for the people at the tables

I joined my now ex-girlfriend for her school trip to Berlin a few years back. It was a three day trip, I enjoyed it a lot but she always had something bad to say about stuff, that’s just the way she is. She didn’t show much affection but she was very kinky, mostly on the “I’ll do what you want” side which I loved. This was one of the occasions where that side of her came out. It was around 2am, the bus was silent and dark, everyone was sleeping except us. We were silently chatting, making out from time to time. During one of our making out sessions I slipped my hand into her pants and played with her

Hello friends, You can imagine a nude gal of 21 years as her wet vagina have been sucked and now her dad while holding his 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick penis is trying to fuck him, she just pushed him as walked towards washroom, so I washed my vagina and after a while back in room as dad is waiting on bed with his both legs straight while sleeping there and what will happen if I sits on his erected penis as I starts getting fucked and than bounces my buttocks there, it’s not going to happen as my little wider vagina is not able to coup his so long penis in a cow girl position and as

Hello everyone, Ritu is in washroom as after putting lot of waters on legs and washing my face, I thought to be nude for my dad and soon I removed my miniskirts with crop tops as brassier also and now have it in my hand, so waiting for dad’s voice as service guy have to deliver drinks in our room and as I am nude here, I can’t move to him without getting his voice and than I heard dad’s voice as he is talking with someone, so I stands near it’s door and lastly dad screamed ” Ritu, come here baby ( Me ) guy have left the room ( Dad ) yes baby “. As holding my clothes