The Small Hotel

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Sara was sat in the lounge of the small hotel that had been owned by her family for many years, different generations of the family had run the place and now her mum and dad were in charge of the hotel, her mum was in hospital where she had been since having a car accident, her dad had gone to visit her mum and would not be home for a few hours yet. Karen was a local girl who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what Sara was and was well known for being stroppy, but Sara’s dad had left her in charge while he went to the hospital. Karen walked through the lounge to the kitchen with her seventeen year old boyfriend Mark walking along behind her, as she went Karen told Sara to shout if anybody came in and not to go into the kitchen, as mark walked through the swing doors into the kitchen the doors swung shut but caught on something on the floor leaving a small gap between the doors, Sara could seen Karen and Mark through the gap and could see them snogging, Sara watched as the pair snogged and when Mark raised Karen’s tee shirt up over her head and off revealing her ample boobs Sara thought I hope my tits are as big as that when I get older, Sara sat watching as Mark started to lick and suck Karen’s nipples then after a few minutes Sara saw Mark lift Karen and lay her on the work top then push her skirt right up and pull her panties down and off then start to lick her love tube, Sara thought this is better than the local park and I got a chair to sit in while I watch, Mark stood up and undid his jeans letting his nine inch erection spring out, when Sara saw the fat big hairy dick she thought nice and watched as Steve pushed it into Karen’s love tube and start to thrust in and out, as she watched Sara could feel her love juices flowing, she stood reached under her skirt and lowered her panties and took them right off, she then sat back down and raised her skirt right up and started to rub her love tube as she watched Mark thrusting in and out of Karen’s love tube, after a few minutes Sara pushed two fingers into her love tube and start to masturbate while still watching Mark, after a minute Sara undid her hoody and started to rub her developing boobs, Sara then saw Mark pull his dick from Karen’s love tube and squirt his cum in four spurts over the floor, Sara knew that the pair would be out of the kitchen soon and after pulling her fingers from inside her love tube and doing her hoody up went upstairs to her room. Sixteen year old Asif was a Bengali boy who was hated because he was a peeping tom unbeknown to Sara Asif had been stood peeping through the window watching Sara as she masturbated hardly believing his luck and thinking she has a nice little pair of tits her love tube looks tight I wonder if it is as tight as her best friends that is tight.