The Round

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Every morning Asif delivered the early morning papers from his dad’s shop to the council housing estate that was in very bad need of some repairs, he hated delivering the papers on this estate as there was a lot of racists that lived on it and if they saw him they would often shout racist comments at him, Asif was walking along one of the upper walk ways when he saw a light in one of the flats go on, as they did Asif saw that the curtains had not been drawn and he could see through the window into the room as he looked he saw July who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, July was stood wearing just a towel, Asif knew that July was a racist violent and well feared girl, Asif smiled when he saw July take the towel that she was wearing off and throw it on the floor and stood naked, Asif stared at the racist girl’s ample boobs thinking very nice as he did, when July moved back Asif got a good clear view of her love tube, then when July’s boyfriend walked into the room naked with a full nine inch erection the bi sexual Asif thought very very nice and watched as Steve and July started to cuddle and snog after a few minutes Steve pushed July down onto the bed then climbed onto the bed, Asif watched as Steve pushed his dick into his girlfriends love tube and start to thrust in and out, neither July or Steve knew that they were being watched, Asif watched in awe as Steve pounded away and after ten minutes when Steve pulled his dick out of July’s love tube and squirted his cum Asif thought this is better than a porno movie, after a few minutes Steve left the room with July following him, Asif carried on watching then after awhile saw Steve leave the flat fully dressed and as he got to her Kim said ” you just been watching July and Steve fuck ” Asif did not make a reply, Kim then said ” Steve has got a big cock I seen them fuck a couple of times ” Asif smiled then when Kim said ” I bet you got a hard on now ” Asif was surprised and even more surprised when Kim said ” come on in and fuck me ” letting her gown fall open as she spoke, Asif looked at Kim’s boobs and when she walked back into the flat saying come on as she did Asif followed her, in the lounge Kim took her gown off and lay on the floor parting her legs as she did, Asif looked down at the naked Kim noticing her erect nipples and her love tube, when Kim said ” come on strip and fuck me ” Asif dropped his bag on the floor and quickly stripped naked, in the kitchen Kim’s twelve year old sister Sara was watching and smiling as she looked at the first naked Bengali boy that she had seen and was admiring his six inch erect dick, when Asif got down and started to thrust in and out of her sisters love tube Sara thought cool, then after five minutes thought nice as Asif squirted his cum over Kim. After twenty minutes Asif left the flat after he had gone Sara went into the lounge and said to Kim ” his cock is not as big as Steve’s but he made you groan. A hour later Asif was back in the shop thinking I like the estate after all.