The Old Peoples Home Part One

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The old age pensioners home had stood on the edge of the large housing estate for quite a number of years, the residents of the home were all men who were aged from sixty years of age upwards, it was only a small home that catered for six men, the residents of the housing estate gave support to the home and helped the residents if they could, but there were some residents who did not like the home being on the edge of their estate and wanted it closed down, sixteen year old Sara was one girl who wanted it closed down so that the building could be used for a youth club, Sara called the residents of the home coffin dodgers and gave them verbal abuse when she saw them in the street, Sara hated the idea that her mum worked at the home as a cook. Sara had been out for her regular evening jog and had just arrived home, when Sara reached for her door key which she kept on a ribbon round her neck she discovered it was not there, after looking through the window of the house Sara saw her key on the kitchen table and realised she had forgot to take it out with her, Sara knew her mum was working and nobody else was in the house so she headed to the old peoples home to get her mum’s door key but when she got to the home she was told by her mum’s work mate that her mum was at the shops, after explaining what was wrong Sara’s mum’s workmate Kelly let her in and made her a cup of tea, after Sara had drank the tea Kelly told Sara she could shower there and got her a towel, as Sara went to the shower Kelly went to the lounge where the men were playing cards and said to them ” do not put the telly on the security channel as Sara has gone for a shower, as she left the lounge she thought this will teach the little bitch to upset my residents, the men abandoned the game of cards and were soon sat watching the security channel on the telly. Sara walked into the shower room locking the door behind her thinking I do not want those old coffin doders walking in when I am in the shower, after switching the showers on Sara stripped out of her jogging gear and stepped under the water, in the lounge six old men were watching the naked loud mouthed Sara as she soaped her body down, they were admiring her large naked boobs and hairless love tube, they were all making comments as they watched Sara and when Sara bent forward with her bum sticking up in the air the men whistled, Sara stood showering totally unaware that she was being watched by the men, one of the men in the lounge noticed that Sara had very erect nipples and said ” we might get an extra show ” and when Sara started to rub her love tube one man said ” I wonder if she wants a hand ” Sara stood rubbing her love tube then after a few minutes inserted three fingers into her love tube and then started to finger herself much to the delight of the elderly watching men who were now watching in silence eyes wide open, Sara continued to masturbate and after ten minutes her knees bent forward as she gushed. Twenty minutes later Sara was back in the kitchen, when Kelly suggested she showered at the home after jogging to help her mum keep her bills low Sara readily agreed asking if her mate Tina could as well, Kelly told Sara that it would be fine, thinking the men will sure be happy to watch the mouthy bitches as they shower.