The Garden Show

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Sixteen year old Steve was a violent racist thug who many people were very scared of even the local police were wary of him, The Bengali family who lived in the house next to the one that Steve lived in often got a lot of racial abuse from him, the Bengali family went away for a week to visit relations but twelve year old Anjana stayed behind, her parents thought that he was old enough and very capable of looking after herself so they had been very happy and content to let her stay at home. It was in the very early hours of the morning when Anjana was woken from her sleep by very loud voices, when she looked out the window to see who was making all the noise she saw Steve and his mate Martin in the garden, Anjana could see from the way the boys were staggering about that they had been drinking and were tipsy, Anjana’s window was lightly open due to it being a hot night, she heard Steve say ” it is ok the paki’s are away we are safe they will not see us ” and took his tee shirt off then his jogger and when he took his underpant off Anjana smiled when she saw Steve’s seven inch hairy dick and when Martin also stripped naked Anjana thought nice when she saw Martin’s six inch dick, both boys sat in different garden chairs drinking cans of beer, Anjana was watching them and thinking two naked sixteen year old white boy very nice Anjana got her phone and took photo’s of the two boys as she did she thought the girls at school will love seeing these, Martin stood up and got his cigs from his joggers a he stood lighting one up Anjana saw his dick move and watched as it grew to a eight inch erection and quickly took pictures of it, the two boys at talking and when Steve stood up Anjana gaped when she saw that he had a nine inch erection and thought that is real cool as she took pictures, Steve started walking round the garden with his dick pointing straight up, when Anjana looked back at Martin she saw that he had started to jerk his dick and filmed as he did when Martin squirted cum in three spurts Anjana hoped that it was caught on film properly, not long after Martin dressed and after speaking to Steve left through the back gate and walked off down the road, Steve was still walking around the garden with a full erection then after a few minute sat down in the garden chair and to Anjana’s delight started to jerk his dick which Anjana filmed and when Steve squirted cum in four long spurts she thought that is well nice, when Steve had gone inside the house and all the light went off Anjana replayed the film seeing all had been caught and knew her friends would be happy.