The Farm

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The farm had once been a very big farm, it had been open for nearly one hundred and fifty years, it had survived both of the world wars and had had a reputation for being the biggest farm in England, but then slowly the farm got smaller as field were sold off, then the farm started to decay all the fields were sold off to other farms and now it consisted of just the very old farm house and one barn which was owned by an alcoholic, sixteen year Dawn who was the farm owners daughter lived on the farm, she was well known in the nearest town that was two miles away as being a violent trouble maker and did not have many friends, Dawn was walking home from school one day, she knew her dad was in prison for not having paid a fine he had got for being drunk and disorderly, Dawn knew that she would be on her own for a few weeks and was happy with that, As she walked along the narrow country lane to the farm she saw Asif the fourteen year son of a shop keeper who had banned Dawn for shop lifting, Dawn knew that Asif was a peeping tom and hated him, Asif did not see Dawn because she walking in the shadows under the tree, as Dawn got level with Asif she shoulder barged him knocking him to the ground then after giving him a couple of kicks called him a smelly paki and walked off, after recovering Asif got up thinking I am Indian not paki. Then went into the woods and went through the woods back to the farm as he got to the edge of the farm he saw Dawn enter the farm yard then go into the house. Asif moved to a place where he could see into the farm house through the windows and knew that he could not be seen, after waiting a few minutes Asif saw Dawn walk into the kitchen wearing just her bra and panties, Asif thought this might be the day that I have waited ages for and watched as Dawn moved about the kitchen, after a few minutes Dawn reached behind her back and unclipped her bra totally unaware that Asif was watching her, when Dawn took her bra off and her ample boobs fell into view Asif though very nice, then when Dawn slid her panties off Asif thought yes at last the bitch is naked, Asif then saw Colin who was in his class at school approach the farm house, Asif saw Dawn open the door still naked then back inside as she did Colin stepped over the door step then to his utter surprise Asif saw Colin strip naked and Dawn lay on the table parting her legs which gave Asif a clear view of her love tube with the door still open Asif saw Colin slide his dick into Dawns love tube and start to thrust in and out, Asif could not believe what he was seeing but watched with keen interest, after a few minutes Asif saw Colin pull his dick out of Dawns love tube and squirt his cum on the floor in three long squirts, not long after Colin dressed and left the farm house leaving the door wide open he could see Dawn was still laying on the table and after watching for a couple of minutes thought cool as Dawn started to masturbate, Asif watched as Dawn pleasured herself and after a few minutes saw her arch her back and realised that she had climaxed, Asif walked home thinking I will have to come here more often, and next time I will bring my phone and film her she might let me have her to stop me from showing the film of her and people knowing she is pedo.