The Drought

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The weather had been scorching hot for many weeks, it was the hottest weather that the people of England had ever known, in the country side there were grass fires nearly every day, fields and woods were constantly catching fire rivers, lakes and canals had dried up which made it more difficult for the fire brigade to fight the fires, there was a national drought with water being heavily rationed. Mark was a seventeen year old thug who had been given a job by the owner of a big mansion to look after his property while he was away, Mark was happy to be at the mansion as it had a very good air condition system which kept the place very cool, it also had a large indoor swimming pool which Mark used as often as he could. Mark had a bad reputation for being a violent thug and was not trusted by the residents who lived near to the mansion who were very surprised that the owner of the mansion had employed Mark to look after his property. It was a Saturday evening when Mark invited three of his friends round to the mansion, the four lads were soon drinking the beers and wine from the cellar and had loud music blaring out, twelve year old Pia who was the daughter of the man who owned a local Indian take away shop went to the mansion to find out what all the music was for, Pia approached the mansion through the woods so as not to be seen by Mark, when she got to the edge of the woods she saw the lights to the swimming pool was on and went wide eyed when she saw four naked white boys including Mark swimming in the pool, she saw one boy was sixteen year old Martin who lived in the house next door to where she lived, Pia saw that his dick was about five inches long, Martin was standing by the edge of the pool, Pia saw that Mark’s dick was about seven inches while the other two boys dick’s were about four inches, Pia stood watching the boys as they swam and walked round the pool, Mark left the pool area but returned after a few minutes with a arm full of magazines which the boys started to look at, as they did Pia saw Martin’s dick grow to a seven inch erection while Mark’s was now about nine inches pointing up like a mini flagpole the other two boys both had six inch erections, Pia thought this is cool four naked white boys all with stiff dicks, then to her joy Martin started to jerk his dick, Pia watched eyes wide open, after a couple of minutes Pia was watching as all four boys jerked off when one boy squirted his cum closely followed by the second Pia thought nice then after a few more minutes Martin squirted three spurts of cum then not long after Mark squirted cum in four long spurts, Pia watched as the boys swam then left the pool not long after the music stopped and the pool lights went out, Pia left the grounds of the mansion and went home. Pia decided to go to the mansion more often with friends. The next night there were four twelve year old Indian girls watching from the woods as a naked Mark walked round the swimming pool with a nine inch erection and when he jerked they were thrilled, the girls made regular trips to the woods happy to watch the boys jerk off.