The Clean Up

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Steve was a sixteen year old racist thug, he was well known on the estate that he lived on, the Indian community hated him and did not trust him they were very scared of him and always avoided him when they could, his dad was a builder who did a lot of work in the town where they lived and was well respected, Steve would often earn money by cleaning up after his dad had completed a job, Steve was on his way to a shop that his dad had just finished refurbishing, Steve knew that the clean up was going to take all day so had gone prepared with a lunch and a small gas fire for making a hot drink. Steve arrived at the shop to find the owners daughter Jenny there, Jenny was dating an Indian boy and Steve had made his feelings known about it, he called Jenny scum and traitor, Steve went down into the cellar to change into his overalls, as soon as he was in the cellar out of sight Jenny opened the rear shop door letting her boyfriends sister sixteen year old Pia and twelve year old Mia in, the three girls sat and looked at the CCTV screen and got a good clear view of Steve in the basement. Steve had not seen the cameras to the new CCTV system and did not realise that he was being watched by the girls or that they were recording him, the girls could see that Steve had already taken his tee shirt of, Pia said ” he got good muscles on him, Steve pulled his overalls out of his bag laid them on the table then undid the draw strings on his joggers the slid them down and off, the three girls went quiet when they saw that Steve had no underwear on and they had a clear view of his seven inch dick hanging down, Steve was about to put his overalls on when he saw the magazine on the floor near the table, the magazine was one of nude girls that Jenny had put there earlier, when Steve picked up Jenny said ” cool he has found it now for some fun ” Steve stood reading the magazine, the girls watched in silence as Steve’s dick twitched the grew and stuck out in front of his body, then after a couple of more minutes Steve’s dick grew to a full nine inch erection Mia said ” cool a white hard dick ” Steve stood looking at the magazine his solid dick kept twitching then after a couple of minutes Steve got hold of his dick and started to slowly jerk it while the girls sat watching in awe, Steve started to jerk faster totally unaware that he was being watched then after ten minutes the three watching girls saw Steve drop the magazine throw his head back his knees bend and four spurts of cum shoot from his dick followed by three shorter spurts, the three girls all high fived each other while Steve cleaned up and put his overalls on. When Steve left the basement he saw Mia and Pia leaving the shop, as Steve started to go upstairs Jenny said ” oh the new CCTV system is in and working including in the basement ” Steve stopped looked at Jenny who then added we have just watched you have a wank over a magazine ” the two girls have taken the disc they loved it ” Steve went bright red, Jenny left the shop, lots of the Indian girls were sat watching the disc of Steve jerking off.