The Bullied Girl

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Pia did not like living in London, she wanted to go back to her home country of India where all her friends were where she could lead a life with out being bullied and made to do the jobs that nobody else wanted to do, in London Pia was bullied because she helped the old lady who lived in the disused park keepers hut in the local park, many people called her an old witch and threw stones at her, but Pia was kind to the lady and took her food when ever she could, it was six in the morning when Pia was delivering the papers from her dads shop, it was cold which is why her brother would not deliver the papers. Pia took the old lady a sandwich that she had made for her after giving the lady the food and having a chat with her Pia left to deliver the papers as she went out of the hut the old lady said to her ” you are a very good girl you will have a very nice day ” Pia arrived at the first house where she posted the paper through the letter box, Pia saw Steve who at sixteen years of age was four years older than she was and was also one of the bullies who gave her a lot hassle, Pia smiled when she saw that Steve was completely naked his seven inch hairy dick of full show, Pia stood watching Steve through the window as she did she saw Steve’s dick grow to a full nine inch erection, after a minute Steve started to jerk his dick, Pia could hardly believe her eyes then after a few minutes Pia saw Steve’s knees bend and three long spurts of cum fly from his dick, After Steve left the room Pia walked away happy at what she seen, after delivering papers to other houses on her paper round Pia arrived at Sara’s house, Pia saw Sara was naked laying on the kitchen table her boyfriend Mark was also naked standing in front of Sara with a seven inch erection, Pia watched as Mark pushed his dick into Sara,s love tube and start to thrust in and out, after five minutes Pia saw Mark pull his dick from Sara’s love and squirt cum over her body, Pia continued with her paper round and after finishing it went to school as normal while at school a ball went onto the roof the girls who owned the ball bullied Pia into going up the fire escape to get the ball, after throwing the ball down Pia started to go back the fire escape and suddenly stopped and sat down, from where she was Pia could see through the window into the changing room for boys and she could see the entire boys football team naked in the showers, Pia sat and watched them showering admiring their dicks. Pia thought the old lady is right I am having a nice day.