Sister’s Friend

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Sixteen year old Steve was sat in the casualty area of the local hospital close to where he lived, his nine year old sister Kerry had been hurt while doing sports at school and taken to the hospital, after waiting for half a hour Steve’s mum arrived at the hospital, after talking with his mum Steve left the hospital and went home where he knew he would be on his own for a few hours and thought peace and quiet at last I have the place to my self I can do what the heck I want to do without anybody nagging at me, Steve went upstairs to his room where he stripped naked and was about to put his dressing gown on then changed his mind and thought I am here on my own nobody will see me so I will stay naked then went back down stairs to the kitchen where he started to make himself a sandwich. Amy who was Kerry’s best friend and in the same class as Kerry was at school was going round to where Amy lived to see how she was and if she had recovered from the accident. Amy arrived at Kerry’s house and used the back entrance, after closing the gate behind herself Amy started to walk down the garden path towards the house when she was half way down the path Amy stopped in her tracks, she could Steve in the kitchen through the glass panel in the door, Amt stood staring at the naked Steve, she was looking at his seven inch hairy dick and thinking that is big much bigger than my brothers dick, Amy moved to one side closer to the garden shed hoping that she would not be seen and watched Steve as he moved about the kitchen. As she watched Steve Amy saw him start to use his phone then as she watched she saw Steve’s dick start to grow and watched in awe as it grew to a full nine inch erection, Amy could hardly believe what she was seeing but liked what she was seeing and stood staring hard, after a few minutes Steve took hold of his dick and slowly started to jerk it totally unaware that he was being watched, Amy stood watching in awe at her best mates brother jerking, Steve jerked gaining speed as he did. After five minutes of watching Amy saw Steve’s knees buckle and four spurts of cum spurt from his dick. After a few minutes Steve put his phone down and left the kitchen, Amy went and knocked on the door, Steve opened it wearing his dressing gown after Amy asked about Kerry Steve told her she was still at the hospital, Amy said ” thanks ” turned started to walk away then said ” I saw you using the phone you had no clothes on and you had a wank ” so clean the spunk up, it was then that Steve realised that a nine year old girl had just seen him jerk off and shoot his cum.