After about a year of my baby birth, I wanted to get back to original shape. Husband was also out of shape and he suggested that we both hire a personal trainer to work out at home. it was good idea as we could not go in different times and baby may need our attention anytime. so we hired one personal trainer who is supposed to do 3 sessions a week with us in early morning. We had our terrace where we started with these sessions. I bought new sports bra and sports dress for workouts. My tank top barely covers the sports bra and I was wearing right shorts for good support. Also this tank top was just half,

It was hot Summer and husband was at work. I was chilling in the drawing hall with AC turned on and movie running in Netflix. I heard door bell and opened the door. I was in my regular attire of tee shirt without bra and shorts, as it is summer season. It was a salesman from one of the nearby clothes store where they sell night dresses and summer dresses. He said “We have new summer dresses which reduces heat and improves our sweat condition. Please try few models and let us know if you like to purchase any.” I asked him to come in and show me some summer tees and tank tops as I use them more often.

That day is a lazy Sunday and both me and husband woke up pretty late. We had late night sex marathon so both of us were tired. I made some tea and both had tea to restore energy. I asked husband to get me some chicken and vegetables for lunch preparation. He was about to start and then he got a call. It was his friend and both discussed something over the phone. I did not overhear anything, as I was busy in breakfast preparation. While husband was walking out, I asked him to close the door behind him as I had to rush to baby’s side. Baby woke up and was crying, so I went there and started attending

One day my bathroom shower stopped working. So I asked husband to call the plumber and fix it as soon as possible. He called the plumber and left for office. Plumber came around 12 pm that day and knocked on door. I was in my regular attire, white thin tee shirt without bra, and night pants. Baby was sleeping and I was almost done with cooking and other stuff. so I was full sweaty and my armpits and under boobs are all wet and tee shirt is sticking to my body in those curves. I opened the door and let him into the bathroom. Showed him the shower to fix and explaining the problem. I was standing in front of

One day, I was hanging clothes outside and I saw my neighbour’s son studying there in his room. his room window is overlooking our drying area. I casually asked him how he is doing. he said he is busy with science exam preparation and was worried that he would fail in internal exams. I asked him what is the problem, as he was a brilliant student. he said, he missed this class when he was sick and this is about breast and breastmilk. I did not know that these topics were taught, but he is a PG student so may be there are some information about these. I told him that I could help with some questions, and he can

My best friend who had baby recently visited me along with her husband. My baby is roughly 3 months older than hers, and it is first time after her baby birth they came out for a vacation. They stayed in my home for three days and plan was to visit some of near by places. On the first day of her visit, she asked me to arrange for cow milk, as she could not lactate and hence they were using cow milk for baby from childhood. I did try to check with few of milkmen who deliver milk for cow milk but they could not find pure cow milk as it gets mixed with other milk. so I arranged cow

Finally on the function day, I did visit my friend and also took my baby along with me. I went in cab, and no trouble reaching there. We reached in 45 mins time and baby was sleeping all the way. As suggested by my tailor, I did not wear Bra inside but did affix couple of patches to stop leaking milk. My friend received me and showed me a room which is her main bedroom. she asked me to freshen up if needed and come down by the time of pooja. I let the baby sleep in that room and went into washroom to change and got fresh. By the time I came back, I did not notice that room

My best friend called me, she said there is a family function and I must come and visit. I said “No it may not be possible as kid is very young, and we are not yet going out.” She insisted that this will be good time to start, as baby is more than 6 months old now. I spoke with husband and asked what should I do. Because this is in same city as ours, he suggested that I go out and visit them. Baby can come along and if needed nursed at friend’s place. My friend also confirmed that she can provide a room when needed for feeding baby and insisted that I come. There is one more issue

It was long due since I had my beauty parlour visit. After baby’s birth, I had to be there with baby for most of times. After we started outside food for baby, I then thought that this would be good time to take care of myself. I need my armpits, and chest waxed. before baby, I used to visit a beautician very close to our home. She has the parlour near to our home, so this should be quick visit while baby is napping. On a Sunday asked husband to look after baby while she is sleeping and I called my beautician. She confirmed that she is free, so I visited her. Since this is for waxing underarms and chest

After about 6 months of baby, and enjoyment of breastfeeding husband and FIL (for short time), one day my husband’s friend visited our home to see the baby. He brought in few gifts for baby from USA and was visiting after long long time. He and husband started chit chatting and I sat there with them for some time too. Baby was sleeping, so he said he will wait till baby gets up, so that sleep is not disturbed. I offered him tea and he accepted. Husband did not want tea, so I just have to make one cup tea. I went into kitchen and checked fridge for milk, and to my shock I could not find milk. I thought

When I came back home and discussed this with my husband, he was more than happy to help me. Every day he used to empty my breasts for 3 or 4 times, and rest of milk was sufficient for the baby to have. As baby started growing, this frequency reduced to 2 or 3 times a day. He liked the experience too and we enjoyed it thoroughly. After about 3 months, he had to go on a business trip for a week. This is when I had to again manage excess milk with old breast pump. while he was away, he did ask his parents to stay with me to help with baby. So father-in-law and mother-in-law both came to

This happened during my first delivery. My mom came to help me with it, and I was joining hospital as my date is due. When we were to leave to hospital, mom asked me to pray to our family goddess to bless me with good health, for both baby and me and also lots of milk to feed the baby. She explained that, she also prayed similar and she was blessed by goddess. So she never ran short of milk when it was time to feed me. I am sure I got her genes, but I also prayed to god to keep her sentiment. “Oh great goddess, please bless me with good health and abundant milk to feed.” I prayed.

Mom asked me to help her move Aunt Jane to a new town because of a job promotion. She had a pickup that had 4 seats. We packed the bed and covered it to protect the stuff, but had to put some stuff up front. Her tv would only fit in the front riders side. The back was nearly full with boxes and only had room for one person. “Now what the hell do we do?” Mom asked. “Well, you and Aunt Jane aren’t very heavy so you can switch off driving and sitting on my lap.” Aunt Jane looked at me skeptically. “Oh sure! I’m going to ride on your lap! I’m not that light.” “It’ll be okay Aunt

Joanie was a sixteen year old girl who was very religious. She was a member of her church youth group and the choir. The church had an outreach effort and wanted the members to go around the neighborhoods and deliver bibles and preach the gospel. Joanie and her friend Maggie decided that they would go to the other side of town. They figured that those people needed more help. They didn’t tell anyone their plans. They started on the first street off Main Street. The first six houses were a mixed bag, with half telling her no, or slamming the door shut. The at the seventh house a young man answered and they could see n attractive young woman behind

Tags: slut, gangbang This is a true but short story and a bit of a diversion from my usual incest stories. The basics are factual but because it happened a long time ago, the dialog is not exact. When my friend Glen and I were in high school we were hanging around outside the small store in our town. Billy, the husband of another friend’s sister drove by but stopped when he saw us. He was, I think, around 25 at the time. He called to us, “hey guys, wanna go get some beer and cruise?” We jumped up and trotted over to the car and jumped in. We drove to a nearby city and Billy pulled in a tavern

RATED: 🔞+ READERS’ DISCRETION IS ADVISED. THIS STORY CONTAIN GRAPHIC SEX. You always knew you were Satyromaniac. That was the reason you never get close to women when you have a serious business to do which needed your attention 100 Per Cent. Let a woman come on the scene and you will be distracted. It always happened. You always end up fucking them. When your House maid left you to pursue other interests, you were left no other option than to hire another one. It took one week to get another one from Home Servers Agency. When you set your eyes on Tatiana, you knew she will bring trouble into your house. If you say she’s beautiful, it is an

I was in the room when I heard door open. I look and it’s my gf’s hot friend. She closed the door and walk up to me. She put her hand around me and pull tight. She kiss me and I pull back. What you doing, you drunk? I’m horny and I want a dick inside me. She kisses me and I slowly kiss her back. She pushes me down on my bed and pulls my dick out. She starts sucking on it. When I start feeling good, the door opened and it’s my gf. They both look at each other and she starts sucking again. She closes the door and walk sat next to me. You like it huh?

Mom doesn’t want to Hi, I’m a mother of a 16 year old son. My husband left me several years ago and I haven’t been able to date, not wanting to fall into the same trap I was in before. On evening my son and I were eating dinner and he asked me, “mom, why don’t you start dating? You’re a beautiful woman and wouldn’t have a problem getting a date.” “I’m just not ready to date yet. I don’t know why but I’m not interested.” “Well excuse me for being blunt, but don’t you get frustrated?” “Uh, this is not a subject I am going to discuss with my son!” “Come on mom, I’m not a kid anymore!” “This

After my girlfriend left, my slutty stepsister surprise me in my room. She fully naked, her pussy was wet. She was waiting for me, when I walk in and saw her masturbating, I close my door shut fast so her mom don’t see it. I told you it was the last time we gonna fuck yesterday I told her. She said, I can’t stop thinking about your dick inside me and in my mouth. How about your boyfriend I ask her. He’s not good as my brother she said. Since I got you, I don’t let him fuck me. I don’t care he leave. She got up and walk over to me, wrap her arm around my neck and kissed

He was angry really angry and she was sole reason for this anger. He was out of office for some time and in that little time also she was not able to follow his clear instructions. While driving back to office he was not able to concentrate on anything the anger was making him crazy. He parked the car went inside office in full mood to burst on her. From gate he was not able to see her. She was alone in office in backside cabin. He went in and saw her working on laptop. Her hair tide in a pony tail, wearing a casual t shirt and face with no energy. She was a complete combination of things he

Adam showered it was 8 am. He had the day off class’s today. His Dad away at work. He stood in the shower washing his body. The shower curtain pulled. He played with his cock, he had a enormous erection. He was 24 5’11 short black hair, fair complexion. His cock was a good 7 Inches. Paula was 56, 5’9 shoulder length Auburn hair size 14 with a DD bust. She quietly stepped in the bathroom in her robe. She walked to the curtain listening to him in the shower. She turned to walk out but stopped and turned back. She untied her robe opening it. Her breasts and pussy on display. She felt horny as her young step son

True story. Glory holes. Oh such fun. Mum and I were invited to a sex party. Dad couldn’t come because he was away on business. But mum had has blessing. It was a friend of ours who asked us if we would consider doing something different. She said would we do a glory hole together. Guys stick their cocks through the hole and get serviced by a stranger. She said the guys wouldnt know who was in there. Our friends husband made a wooden box enough for two girls to be side by side and enough room to move around. Mum and I were in the outside guest quarters where guys would come in. We waited and heard noises, a

I was walking in the house when my dog ran up to me almost knocking me over. I said “Hello Mr. Fluffy pants!” As he wagged his tail. I ran up the stairs to my room. And started scrolling through Instagram like usual. And as I was scrolling I saw a really sexy girl. As soon as I saw her my hairy pussy got wet. I got really horny! As this happened my dog came in the room. I said to myself “well I’ve seen people fuck there dogs, I think I’ll try that.” I was really nervous but my parents weren’t supposed to be home for a couple hours. I took off my clothes and shut my door. I

Hi I am an engineer and a Manager of a company. My neighbor there were 3 girls her mother her father is in Dubai. Every day the younger will be in home. On a particular day after having a bath combing her hair she was wearing nighty rose color she was walking near me and I was able to see every thing since she wore nothing inside of her nighty. She didn’t exchange a smile even. I turned to her and talked to her if any thing special she came near me I told her come near I want to tell a truth she came near. Now her nipples touched my hand I didn’t do any thing but told the

Hi, it was a journey from Chennai to Tirunelveli in a. Bus. It was a charming weather a lady got into the bus, the bus was full and managed to sit near me. She seemed to be a Kerala lady in her 30’s. For 30 minutes we didn’t talk after that my elbows touched her boobs she found I am interested and began to talk to me. She is a Doctor working in a private hospital in Chennai. I am also from Chennai  my age is 35. Now the lights were off I slowly touched her boobs this time with my fingers she smiled she was wearing a low cut jacket her cleavage visible to me I touched her jacket

True Story. This happened to me not so long ago. I was on a flight overseas. I boarded the plane and found my seat. It was a window seat over the wing. I sat for five minutes as the rest of the flight boarded. A well dressed guy sat next to me. I said hi and we chatted. I wore a red dress knee length. It was a round neck dress. I was settling for my twelve hour flight. We chatted and actually got to know each other quite well. But his eyes did keep running over my body. He was a nice handsome guy, I actually fell sleep on his shoulder I a blanket over my legs. The shades

True story. This is a story I wasn’t going to share. But now Im no longer work as a Air hostess I can. I had always had a fantasy about fucking a passenger in the toilet. I have joined the mile high club anyway but at work with a passenger extra nice. A couple of other work colleagues had also talked about it. So this flight I was working business class. And been a international long haul flight. When everyone is asleep. Its a good time to pounce. I really wanted it. I was extremely horny. Id worked out a plan with a couple if colleagues. There was a business man I was flirting with. A older guy mid 50s.

Sierra sat on the couch scrolling through Netflix. It was just her and her dog Milo, her parents having gone away for the weekend. Milo was asleep in the kitchen and Sierra was horny. She had closed the curtains to the living room and was looking for a show to block out her moans. Settling on Gossip Girl, Sierra leaned back, slipped her panties off and started to rub her pussy. Sierra’s eyes were closed as her fingers started to make her pussy wet. Something cold touched it, making Sierra jump and her eyes fly open. Looking down she saw her it was her dog Milo, “Go back to bed boy,” she told him, gasping when his tongue suddenly licked

I wanted to try something new on Monday so.. I went out without wearing a panty. Let me tell you my ass is pretty big.. My butt shape is very much visible when I am walking. I was wearing a yellow dress knee length without bra or panty and with a scarf around my neck.. I am 34 28 34.. I went to the washroom and inserted a vibrator into my pussy with an extension on it touching my clit. I then went to a public library and I sat opposite a guy.. I rubbed his legs with mine.. He looked at me from his book. I winked and then removed my scarf giving him a peek of my cleavage..

Hello friends my name is RajaRichard. I am from Bangalore. I am 34 years old and Olive Brown colour, 5.6 Feet height, weight is 55 to 58, I am handsome, I am married. I have two sons both are studying in primary school, but now I am separated, the reason is my wife is always mingle with her two younger sisters, her sister is doing adultery with many person, so I left her, now I am separated, now I am free bird. Since from my young age, I used to masturbate whenever I see the beautiful ladies or any wife, and whenever I travel in bus or train I will see the crowd, if crowd is there then only I