It was early in the afternoon when sixteen year old Sara was sitting inside the derelict railway station, Sara was in a real bad mood she had bunked of school to meet up with her boyfriend in the old station to have some fun but not long after arriving at the station Sara got a text message on her phone that told her that her boyfriend had been arrested by the police and was in the police cells.. Sara was thinking that she had had a wasted journey and should have stayed at school. Sara was a very attractive girl who many boys would love to have sex with but only a couple had ever been lucky enough to have

The wedding reception was in full swing at the hotel that was owned by Asif’s dad, Asif looked at Karen who had just married Adam, Asif knew that at eighteen years of age Karen was four years older than what he was he also knew that she was a racist as was Steve who Karen had married and was the same age as her, After three hours Quite a few of the guests had left those that were left had been drinking very heavily with quite a few laying around drunk, Asif saw that Steve was one of those that was well drunk while Karen was falling all over the place, after another couple of hours all the wedding guests

Residents of the small English street were not very happy, there had been a party in one of the houses that had been going on for nearly twelve hours, the party was to celebrate Tina’s sixteenth birthday, Tina’s parents had gone away for the weekend leaving Tina alone in the house, Tina soon invited friends round to party, after a few hours quite a few of the teens had got drunk, Mary was one of the drunk teens and was now laying naked on a bed while Tony the best mate of her fourteen year old brother was thrusting in and out of her love tube, Tina was also very drunk sitting on the sofa in the lounge in just

Anjana was sitting in her room at the posh London hotel, her parents had gone out for the evening leaving Anjana and her sister on their own, Anjana was feeling to happy at having to look after her sister Pia who was two years younger than what she was, Anjana would rather be out looking round London which she thought was much more exciting than her home country of India, as she sat watching telly Anjana heard s noise in the corridor it sounded like somebody was trying to open the door, Anjana looked through the spy hole and saw it was the boy who was in the room next to hers, Anjana realised that the boy was drunk and

Sara was fed up, she lived at home with her mum who was an alcoholic and hardly ever home, her mum spent her money on booze so there was hardly ever any food in the house, at just sixteen years of age Sara classed herself as a pauper and often went hungry, all her friends were away on a school trip for a week but Sara had been unable to raise the money to pay for the trip so was stuck at home on her own, Sara could hear the Bengali family next door having one of their regular arguments, Sara heard the mum say her usual threat of ” I will leave home and go to my mums ”

The whole world was in a very bad recession and had been for five years, it was the worst recession in the history of mankind, there were big long power cuts to save on power, water was rationed and could only begot from staffed stand pipes in the street, food was in great shortage and what little there was was rationed, jobs were very scarce there were no benefits which increased the homeless figures more and more people lost their homes accross the world small fortified towns were springing up that were being ruled thugs, One such town was just outside of London and was home to just over two hundred people, sixteen year old Mandy and her sister Amy

The health spa had been open for three weeks and was getting a lot of customers each day, but on a Sunday evening it was Indian girls only, Steve was sixteen years old and known to have a violent temper he had never been to the health spa which was owned by the Indian family who lived in the house next door to the one that he lived in with his mum and dad, Steve’s dad was a builder and did a lot of call out work fixing break downs, it was on a Sunday evening when Steve’s dad was out on a job when he phoned Steve’s dad phoned him telling him that it was going to be nearly

The weather had been the hottest weather in England since records began to be kept. Most public buildings had been closed including the school under health and safety rules, there was a shortage of water, rivers and streams had dried up, people were staying in their homes to avoid the heat, nearly everybody was wearing as little clothing as they needed in the hope of staying cool most were not wearing any underwear feeling cooler with out it, Asif was a young Bengali boy who was not happy living in the town that he lived in because of the racial abuse that he often got, Dawn who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was

The government had been in power for nearly twenty years, the people of England knew that they were crooked and pocketing money, the country was in turnmoil. Other countries would no longer trade with England, many businesses had gone bankrupt because of the crooked government, a few riots started to break out with people being badly injured. Crime was at an all time high. When the general election came round everybody was expecting the crooked government to get back into power, some people did not bother to vote. When the government lost the election there was total surprise which quickly became shouts of joy. Two days after being elected the new prime minister announced that the former government and their

At sixteen years of age Sharon was a trouble making teen, who was racist and also homophobic, many people were scared of her and did their best to avoid her, Sharon had been bunking school and was hoping to meet Steve in the derelict building on the edge of the town where she lived. Sharon was wearing a one piece wrap round skirt that was held at the top and bottom by safety pins, but Sharon had removed the bottom safety pin to allow Steve to get to her love tube easier, as well as the safety pin Sharon had also removed her panties, after waiting for nearly two hours Steve had not turned up which had put Sharon in

Tracy was walking home from school, as she approached the flat where she lived with her alcoholic mum Tracy saw the landlord in the street, Tracy looked at him and noticed that he had his son Asif with him, at sixteen years of age Tracy was two years older than what Asif was and she hated him, Asif was known as a little creep, he often crept round spying on girls, residents had tried to get him deported back to Bangladesh but had failed because despite his family being from Bangladesh he had been born in England so was an English citizen, Tracy hurried into the flat knowing that her mum would be out and that they had massive rent

Emma was a sixteen year old loud mouthed racist violent thug, not many people trusted her and stayed well clear of her. Mark who was two years younger than what she was had a reputation as a peeping tom , and like Emma was not liked by many people, Emma had beaten him up a few times and really hated him. Mark’s uncle Bob was a loan shark and was known for being ruthless, Emma had borrowed money from him which she had not paid back and now owed him one thousand five hundred pound. Emma had been walking down the street with her sister Amy who was twelve years old, as the girls walked a car screeched to a

Dr. Chandra was the night duty doctor at a private hospital in London, he had just finished doing his check of patients and was making a drink in his office when the message came through, there had been a racist march that day, the march had turned violent with a mass fight taking place in which lots of people had been injured, the local NHS hospital had run out of beds so some of the injured were to be admitted to the private hospital. Dr Chandra became concerned for the safety of his staff and himself as they were all from Bangladesh, when there were only two patients admitted the Dr felt a bit easier, sixteen year old Steve and

Seventeen year old Steve was sat in his bedroom, he was not in a very good mood he would rather be out with his mates having fun instead he was waiting for his sisters ninth birthday party to finish, when it did he had to take one of his sisters friends home, Steve was a violent racist thug and feared by many people, Steve was laying on his bed listening to his music when his sister Amy walked in and told him her friend was ready to go home, with in a few minutes Steve was walking down the road with the girl making her walk fast to keep up with him, after getting the girl home Steve went looking

Mrs. Jones was a middled aged woman who was an alcoholic and known to be racist, her husband had left home a few years ago leaving her to raise her sixteen year old daughter Sharon and Amy who was four years younger that what Sharon was, the two girls were racist like their mum was, the girls were out of control, both were violent bullies who caused no end of trouble, they had very few friends, the family were known as the racist family that was hated by the Bengali community in the town where they lived, attempts to get the family evicted failed because they owned the house that they lived in. When a Bengali family moved into the

Home Brew – Part 1 Tracy was a sixteen year old school bully who was not well liked, many of the students who attended the same school that Tracy did always looked forward to Thursdays as this was the day that Tracy bunked off because she hated history, the tutors of the school did not miss Tracy when she was not at school as life was easy for them. Jacob was a Nigerian boy who was two years younger than what Tracy was and had a reputation for being a trouble maker. Jacob had an alcoholic mum and to keep her happy he brewed beer and gin at home some of which he gave to neighbours including Tracy who lived

It was the early hours of the morning, the rundown decaying housing estate was quiet, Martin was standing outside his flat on the fourth floor of the tower block of flats where he lived. Martin was a peeping tom and flasher and was not liked by many people, there were some people who spoke with him but many more people would have nothing to do with him. Martin suddenly saw Steve who at sixteen years of age was two years older than him, Steve was struggling with his girlfriend Tina who lived next door to him, Martin could see that Tina was very drunk and hardly able to stand up, Steve who was one of the few people who spoke

Karen was a sixteen year old trouble making girl, her dad had left home a few years ago leaving her mum to raise her, Karen’s mum started to drink very heavily and was now an out of control alcoholic, Karen was soon out of control getting involved in fights and smoking drugs, her violent temper got her into trouble with the police, her mum lost her job the rent went unpaid and Karen and her mum were evicted the council housed them in a good hostel but after Karen attacked the warden and along with her mum were thrown out, the council housed them in a run down hostel that housed mainly alcoholics and drug addicts and it was not

Amy was stood looking down at her sister Karen who at sixteen years of age was four years older than she was, Amy realised that Karen was totally drunk and was trying to work out how she was going to get her drunken older sister home, Amy was used to her older sister getting drunk and thought that it was good because it kept her quiet and stopped her mouthing off at people and bullying them, sixteen year old Asif appeared and after looking at the two girls offered to help Amy get Karen home an offer that Amy readily accepted and after twenty minutes Asif was lowering Karen onto her bed after carrying her home, Amy removed her sisters

Tracy was a violent racist thug who was well hated, the Bengali community had suffered a lot at the hands of Tracy who at just sixteen years of age had served two sentences in a young offenders centre, Despite being a thug Tracy loved animals and if she saw an animal being mistreated she would go the the animals defence, when the derelict factory on the edge of the town where Tracy lived was refurbished and turned into an animal testing lab Tracy was one of the many protesters that caused mayhem. It was late in the evening when Tracy along with a group of other protesters broke into the lab and started to free the animals as pre arranged

Mr. Khan was just saying goodbye to his twelve year old daughter Pia, who Amy who was in the same class at school as Pia walked into the shop that Mr Khan owned, Mr Khan looked at the Amy and knew that he was going to get racial comments from the girl who was known as a racist trouble maker, and sure enough not long after being in the shop Amy started to mouth off making racial comments, Mr Khan had tried to ban Amy and her sister Sara who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what Amy was but worse behaved and just as racist, Amy was at the end of the shop and did

Pia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who had just become a nurse and was just starting her second day in the East London Hospital, during her pre ward training Pia had surprised everybody when during a self defence class she had thrown the forty five year old ex SAS member on the floor three times, and revealed that her father and an uncle had been special forces and taught her a few things. Pia had been sent to a cubicle to help a patient change when she got to the cubicle she found seventeen year old Steve a local racist thug who could hardly move, Steve made a few racist comments to Pia who ignored them, and told

Sharon was a sixteen year old out of control teen who hardly ever went to school, people were scared of her, she had a very violent streak in her, she was racist and homophobic, the local police were wary of her and Sharon’s own family did not like her and had very little to do with her Tina who was two years younger than what Sharon was got bullied by a few of her classmates often encouraged by Sharon, Tina had jet black hair and long nails and was known as a witch, Tina kept herself to herself and did not mix with people. It was a school day but Tina was bunking off after being bullied by Sharon, Tina

At sixteen years of age Steve was a champion dirt bike rider, he had won many races and had many trophies on display at his home. Steve was a racist and often slagged off people in the local Bengali community, his girlfriend Sharon who was the same age as what Steve was went to many of Steve’s races but was not racist at all and often told him off for mouthing off at the Bengalis. It was at a dirt bike race that Steve was out in the lead when as he jumped the top of a hill he lost control of his bike and when he landed he cracked into the safety barrier knocking himself out cold, Steve was

Sara was a sixteen year old racist mouthy girl who was well known for making racist comments and taking part in racist meetings and Marches, her sister Amy who was four years younger than what she was had the same reputation both girls were not liked by the strong Bengali residents of the town where they lived, their parents owned and ran riding stables just out side the town where they lived, the girls were accomplished horse riders and were involved in teaching people to ride, it was a hot afternoon and the girls were out i the country side the some trainee riders when one of the horses went lame, Sara told Amy to stay with the horse and

The whole of the country was suffering because of very bad weather conditions, some parts were many feet deep in snow making travel almost impossible, other parts had no snow, other parts of the country had no snow but conditions were very icy with the temperature being below freezing, not many people venturing out of their homes. The hotel near the outskirts of the big city was fully booked with over one hundred guests who were taking advantage of the price reduction. Sixteen year Steve worked at the Bengali owned hotel and was glad to get extra shifts. Steve was taking food to one of the rooms on his way he saw Pia the owners daughter who was four years

Steve was a violent thug he worked for a mafia style gang that were involved in many illegal activities including smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, Steve felt quite safe in what he did as he knew the police were taking bribes to keep quiet, Steve lived in a small town not far from the coast, people in the town knew that he was a crook but were to scared of him and those he worked for to do anything about it which was another reason that Steve felt safe. it was early morning as Steve made his way down to the port where the boat he was going to use to bring some immigrants across from France would be

It was a cold dark morning as Pia set off from home to collect the papers from the local paper shop that she would deliver to the houses on the estate where she now lived with her uncle and aunt, Pia wanted to be living with her parents but they could not afford much so Pia was now living on a rough estate in East London, after going to the shop and collecting the papers Pia set off to deliver the papers. Pia had been on the estate less than a month but had many quite a few friends who had told her who the estate trouble makers were and where not to go because of gangs hanging out there.

Steve had been a well feared thug he was violent and mixed with some organised crime people and despite being only seventeen years of age lived in his own flat and had lots of money in the bank Steve had been involved in smuggling immigrants into the country and was paid one hundred pound for each immigrant he brought across from France in a small fishing boat that should have held three people but Steve would cram ten people on board making two or three journey’s a night, the immigrants he dumped on a beach before fleeing, it was on one of the journey’s that Steve was intercepted by the coastguard who arrested him, Steve was charged with various offences

It was the day before the start of the school summer holidays and as was normal at the start of the school summer holidays the town residents were getting ready for the usual trouble that occured every year at the start of the holidays there were two schools in the town one was for the well off kids and the other for the less privileged kids both schools were great rivals the annual school football match between the two schools had set a record it was eight minutes into the game before the first fight started and twelve minutes before the first sending off took place, sixteen year old Steve headed back to the pitch pushing a couple of the