Tina was walking home from school when a car stopped beside her, the driver of the car wound his down and called out ” how much darling ” Tina was about to call him a few choice names when a police car appeared the driver of the car calling to Tina very quickly closed his window and drove off, Tina carried on walking and took a short cut down a dirt track as she walked down it Tina saw a car parked part way down the track as she got level with the car Tina got a shock, inside the car her best mate Carol was laying on the seat totally naked with a Bengali man thrusting in and out

The shopping centre in the small town had once been a thriving business, then the recession hit which caused the owner of the shopping centre to go bankrupt, the few remaining shops in the shopping centre that had not already closed closed and the centre was boarded up with the loss of over a thousand jobs, not long after the shopping centre had closed the only factory in the town started to make workers redundant then closed down altogether, the only place still open in the town was the small supermarket owned by an Indian family, People in the small town were finding it very hard to manager there were no jobs and not much money, the salvation army laid

The big house had stood on the edge of the English town since before the war, the house had twenty five rooms but had been unoccupied for five years, the owner of the house had been a gambler and played the house as a bet in a game of cards and lost, The new owner of the house was an Indian man who had never been to England, the man had not been able to get a visa to enter England so the house had been boarded up and left to stand empty, then news started to go round the town that the owner of the town had managed to get a visa and would be coming to England soon

Simon was a sixteen year youth who had a very low education level, he had never paid attention in school lessons and bunked off school a lot, he was an out of control teenager who could get very violent, Simon’s dad had left home when he was quiet young which had caused his mum to start drinking and soon became an alcoholic. Simon had left school six months ago and was unable to get a job of any type, then his mum lost their house because of heavy rent arrears and they ended up living in a hostel. Simon soon made friends with Martin who was the same age as he was and lived in the hostel, like Simon was

Gary was the son of one of the richest men in the world and lived with his parents in a large house on the outskirts of a small English town, he was not liked by many people because he was a peeping tom, he was a very good artist and sold a lot of his work. Tracy was a girl from a very poor family at sixteen years of age she was two years older than what Gary was, Amy was her sister who was two years younger than what Gary was, both girls were well known for being very aggressive and often fighting, The two girls did not like Gary and had given him a lot of hassle. It

Karen was a sixteen year old girl from a small seaside town in England, her dad was in prison and her mum was hardly ever at home, Karen was well known for being a trouble making girl who was always bunking off school and hanging about the derelict railway station, during the summer months Karen got involved in robbing tourists and breaking into hotel rooms but during the winter time when there no holiday makers about Karen found it hard to cope money wise she never had any and resulted to shoplifting which she was not very good at and was often caught, Karen was sat inside the old railway station trying to workout where she was going to get

Sixteen year old Steve had left school with no qualifications and after six months of leaving school was regreting not having paid attention in school, his parents had kicked him out of the house for not paying his way, he had no job and was not getting any money and was not getting any work, he had been dropped by his boxing coach and living in a dingy hostel, then his girlfriend Tracy had dumped him. Steve was desperate to get money so when his mate told him that he earns five hundred pound per night working on the top floor of a hotel Steve got interested, Martin his mate told him that they work naked and guests were allowed

The recession had hit very hard forcing many company’s to close down leaving many people unemployed and with very little money, people started to fall behind on their rent and ended up being evicted from their homes, the amount of people living rough on the streets increased by a great amount. Sixteen year old Sharon had been living with her mum and younger sister Amy who was four years younger that what Sharon was, their dad had left home a few years ago, nobody knew where he was or cared he was a violent alcoholic and people were glad that he was gone. Because of the recession the company that Sharon’s mum worked for went bankrupt leaving her with out

Karen was a sixteen year old school girl who many boys thought was the best looking girl in town, she was very intelligent and her tutors thought that she would pass all her exams and get into university with out any problems, Karen was very polite and respected by many people in the town where she lived she had a sense of humour and joked a lot, but unbeknown to anybody her mum was an alcoholic who spent her money on booze so there was never much food in the house, Karen had tried to get a part job to earn money to buy food but had not been able to get a job. It was a Friday afternoon when

The town was really struggling like the whole of the country it was going through a really bad recession and had been doing so for two years, nearly all the factories and shops had closed gone bankrupt, the council had closed the library, gym and swimming pool to try and save money, the school was only open for four hours each day, times were really hard. The only place in the town that was surviving was the big mansion that was owned by one of the richest men in the world and when he applied for staff there was soon a big queue of people hoping to get a job at the mansion, one of those was sixteen year old

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Hello friends, Ritu is drunk as her breast is in a stranger’s mouth and as I have drunk lot of wine with my friend, feeling unconscious and hot also I thought to be in a room for hour for rest and than will watch ring ceremony function also, but it’s my pleasure or you can say it’s a coincidence that as I moved inside a room while it’s door was opened, I thought it to be empty but soon a negro men walked out of washroom as he was completely nude with his strong physique and Ritu’s physical desires have mounted. So as I am standing nude infront of bed, James after leaving my breast hold my waist and put

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Martin was known as the school fool, he was sixteen years of age and played stupid pranks on anybody he could, his education level was very low he did not pay attention in class often day dreaming and did no studying, his tutours said that he would amount to nothing and was doomed to be a failure, Martin lived on a run down council housing estate, his next door neighbours had two daughters one was Sharon who was his age and in his class at school, her sister Karen who was two years younger went to the same school as Martin, the sisters were the opposite of Martin and were very bright and is was thought that they would go

Martin was sat in the chair beside his hospital bed, he had been in hospital for nearly three weeks after being badly beaten up by a very angry father who had caught him spying on his daughter who at twelve was two years younger than what Martin was. Martin was a well known peeping tom and flasher in the town where he lived. As Martin sat in his chair he saw sixteen year old Karen a local loud mouthed thug girl who did voluntary work at the hospital, Karen was talking with the senior nurse on the ward who pointed at Martin, Both Karen and the nurse walked over to where Martin was sat and after the nurse asked Martin

Daniella, a blonde 25-year-old, should’ve understood that men relished shaming her due to her sordid interests involving vulgar language, debasement, gang-copulation, bukkake showers and paid intercourse. Before a Saturday night in August, though, Caleb, her white, 26-y/o husband, hadn’t pimped her despite her face being pretty, her large tits firm and her legs shapely. However, the army had contracted him to work as civilian therapist at the military base near his city. That’s where he’d met the white, 22-y/o Rusty and Lloyd, who were soldiers – while according to a plan the guys formed, she was wearing high heels, fishnets and a short dress when Caleb drove her outside the city to a deserted building, that Saturday night. The doorless

Sharon was a sixteen year old fouled mouth racist violent thug who was not trusted or liked in the town where she lived, her boyfriend Steve had the same reputation that Sharon had and was also not liked or trusted, even their own families did not like them, Sharon’s sister Amy who was four years younger than Sharon was the complete opposite of her older sister, Amy was quiet, very polite and helped people, Steve’s brother Colin who two years younger than Steve was also a quite boy Sharon and Steve were both offered jobs in a neighbouring town working as waiting staff in a large hotel, the job was a live in job and much to the joy of

|| This is a fictional story and doesn’t promote prostitution in any country. This must a fantasy of mine dreaming this and telling you guys about this. And also mind that where I lived the prostitution was legal. || I am an 22 year old boy. I was fond of milf porn at that time. One night I was wondering with my friends and went near to our red light area. We were there not for fun just moving from there. I saw a hoarding of a call girl and prostitute service. As I have a photo graphics memory, I noticed and remember the service number. Few later, in my weekend I was alone at home as my family went

Dean was a sixteen year old boy who had been the leader of a much feared and violent street gang, the gang had a very bad reputation for their violence even other street gangs feared them and would not venture into their area, shop keepers paid protection money to the gang to stay safe one guy refused to pay and his shop was destroyed in a fire. Then at one gang meeting Dean was challenged for the leader ship of the gang and lost the fight, Steve was forced out of the gang, gang members would no longer support him and Dean found it more and more difficult to cope on his own and soon ended up completely broke and

Steve was a sixteen year old thug boy, he had been the leader of a street gang but after a lot of police action campaigning against street gangs lots of gangs including Steve’s gang disbanded much to the great relieve of many law abiding citizens. After a month of no gang Steve was starting to feel the pinch of no gang he was broke had no money at all and no form of any income.. people did not want to employ him because of his record. Steve’s best mate Martin who had also been a gang member and was the same age as Steve was doing very well financially and had plenty of money, Steve asked him how he did

Sixteen year old Tracy was walking home from school across the waste ground, it was cold and drizzling with rain, Tracy knew that when she got home the house would be cold, her mum was on benefits and could not afford to have the heating on for long, as Tracy walked she Amy saw a girl from her school who was two years younger than what she was and a known prostitute, as Tracy passed Amy she saw her just buttoning her blouse, Amy walked along beside Tracy as they walked Tracy asked her how she could it do it, Amy told her the money was good she could earn five hundred pound a night, later that night Tracy spoke

The school had stood empty for over six months, it had been closed due to cut backs, everything inside had been taken out and given to other schools now the building stood empty. Then plans were announced to demolish the building and build an office block, there were many objections to the plans but the council passed them, when an appeal was heard in court the court ruled the building could go ahead, Mr Khan who had been the school caretaker and hated because he spied on the girls mentioned he still had a key to the old school and if he lost it and squatters used it to get it in the building and squat it would be legal.

Tina was a sixteen year old girl who was well known and well liked, Tina was from a very wealthy family who owned a lot of property as well as their own ocean going boat, Tina had a sister Amy who was four years younger than her, both girls enjoyed life living it to the full and also helped their friends who had money problems. Mark was two years younger that what Tina was came from a very poor family and was hated because he was a peeping tom. It was early one morning when police raided Tina’s home and after searching the house took Tina’s dad computers paper work away. News of the raid soon spread and after a

Sara was sixteens year old and lived on a very rough run down estate where she was known as being racist, homophobic and violent she was always in trouble with the police and was forever bunking off school, Sara drank cheap cider that she often stole from the shops where she lived, the shop keepers knew that she stealing their stock but were to scared of her to try and stop her, she was banned from most shops but still went in them stealing. Sara had very few friends and most people avoided her knowing it was best not to get involved with her. The council started to rehouse people from the estate intending to demolish then rebuild it. Some

Tina was a very popular sixteen year old girl, many of her fellow male students thought that she was real cute as did a few female students, Tina would often be seen in the school library after school studying, Tina lead quite a private life outside of school apart from being seen in the shopping centre Tina did not mix with other students. The real reason Tina hung around the shopping centre and stayed late after school in the school library was to keep warm, her dad had left home a year ago and her mum had taken to drinking alcohol heavily and was not paying bills, the electric at her home had been turned off so during winter months

Sixteen year Tina was sitting in the empty house that had once been her home, there was no furniture. no pictures on the wall, no carpets just an empty house, Tina’s dad had run off with another woman two years ago and her mum had turned to drink and was soon an alcoholic selling stuff from the house to buy booze, she stopped paying the rent instead buying booze with money that was meant for rent and now the council had evicted her and seized what little property they had left, The bailiffs told Tina it was time to go and Tina walked out of the house through the rear door where she saw her next door neighbour Tom who

At sixteen years of age Amy was not happy with life, she lived on a violent rum down council estate with her mum who was hardly ever at home and when she was she was to drunk to know what she was doing or where she was, Amy was fed up with going hungry because there was never enough food in the house, her dad had left home a few years ago but he still paid the gas and electric bills which was a small comfort to Amy who wished for a better life, Amy was just going back into the house after chasing off Even who was a peeping tom and flasher, he was hated and known as pervy

Cindy was a sixteen year old girl from a very rich family, her dad owned property all round the world and she wanted for nothing, Cindy went on holiday three times a year, stayed out late partying and slept most of the day, On Exam day Cindy could hardly keep her eyes open and when the results came in she found that she had failed in every subject. Two days after getting her results Cindy was waiting for their limo to pick her up from the dinner and dance she had been to and when she tried to phone her dad to find out where the car was she found that she had no signal on her phone so started

The residents of the town could not make their minds up over Mr. Khan the sixty five year old owner of a grocery shop who had been arrested by the police after a girl accused him of indecent behaviour, Mr. Khan had been charged and was now on trial in the crown court, some residents were saying that there is no smoke with out fire but the majority were saying that he was a decent bloke and that there was no fire and no smoke, the jury only took ten minutes to reach a verdict of not guilty and Mr. Khan was set free and allowed to return to work in his shop again, his family greeted him back with

The town was quiet, there was hardly anybody on the streets despite it only being mid way though the day, hardly anybody in the town had any money, the town had once been a very busy and thriving town it was extra busy during the summer because of the fact it was a seaside town but when the recession started to hit many of the cafes and ice cream parlours as well as the amusement arcades started to close up, tourist numbers fell with fewer and fewer coming to the town, and now it was more like a ghost town, there was one factory on the edge of town that had managed to survive it was owned by an Indian