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Fourteen year old Palash was walking down the winding dark country lane very late at night because he had missed the last bus home, as he walked Palash looked at his watch again, and thought what a crappy watch, his dad had brought it for him as a birthday present and had spent a lot of money on it but after a day the watch had stopped which was the main reason Palash had missed the bus, it was later than what he thought it was. Palash cursed his watch again and carried on walking. As he got to the farm that was three miles from town Palash saw a light go on in an upstairs window of the farm

The small English country town had a very bad reputation for housing a lot of racist residents, anyone who was not English stayed clear of the town for fear of being attacked if they went there, the town also had a reputation for violence, the police knew who the racists were and who the violent residents were but left them alone, if there was a bad incident the police would make an appearance but very rarely arrested anybody, so the residents of the town knew they could get away with near enough anything and the did away with near enough anything. When a Bengali family moved into the town there was a lot of unhappiness among the racist residents of

The court room at the local magistrate court was packed with residents of the local town, the court clerks had never known the court to be so busy and had had to stop people entering the court for safety reasons, the reason for the packed court room was that sixteen year old Steve was appearing in court to be sentenced and the town folk were hoping to see him sent to prison for a long time so that they would have a quiet life and live in safety. Steve was a thug who did not have many friends but plenty of enemies most of who were to scared of him to stick up to him, Steve had terrorised the town

Mrs. Jones is an emergency foster carer, she has two daughters of her own but looks after youngsters if an emergency arises, her husband died a few backs and after a short break from foster care she resumed looking after youngsters in cases for what ever reason their parents could not look after them, quite often Mrs. Jones would get a call from the social service often late at night asking her to look after a youngster, her daughter Sara who was sixteen would often help, her other daughter Amy who was four years younger than Sara also gave a hand when she could, It was eight o clock in the evening when the phone rang and after speaking on

Pao had been living in England as an illegal immigrant for just over a year, she had got separated from her family just after arriving in England but at just twelve years of age had soon learnt how to avoid detection by the authorities and had had a couple of close calls when she nearly got caught, she learnt the best places to get food from, she had also started to steal from places. Pao suffered a lot of racial abuse but had learnt how to avoid the racists. Pao was walking through a run down housing estate heading towards an old disused building that she knew would be safe to sleep in, as she walked through the estate Pao

Pao was a twelve year old Bengali girl who did not like living in East London, she thought that it was to rough and despite the area she lived in being mainly a Bengali community there was a lot of racism so Pao did not go out much she would rather sit in her bedroom and spend time on her lap top talking with friends and playing games, It was late one Saturday evening when Pao was in her room playing games on her lap top and decided to have a break from playing games and went to the kitchen to get a drink, Pao’s gran who she lived with was baking and asked Pao if she had found herself

Steve was a sixteen year old boy who played football for the local youth team and lived with his parents in a mansion on the edge of town, he was very stuck up and posh in his ways but was kind to people and helped anyone if he could. spin was a ten year old Indian girl who had been nicknamed spin by her granddad because she was always turning around on one foot. Spin lived with her mum in a small house on the edge of the estate where Steve lived, her mum worked as a cleaner in the mansion where Steve lived, spin was going to the mansion to collect her mum’s phone her mum had left behind

At just sixteen years of age Simar was working long hours to help support her mum, her dad had been deported back to their home country of India where he was wanted by the police. Simar’s mum found it hard trying to bring her and her little sister up on her own, so Simar had taken a job as a cleaner to raise some money and tonight was working on her own cleaning the local leisure centre. The centre was closed and all the staff had gone home leaving just her in the building, so when she heard voices she was surprised and went to investigate and saw sixteen year old Steve a local thug who was in the same

It was the early hours of the morning twelve year old Pao a Bengali girl was on a sleep over at her best friend Tina’s house, Tina was two years old than what Pao was and the brother of Tina was sixteen year old Steve and a racist thug. Pao had been wary of staying over night because of Steve’s violent ways but when Tian had reassured her that she would be safe Pao had agreed to stop the night. Pao had woken up and after  looking at her watch and saw that it was two in the morning, she quietly got out of bed and with out switching on any lights started to head towards the bathroom, the small

Steve was a sixteen year old  thug who was well hated he had no friends in the small English village where he lived with his mum, the small Bengali owned shop that doubled up as a post office would not let him on the premises, the only pub in the village had banned him which meant if he wanted anything he had to go to the nearest town which was twelve miles away. Steve had just arrived back from the town and was walking through the village towards the house he lived in as he walked he cursed the bus company that owned the bus he had just got off, the light was just starting to fail the few street

Alec admired her pussy. Dana’s fingers rubbing Tania’s pink flesh. Alec opened her labias up looking at her sweet juicy pussy. Gosh he wanted to put his cock in it so bad. His fingers circling her entrance seeing the juicy walls of her vagina. Jordan sat watching his cock in hand wearing his mothers baby doll set. ” I thought Tania was a fuckin lesbian. ” Jordan said. ” He she is been pleasured by his sisters boyfriend. Alec lent in his tongue making contact with her pussy tasting her sweet juices. Tania not seeming to mind a males tongue on her pussy. He listened to Dana groaning as Tania’s fingers entered her vagina. Tania finger fucking Dana. Alec watched

One week later Sunday night. Jordan stood with his mother in the kitchen, his father away again for another trip away. It was 6 pm. His sister out. ” Away for the week. ” Jordan said looking at his mother. ” When do you go.? She asked. ” Two days. ” He said. ” For a week, we are doing the security systems for the new hotel out of town. ” He said ” Sounds interesting ” Claire said smiling. ” Working over the weekend ? ” ” Yes drew the short straw, don’t mind extra pay. ” He said. ” Ok, ” she said ” Sounds like a big job. ” She replied drinking a glass of water. Jordan

He walked into the laundry opening the washing machine. ” Yes washing hasn’t gone through. ” He said. He reached in and sorted through. He knew his sisters underwear from his mothers. He found a pair, his mothers. A white pair with a lacy front and satin back. He picked them out and put them in his pocket walking back to his room. He sat on his bed naked turning on his computer. His mothers knickers and his sisters. He smiled as he pushed play. But enjoying the still frame of his mother on top of Alec on his sisters bed. She looked down at him slowly riding up and down Alec’s cock. Alec looking up at her naked body.

8 Am. He got to the kitchen seeing his mother. ” Hi mum. ” He said. ” Hi ” she said ” ” Busy day today. ” She said ” Dads away for another two days, your sisters at camp. Its been nice just the two of us. ” She said. ” Yeh. ” He replied ” It has, got a training day today, a new camera system. Wont be home till late, been picked up soon. ” He said admiring his mothers figure. A bit taller than his sister, but same size breasts and figure. Except her long blonde hair. She wore a white satin round neck sleeveless blouse. A short blue high waisted pencil skirt finishing mid thigh

He sat watching as Dana and Tania sat on her bed. They sat talking for five minutes. He was expecting to see them studying maybe his sister get changed. What happened next was not what he expected. They sat close. Dana putting her hand on Tania’s knee. Tania did the same. They leant in kissing french kissing. ” Oh fuck. ” He said remembering about the double ended dildo in the drawer. Dana sliding her hand up Tania’s skirt, Tania fondling over Dana’s bust. Dana then stood up walking over to her tall dresser reaching under grabbing the key. She opened the drawer and pulled out the double ended dildo. Tania smiled as Dana sat back down putting it to

One week later Dana said goodbye as she went off to school. That morning he had watched her dress. He watched her from behind as she walked out the door. Her blue skirt and white blouse of her uniform. She wore black stockings today as it was cold. She wore a black g string and bra. He loved watching her naked in her room, standing at the drawer unit choosing underwear. He waited thirty minutes then showered, he loved a day off once a week, he got to play. Again he went to her room in his towel, his cock growing as he sat her bed unwrapping his towel he played with his cock. He noticed a pile of clothes

He knew she was up to no good. He was 22 living at home. A technology geek. He worked installing security systems and cameras, he lived in the basement flat. His sisters bedroom above him. Dana was 17 long dark hair, fit athletic body 32D 28 30 figure. One day after been in her room looking for evidence of her ‘going ons’ and finding a locked drawer and no key. He was suspicious. No one home he decided to install a camera in her room, a small pin hole one she would never see. He got back to his room turning on his monitor. ” Perfect ” he said been able to zoom in and out. He waited. She arrived

Steve was a sixteen year old youth who had a shave head, he was racist and homophobic and not like very much, his step sister Amy who was four years younger than what Steve was had a completely different attitude and was the complete opposite of Steve she was very well liked and polite, she would do anything she could to help other people. There had been a football match in which Steve had taken part most of the boys had showered and gone home, Steve was taking down the nets from the goals collecting the corner flags and putting them away, he then had a chat with the coach and by the time he got to the changing room

Young Omar sat in the very small windowless room that had bars on the door, the room was in the basement of a large house and had been Omar’s prison for a few months, Omar was hated in her community and was locked up all day, Omar had no fun and got very little food, she was very badly treated. Omar sat listening to the music from the party being held on the upper floors of the house and wished she could be out of the dark basement that was very dimly lit. As Omar sat in the room she heard footsteps on the stairs that lead into the basement and saw Steve one of the local yobs appear, Omar

Oma was a twelve year old girl who was living in England, she was an illegal immigrant who had lost all contact with her family, for just over six months she had been living rough in the docks in Kent, she survived by begging and sorting through bins for left over food, she had become quite street wise and knew how to fend for herself, she had come to know the people who would cause her trouble and stayed clear of them. It was late and Oma had just climbed into the duct of the air extraction unit where she sometimes slept, she knew what time the unit shut down and as it was a Sunday she knew it would

True story. Dad been a business man. He came to me to say he was entertaining a overseas guest would I like to spend the night with him. I said yes thats fine. I turned up at my parents at 7 pm. I wore a tight spagetti strap black dress that hugged my curvy body pushing my cleavage up. The dress mid thigh, I wore black stockings and heels. My long hair in a pony tail. I met Bill a 54 yr old tall and handsome. He knew I was there daughter. Bill was married with four children. We had dinner and talked and laughed. The wine flowed and I felt really horny. The fact I was fucking Dad a

Yes its true. I have had sex with my brother. My husband finds it funny we have. My brother and I decided that once was the only time. That was 18 years ago now. Im now 37 he is 42. Last year before Christmas he came to stay with my husband and I. We always act like brother and sister. My husband aware of our sexual experience together all those years ago. I suppose thats why we find the following events so fascinating. He had been here for two days. Our child was asleep in bed and we decided to have a spa. I put on a bikini. A black halter neck. My husband and brother in board shorts. We

True story. Hello readers. Dee here again. I am now three months pregnant and very horny. Like Ive said pregnancy makes me hornier than usual. We decided to get our lower deck replaced and at the same time renovations in our master bedroom bathroom. Which means we have to move to the downstairs bedroom which opens onto the new deck we are getting built after the old bathroom has been demolished. So its just easier to move downstairs to out guest bedroom. We decided to get the same builder that did the job I shared with you in my story ‘Apprenticeship’. As it turns out the guy I had sex with no longer works for that builder anymore. Instead a

I work at an agriculture business and my sister in law works there too. I can’t say too much as we both still work there and being that we are both engineers we travel lots to test and see our products on farms around the globe. We’ve worked together for years and it was her (let’s call her Candy and myself Jim) who introduced me to my wife “Andrea” 15 years ago. Candy is divorced and has 1 grown son who is in college now. My wife and I have 2 young kids. Candy is 45 and is in pretty good but not great shape but she has huge tits and what I can only guess are either huge nipples

True story. (Emma not her real name, as he doesn’t know who fucked him in the following .) My husband and have a great sex life. I like my husband having sex with other women, as he likes me with other men. One night I decided to do something for him, a girlfriend of mine was willing to do this for me. I greeted him at the door, I had just finished a Skype meeting with clients, I wore a white shirt sleeved blouse. A black g string with suspender belt and black suspender stockings and high heels. ” wow ” he said walking in the door, ” You’ve had a Skype meeting ” “Yes “I said undoing my blouse

This is a true story. Monday. My husband and I were staying at a hotel. It was close to the beach. As we were overseas for a wedding. This afternoon we had been sunbathing. I was wearing my new bikini I brought especially for the trip. ( My husband thinks I have to many bikinis, I own 38. Hey some girls collect shoes, I like bikinis.) Anyway this bikini is a green halterneck bikini it has thin ties that tie her bottoms together. The top has a metal ring between my breasts that hold the cups. I was sunbathing. My husband oiling my back as he likes doing. Across about twenty meters was a guy he was mid thirty’s tall

Patty is a sixteen year old black girl and with her family had just moved to a new house on a very run down council estate, most of the residents lived on benefits and were very poor. It was late as Patty walked towards where she now lived, as she walked she saw that lots of the houses had no curtains in the windows and she could see people inside the houses, Patty walked down the side alley as she did she saw sixteen year Steve in the house where he lived and smiled when she saw he was wearing just a pair of briefs Patty stopped to have a good look and her smile got broader when Steve put

Aadi was a fifty year old Bengali man who owned a warehouse in East London that he had turned into a boxing gym for the local lads, it was well used and well supported by the local community as well as the local police. Pull was the twelve year old granddaughter of Aadi who had nicknamed her Pull because she kept saying pull, Aadi was in the office of the gym when Pull walked in, Aadi greeted Pull with a hug then told her that Abdul her next door neighbour was in the gym and about to finish training, Pull looked at her granddad and asked if she could go and watch him Aadi said ” I don’t know he

Well I must say fucking her husband was delightful. He broke my pussy well and truly. I told her all about out sexual experience. This made her horny as. Its been quite fun. Her husband trying to pretend nothing happened. Ms and his wife enjoying together knowing we fucked. One sunny afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky. Morgan and I decided to sunbath. We were dressed in our bikinis I wore a floral halterneck bikini with string ties at the side and my top. Morgan wore a white bikini. Mr Hayes left with the children to go into town to see his parents leaving myself and Morgan to sunbath. It was nice we talked about our fantasies and past

Rumours had been going round the town for years about the big empty house on the edge of town, some people said it was haunted, some said it was home to aliens, others said nothing about the building, the house had been empty for years squatters had got in but were soon evicted,  people had tried growing weed their but had been caught and sent to prison, the only activity that took place at the empty ten bedroom house was from some homeless people who sometimes slept there, local kids who played in there and courting couples looking for a quiet place to have some fun. Sixteen year old Steve was one of the towns troublesome boys who hung around