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Pia was a twelve year old Bengali girl who had been living in England for just over two years, her dad was still living in Bangladesh where Pia wished that she could go back to and live there, her mum who had brought Pia to England had reported a Bengali shop owner to the police and the man got sent to prison, the Bengali community were very angry with Pia’s mum and shunned both Pia and her mum, the pair became outcasts in the Bengali community and faced many problems, the heating system in their flat got damaged and was no longer working, Pia would often go onto the roof where she found area’s where it was quite warm, one night as she was heading to the roof Martin who was a local thug and very racist saw her and started to give her verbal abuse and spit at her so Pia did not go to the roof and looked for some where else to stay warm and climbed onto the roof of the leisure centre where it was very warm. Pia found a spot that she was sheltered from the wind and very warm, as she settled down Pia realised that she could see through windows of a block of flats and smiled very broadly as she saw seventeen year old Asif who caused her a lot of hassle, Pia could see that Asif was naked and had a clear view of his bum and when he turned Pia could not believe her eyes Asif had an eight inch erection, Pia thought very nice and when Asif started to stroke his dick Pia watched in awe, Asif jerked his dick not realising that he was being watched by a twelve year old girl who he hated, after a few minutes Pia saw Asif’s knees bend and three spurts of cum shoot from his dick and thought very nice, Asif left the room and Pia settled back down, Pia then heard loud voices and realised they were coming fro the direction of a skylight and when she looked through the skylight she gasped, the school football team were under the showers and she was looking at twelve naked white sixteen year old boys and to make matters even better Martin was one of them, Pia saw that the boys all had various sized dicks but saw that Martin’s was the biggest and judged it to be about seven inches, Pia sat watching the boys as they showered and slowly the number of boys in the shower got fewer and fewer till it was just Martin left, after five minutes Pia saw Marti’s dick start to grow and thought cool as it grew to a nine inch erection, Pia watched as Martin showered with a full erection and when he started to jerk Pia just watched thinking two boys wanking in the same night and after five minutes Pia saw Martin squirt his cum in four long spurts then a few minutes later left the shower. Pia stayed on the roof another hour before going home, the next night Pia was back on the roof but was disapointed that the leisure was closed, Pia started to go to the roof nearly every night and was able to see a lot of white boys use the shower and on one night watched a naked Asif and his girlfriend have sex. Pia decided that she did not want to go back to Bangladesh and live there but wanted to stay here in England where she could see a lot of naked white boys.