Night Watching

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Adah was a young African girl who had been living in England for two years, Adah lived with her gran who was a chronic alcoholic, they lived in a flat on the tenth floor of a tower block of flats near to another tower block of flats, it was late at night Adah was alone in the flat her she knew that her gran was out getting drunk in some dingy pub and would not be home till very late, Adah was sat in her bedroom in the dark, she was looking out of the window when she saw Steve enter a room in the other tower block with his girlfriend Lucy, Adah knew both Steve and Lucy were racist and at sixteen years of age they were four years older than what she was, Adah saw Steve take his tee shirt off and thought he has a cool muscular body, when Steve took his joggers off Adah’s eyes lit up because he was not wearing any underwear and she could clearly see his six inch dick, Lucy left the room, Adah watched the naked racist thug as he walked around naked, she admired his muscular body and liked the way his dick swung about as he walked around the room, after five minutes the door to the room opened and Lucy walked back in to the room, Adah saw that like Steve she was now naked, Adah saw that Lucy was busty and hoped that her own boobs would grow that big as she got older, Adah watched as Steve walked to Lucy and the pair started to kiss and cuddle, after a few minutes Lucy move away from Steve, Adah saw that Steve now had an eight inch erection and thought wow that is nice, Lucy went and lay on the bed parting her legs when she was on the bed, Adah watched as Steve walked to the bed and climbed on it between Lucy’s parted legs, Adah watched in awe as Steve bent forward and slid his dick into his girlfriends love tube then Start to thrust in out, Adah thought live porn as she watched, after ten minutes when Steve with drew his dick from Lucy’s love tube knelt up straight and squirted three spurts of cum and a few shorter ones Adah said ” wow ” and thought very nice, after ten minutes Lucy and Steve left the room switching the light off behind them. Adah was about to move away from the window when she saw Martin who was also sixteen enter the flat above where Lucy and Steve had been and start to undo his joggers, when he lowered them Adah smiled when she saw Martin’s nine inch erect dick spring out which he started to jerk, Adah sat watching as Martin jerked his dick thing double porn show and when Martin squirted cum Adah thought two sets of white boys cum. After Martin left the room Adah thought wonder if I will see more.