Tina was not a very happy girl. Her mum had recently got remarried so she now had a stepsister Dawn who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what she was, Tina and Dawn became friends quite quickly but her step brother Simon who was two years younger than what she was Tina thought was a creep and did not like him but because he was living in their house now she had to be friendly with him. Dawn had warned her that he was weird but Tina soon found that out for herself. Simon soon made friends with fifty year old Tom who lived in the house next door, there were many people who lived near

Steve was a foul mouthed thug who lots of people were scared of, his dad owned a small boat that he used to ferry people to the islads just off the English coast, on one of these trips Steve’s dad had slipped and broke his leg and was now laying in a hospita bed, Steve took over operating the boat and doing the ferrying of people to the island. One day the harbour master challenged Steve asking him if he was old enough to operate the boat on his own, Steve told him that he was sixteen years of age which was old enough and showed him all his paper work, the harbour master started to leave when Steve started

The residents of the small country village were not very happy, during the night a group of gypsies had moved into the village and set up camp on the village cricket pitch, when sixteen year old Steve was walking to the village shop early in the morning to get the papers that he delivered each morning when he saw the camp, after telling the shop keeper of the camp she started to phone other local residents and before long there were a few residents of the village looking on at the gypsy camp, the police were called who attended and informed the residents that they had no legal powers to move the gypsies and the villagers would have to apply

Sixteen year old Sara was in a foul mood, she was looking after the boy who lived door to her. She wanted to go out with her mates and cause the normal mayhem that she caused, Sara was well known as a trouble maker who had a violent temper. Now she was waiting outside the youth club that she was banned from waiting for her neighbour Simon who was two years younger than what she was and a known flasher who could not be trusted by his mum which was why Sara was looking after him, when Simon left the youth club he walked along behind Sara and followed her through the fair ground where Sara started to call abuse

Steve was the biggest racist thug in the small English town where he lived, he lived in a tower block of flats that had a lot of Indian families living in it most of who were scared of Steve and had some form of racial abuse from him at some time, if the Steve was seen by one of the Indian residents they would do their best to hide away from him for fear of getting some form of abuse. Prisha at sixteen years of age was the same age as Steve and had gone to stay with her uncle who lived on the same landing as Steve lived on, Prisha’s cousin ten year old Diya told Prisha all about

Sixteen year old Cindy was walking through the derelict factory that was hardly ever used, Cindy was a racist trouble maker that the Bengali community did not trust or liked. As she walked through the old factory Cindy saw the girl standing near the centre of the building, Cindy had never seen the girl before and thought that she looked weird stood in all black clothes with long black hair, Cindy looked the girl up and down and was about to say something when she saw sixteen year old Asif a Bengali boy who she hated more than other Bengali’s. Cindy switched her attention from the girl and started to shout racial abuse at him something that Asif was used

It was the day of the annual summer fete at the school, there were various stalls that were attracting lots of people to them, there were quite a few people round the hypnotist stall but many people were not impressed by him and thought he was rubbish, Karen who at sixteen years of age and a well known trouble maker was in the throng of people at the hypnotist stall and was making comments on how useless the man was and calling him a few nasty names, the hypnotist looked at Karen and after staring at her for a minute told her to be quiet, to the surprise of everybody present Karen kept quiet then after a few minutes Karen

Mark was walking along the road towards the house where he lived , behind him was his sister Jane who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what he was and as was normal Jane was pushing Mark telling him to hurry up, Jane hated the fact that her parents had adopted Mark and that he had been living with them for just over six months, at every chance she got Jane bullied Mark, she got her friends to do the same, as Mark approached the house where he lived he saw the guy who had just moved into the house next door to his, Mark knew it was the guys sixty first birthday and wished him

Twelve year old Tony was not having a good time, his mum had gone away for a few days leaving his sixteen year old sister Tina in charge of him, Tina had took him to the circus meeting up with her best mate Sara on the way, the two girls were trouble makers and often shouted abuse at any body, Tony thought on their own they were bad enough but when they were together they were extra trouble and nobody was safe from their foul mouths, at the circus the hypnotist got a lot of abuse from the girls who slagged him as soon as he was in the ring, after a few minutes the hypnotist waved his hands at

Steve was a sixteen year old boy that was a well known violent thug nobody would go up against him because they knew he was in the pay of organised crime gangs and had a lot of protection Steve ran a stall in the local town market, it was well known that the stall was a cover for the sale of drugs and the gear on his stall was counterfeit or stolen, he got away with it because the local coppers and trade officers were paid by the crime bosses to turn a blind eye, his girlfriend Tina who was his age was well in with Steve and his dodgy dealings and Tina’s sister Amy who was four years younger

Abdul was a young Bengali boy who was hated by his family because he was bi sexual which was against the Bengali community religious believes, as he walked across the beach near to where he lived Abdul saw a brightly coloured box laying in the sand, he picked the box up and when he opened it found a ring with a yellow stone in the centre of it, there was also a piece of paper, Abdul read the paper which said ” who ever this ring fits will have people and animals do what they say when they wear the  ring and they will not remember what they” Abdul thought it was a prank and was about to throw the

Sara was a sixteen year old girl who was well known for being foul mouthed, racist and violent, she was walking home from school thinking what a boring waste of a day it had been, she thought about the old bloke who had been invited to give a talk  in the history lesson, he claimed to have served in the army during the war and had done special training in mind control to question prisoners and get them to do things, he had attempted to use the tactics on a couple of Sara’s classmates and had failed, the closest he had got was when a couple of students including Sara had got light headed at which point the tutor had

The weekly Sunday street market was in full swing, sixteen year old Steve was running the stall that his family had owned for over one hundred years but Steve did not want to be there he would rather be with his girlfriend Amy round at her house, he knew that her parents were away from home for three weeks so he knew there would be many chances to have a bunk up. Steve looked at the stall next to the one that his family owned and saw his sister July who was four years younger than what he was talking to her mate Pia who was a class mate of July’s and who Steve did not like, Steve then saw

Cindy was the most feared resident in the small English village, at the tender age of just sixteen years old she had caused so much trouble that people hated her so much that they wanted her out of the village, but the local police officer and the magistrate were to scared of her to do anything, the village bobby was so scared of her that he no longer responded to calls if she was involved in the crime. When Steve had tried to stand up to her he ended up in hospital for two months and after he was discharged he and his parents moved out of the village, It was a late afternoon as Cindy walked home from school

Pia was a seventeen year old Bengali student studying science at a top British university, as part of her course she had been accepted  on a special course at a top secret military lab. but before being accepted she had been thoroughly checked out and had to sign the official secret acts and been warned that she would be put in prison for many years if she revealed anything about her work, Every time she entered or left the underground building that contained the lab where she was working she was searched and not allowed to have cameras phones or recording equipment. Pia was working on a ray that would control peoples actions and after six months of working her

The old woman sat on the park bench in the same place that she sat every night and had sat for the last twelve months, nobody knew who she was or where she lived she just suddenly started turning up at the same time every night and sat on the bench for two hours before leaving again, no matter what the weather was like she would turn up.some people had tried following her to find out where she lived but always lost her, various rumours started about her including that she was a witch, many people did care who she was or where she was from they said she was harmless and caused no trouble, but there was others who

The carnival had been on the common of the town for just over a week, many residents had objected to it coming there when it was first announced when it was coming and for how long but as usual the local council of the town took no notice of the views of the residents and granted the fairground owners a licence to operate the fairground for three weeks, many of the youngsters were happy but the elders were not. Sixteen year old Steve was not liked in the town everybody knew that he was a flasher and peeping tom but the council did nothing about getting him and his family evicted, Steve was walking round the fair ground when he

The small English country town was normally a very quiet town, it had a very low crime rate and nearly everybody was very friendly there were never many people out on the streets during the evening but over the last week things had changed the annual carnival was due to be held and the residents of the town were busy getting ready for the main parade, bunting was being strung up across the roads fairy lights were going up, the towns fire engine and ambulance had moved to temporary stations, a fairground had been set up and floats were being decorated, Doris who was ninety eight years of age was asking her normal question of Have I won the beauty

Hi all Happy New year to all readers. This is a story of Rita she got pulled into under a spell that can’t be understood by normal people. She was pushed automatically for sometime she would never do with her sense in place. I was 28 year old at that time I was married to a Sam for 5 years now he was a pilot and we had a pretty stable life. He had to keep away from home a lot but it did make us a good amount of money. We had a nice house and everything a couple should have. It was summer time when I saw him the first time at the mall I was loading up

Sara was the sixteen year daughter of the owners of a small family run bed and breakfast hotel and she was not very happy she had been left to run the bed and breakfast hotel as well as look after her sister Tina who was four years younger than what she was. Sara was looking at the register and saw that there was a honeymoon couple booked in and thought good they will be busy and wont need much she also saw that there was a single man booked in and knew that single men could be a, problem as they tended to grope, Sara thought it is only for the weekend mu and dad will be back on Monday

Steve was a sixteen year old white boy in India with some of his school friends who were all sixteen on a school project finding out about life in the small towns and villages and what it was like to live their, Steve’s sister Sara was not happy she complained about how the old man in their run down hostel was perving her the police took no notice said ” he is sixty years of age is harmless” the teens were visiting a part of town they had not been in before, like the rest of the town it was run down like a slum with sewage in the streets, the teens were warned by a white lady not to

Steve was considered the school nerd and was called the swot box because he was always studying. Karen who at sixteen was known as the hardest bitch in school and was the school bully hated Steve and gave him a very rough time often hitting him. Steve was the same age as Karen and lived near her, Steve’s parents were away for the weekend leaving Steve to fend for himself. Steve had been working on a science project he had been reading about and had made a forum that was said to make obedient, Steve tried to make the recipe up and after one attempt had a clear liquid in a bottle, he then saw he had made a mistake

Little Mark was not happy his grand mother who was staying with the family had made him eat all his greens and had not backed down when Mark had one of his temper tantrums, as Mark left the dinner table he stamped his foot and in a loud voice announced that he was going to run away from home and join the circus and when his older sister Kim who was 16 years old had asked if she could have his jelly and ice cream Mark announced that he would run away tomorrow instead and sat back down to eat his jelly and ice cream. A hour or so after tea Kim’s boyfriend John called round the house to take

Alison settled into her chair by the side of the pool, starting her last Labor Day weekend shift as the lifeguard at the beach resort. The exterior pool was crowded today. In her red swimsuit, it was difficult to hide her toned swimmer’s body and long legs that came with being 5’11”, most of the ‘dads and husbands’ had trouble hiding their stares. Occasionally they seemed reluctant, probably because of their little erections, to get out of the hot tub off on the side of the pool where they could leer openly, much to the frustration of their wives. Some of the men were a little handsome, but most just came off as creepy. She was idly running her fingers

Scully knew that at 13 ejaculations a day they were working Greg to the limit, but the Director insisted they must maximize production, if only for a few more days.  Scully also knew that the Director wasn’t entirely happy with the way his Urgent Project to produce industrial quantities of Magic Potion had somehow become the mother of all sex orgies for The Boy.  If they’d done it his way, Greg would have been strapped to a gurney with a nutrient drip in his arm, a milking machine on his dick, a vibrator up his ass and headphones endlessly playing Scully’s Serve Your Country message.  And the Witches would have fared no better, with routine shots of small doses of

The Mansion: Day Two – continued — 15:00 #7=Kylie There remain six Witches on duty: Mary Anne (the Sarah Palin lookalike, and skilled bodypaint artist), Krista (skinny little 12 year old daughter of Mary Anne), Mackenzie Murphy (17 year old willowy pole dancing enthusiast), Miss Shell (Greg’s former history teacher), and two 16 year olds, Marisa (Greg’s longtime girlfriend, and his original slave), Melanie (the second girl he’d enslaved). After a shower together, Greg and the 3 M’s – Mackenzie, Marisa, Melanie have a soak in the jacuzi. Greg leaves them in the water and goes for a wander, winding up in the lounge, where Mary Anne is busily applying bodypaint to her youngest daughter.  She looks up and calls

The Mansion: Day Two Overnight, Scully’s second wave of Witches has arrived: Melanie and her mother Terry, and the Yamamoto family – Rika and her three daughters Mayu, Karina, and the freshly deflowered Mika, bringing the Coven population up to 12, excluding still-virgin Krista. The dining room now has a banquet table, and Greg finds everyone already sharing a noisy breakfast. Everyone except Abbey, who is still under the influence of her late night invasion of Greg’s sleep, and the two youngest, Krista and Mika, who had become instant best friends and raced off together to the pool. Greg is overwhelmed by hugs and kisses as his former slaves greet him enthusiastically. All are wearing the Mansion’s luxurious bathrobes, as

Mulder spent a wonderful night in bed with Annie King, mother of Geri and Debi, and newly appointed porn videographer.  She’d been so horny after this assignment that Mulder resorted more than once to the Good Girl spell, and she’d spent ages lazily sucking his cock as he lay only half awake.  They had their first really good fuck as the early dawn light was filtering into the bedroom, and Mulder pumped a hefty load of cum deep inside her. In the morning, Mulder uploaded all the captured video, but left the spy-cams in place on motion-trigger.  No harm collecting what he could.  He wasn’t sure if the King’s had been given Greg’s domestic nudity directive, so he added it

The Mansion: Day One Greg wakes before Marisa, his closest companion, bed sharer and sleeping partner, but lazes in bed until she surfaces.  They shower together, and start to play.  Before the inevitable happens, Marisa skips away from Greg, grabs a bathrobe -thus declaring herself  “off duty ” – and goes in search of breakfast.  Greg, naked, his erection deflating, follows. They breakfast together, then go exploring. In the indoor pool, they discover the three sisters, Abbey (18), Kylie (16) and Krista (12) playing in the water.  All are, of course, naked. Which means  “on duty “. Greg has a duty as well, and his dick is ready to do it. They mess around in the water until Krista discovers Greg’s erection. 

Scully brought her first troop of Magic Potion makers direct to The Mansion, so they could settle in before the arrival of Greg and Marisa. There were six of them: Miss Shell the glamorous history teacher, 17 year old Mackenzie Murphy, and  18 year old Abbey were all Squirters, meaning they were prone to secrete large volumes of vaginal fluid during sex, especially when orgasming.  The other three were Abbey’s mother Mary Anne, an Evangelical Christian and Sarah Palin lookalike with spectacular breasts, and Abbey’s two sisters, Kylie (16) whose virginity Greg had siezed, and 12 year old Krista. Scully was a little doubtful about including Krista, but nobody else seemed to have any qualms, and in fact Greg had

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