Friends, Ritu have lost her cum as she got trapped inside home but it’s a garden where our love is going on, my dad Pritam is a smart one as his wide hairy chest are giving me tough time, so starts kissing his chest to flat tummy as going down I hold his straight penis, not a shy gal or not ashamed of my sexual desires with him and as I put my lips on his penis, he just rubbed my hairs ” baby love to enjoy a drink ( I left him ) ok as you wish but come soon ” and I sit nudely on grass as there is no hindrances between us, what the hell we are

Hello friends, In the previous part as you have learnt about lovers doing some great fun, it’s a need for me as sitting on his lap with legs wrapped on his waist was like a dream came true as he is sucking my tongue hard with my pair of boobs pressing hard on his chest, he is little aggressive as his hand is rubbing my ass. So Ritu felt his saliva inside mouth and than took out my tongue as sunset is going to happen, in dark we two will enjoy and than I left his lap as put my hand on his jeans and slowly started unzipping it, like a hungry wolf he made his lower parts nude and

Hi friends, It’s a true incidence happened last winter as I have been in relationship with Rajan, my friend’s elder brother but have had love with him, I can’t think for it as myself Ritu is concentrated on my study with a goal to achieve in life but it’s really shocking for me that how I get laid on bed with my dad as well as younger brother, no matter if it’s Rajan or a nigro or dad’s colleague but I always think of my relationship with dad as well as brother but it happened with my consent, so feeling ashamed always of it is just like killing myself with a sweet poison. Ritu, a young girl of 21 years

Hi friends, My lover Naman as well as myself Ritu went to watch a movie at 12:00 noon and it’s a tough task to sit quietly for three long hours on a chair as we young generation have not got lot of patience but as love buddy are together I expect something funny. So Ritu, a 21 years young girl have put a mini skirt with tops as both are inside cinema hall and as my lovely boobs are caged in 32C size brassiere with my sexy figure of 32-24-36 inches, it’s tough to find fleshes on my slim body but my V shaped buttocks is sexy as now Naman and Ritu are sitting on chair and as we are

Hello readers, As Ritu is in Anand’s arms it’s really a winter season means for romance, so my willen jacket on tops get unzipped and now both are in fire as my black stockings have covered my legs to thighs but it’s not to cover but to make guys attractive towards me and now Anand just made me sit on chair as he knelt down in front of my legs, oh god! His bulge is showing sign of erection on his pants and as he started removing my stockings I am too horny but left myself in his arms to get love and sex. Ritu moves forward as he lifted my short dress to waist and now my both thighs

Hi friends, Ritu a young girl in her early twenties is hot, sexy and wild but each and every time I get fucked with anyone I took pledge to keep aloof from physical relationship with them. It’s not going to happen as I feel more hungry for it as sex ends, so a sexy figure of 32-26-36 inches with slim body is always attractive to them who looks me in a seducing manner and it’s a winter season as Christmas holiday have made me feel bored in home with my vagina getting thirsty for cocks with it’s leisure of a week but here my destiny changed as one evening dad came home with a men in his last twenties, looks

Hi everyone, Kirti as well as Ritu are nude with body fully aroused and now I get laid on bed as Kirti leaned his face on my breast and starts squeezing it hard, so he hold it to swallow as his strong body is on my top and I starts digging my nails on his back as Kirti is sucking my soft boobs hard, his long thick penis is hard as it’s on my vagina hitting it’s hole to go inside but I am horny as shouting ” uh oh ah suck suck hard boy aah ” and in the meantime my vagina is getting hotter as it will cum soon but he is a crazy guy as he swallows

Dear friends, Ritu, a 21-22 years hot baby is in Gwalior as after my graduation examination I came here to enjoy some nice time with uncle, aunt and cousin brother Kirti but as our secret affair is blooming like flowers, no one is still suspicious about our relationship but we both are doing it with confidence as well as boldness. So day passes smoothly and in the evening, after we have our tea both brother and sister walked out of home for evening walk as I have put a tracksuit and pant than a sport shoes also, now both walked towards a park as lot of peoples were spending time there but we both are walking fast inside as in

Hello everyone, It’s not an imagination as in real Ritu and Rajan are nude in a room, so he is drinking beer while sitting on sofa with my legs crossed, I am drinking beer as smoking a cigarette like a slut and now Rajan hold my one leg as he made it little wider and now he hold my waist as I put my sexy butts on sofa’s corner and now I put my both legs on sofa with head on back, so giving him ample space to put his face in between my thighs so he can love my vagina and he did so but he drops some beer on my vagina and now starts kissing it’s surface hard

Hi readers, Ritu have shown her love with desires to her lovers as it’s Naman and Rajan but I know that both are just enjoying my sexy body as I have become a slut gal for them but neither my dad knew about my physical affairs with Rajan and Naman, nor they both knew it as I have kept my physical affairs secret from eachother’s and one afternoon as I was in college canteen with my friends having chat while drinking tea, my mobile starts ringing and so I picked up the call ” hi Rajan, how are you ( He ) fine baby have booked two tickets to watch a movie ( Me ) oh I see! Than where

To continue this story: We make love As promised by me, I attended the party Ishita had organized at her home. Many of her friends had turned up. I was the first to reach. She was clearly impressed with my attire, and I with hers. I was dressed in a white T-shirt and a jacket over it, and blue faded jeans. She was dressed in an exquisite black skirt and a top that covered her breasts, fit for a party. I was totally smitten with her beauty. I presented her with a gift and kissed her. We kept kissing, lips on lips. A tumescence had begun forming within the jeans I was wearing, but I controlled because I knew that any

Hi readers, Ritu is fully aroused with her lover Naman as his long and thick penis is in my hand but both put their hands on eachother’s waist as we moved inside washroom, so I sits on toilet seat as I urinates there while Naman is eyeing at my vagina like a hungry wolf and than I thought to put water as soap on it to wash but while holding his penis Naman was urinating and he said…. ” Baby wait for a minute ” so I just put water on my vagina and as he came near me, he hold me in his arms as starts kissing my lips to face while rubbing my Dunlop buttocks, so I just

Hi readers, In a vacate home of Naman’s friend as both are enjoying drink together with my eyes gazing at his strong arms to thighs, his hand is rubbing gently on my thighs and as my hand put lot of pressure on his bulge, he than put his half emptied glass on table and hold me in his arms, so getting crazy I put my glass and sits on his lap with my face straight to him. So my boobs are getting pressed on his chest and Naman starts rubbing my V shaped buttocks as my miniskirt have gone upto waist, it’s nude as I kissed his lips and both in a drunken state starts kissing eachother but soon I

Hello everyone, Ritu is enjoying her life as in last month she have been with four guys / men, first my dad Pritam ( 40 ), lover Naman ( 23 ), staff Nathu ( 24 ) and friend’s brother Rajan ( 24 ) and being a hot gal for them I have enjoyed oral sex session, so my dad fucked first to dig the hole of my tight vagina and than my lover Naman have fucked me but as I love to write my days affairs in a dairy, it’s my dad who have fucked me 11 times while Naman have done it once and one evening, Naman called me as I was also desperate to meet him and I

This was when I was in eleventh standard. I was 16, and very high on hormones. There was a very, very hot girl in my class. Her name was Ishita (name changed). Her complexion was an exquisite blend of caramel and chocolate. Her body was consummately voluptuous and merely looking at her ever created a tumescence between my legs. I had known her for quite long, but we were not really much in contact. I was ever occupied with my gang of male friends, and never had the time for romance. I never even thought of it. But I turned sixteen, and my hormones got the better of me. It was her birthday one day, but she was not dressed

Hello friends, Masturbating cock is pleasurable for guys as fingering of vagina is nice for gals but if both ( gals & guys ) complements eachother on bed, it’s like a heavenly feel as relationship doesn’t matter and in ancient times in Rome blood relation were get married as they have had their sexual relationship also to keep their bloods purify. So what wrong in it if a daughter like Ritu get physical with her dad, it’s a sin as it’s a crime in society’s views but don’t care and now as it’s midnight 01:45, I am nude on bed with my dad and after my breasts got sucked, I am dying for his long thick penis to be fucked,

Hi everyone, Ritu is nude as sitting on dad’s strong thighs with one hand in his neck and he is sucking my lips with his hand rubbing my back, he is a great fucker as 40 years men is satisfying his 21 years old daughter and Ritu have lost her virginity to him but now it’s a secret affair even my mom is unknown of it and than as dad’s mouth have sucked my lips hard, I felt my body getting sensual. So both are just rubbing each other’s back gently and dad’s cock in between his thighs is in erection as I made him sleep on bed, now like a whore gal I just hold his penis and removed

Hello everyone, Ritu have become a romantic season for all four guys /men as my name’s English translation is season ( Ritu in hindi ) as I am not a satisfied gal till now and 21 years of young age have made me so vulnerable that dad and Naman have fucked me as Nathu and Rajan is dying for it but it’s not going to happen soon and after enjoying oral sex session with Vaishali brother Rajan I live a week left untouched from anyone and than one night, my mind starts moving to my dad but I am well frightened due to young brother’s presence here and my brother Raman is a 17-18 years guy with a fair complexion

Hi friends, Ritu have shown her sexy body to her best friend’s brother Rajan as I am on bed while brassier and panty have covered my sexual organs, so Rajan’s bulge looks hard as he slept beside me and put his one hand under my body to turn it as both bodies are in horizontal position and now he starts licking my lips with his tongue, so my boobs are getting pressed on his chest and as I rolled out my tongue, he swallows it fast and starts sucking but Ritu’s sensation is on peak with my nails digging his back. Rajan’s hand is measuring my V shaped buttocks as it’s inside a full panty and here as my eyes

Hi friends, It’s a nice but hot morning and as my hot sexy body with round boobs, V shaped buttocks as well as charming face to reddish lips have put Rajan into my cage, it’s not love from my side but what Rajan is thinking of me! Don’t know and there one morning as I took breakfast to left for my college, I was curious to know his intention as his call can give me chance to seduce him again but physical love is something I want to start soon and as I was moving towards college on an autorickshaw, my mobile starts ringing as I receive the call….. ” Hi Rajan ( He ) Hello, are you in college

Hi readers, Ritu, a young gal is so horny that she have tasted three cocks in a month as I am eyeing for a strong guy and his nice physique, don’t know what will happen if my friends Sheela, Rani and Vaishali will know the truth of my illicit relationship with my dad as well as dad’s office staff Nathu but I don’t know discrimination of rich, caste or religion but that’s for physical affairs only and with my sexy body I can seduce any guy as I am bit arrogant also with my attitude and have a sexy body with charming face to feel proudly. Ritu knows her but it’s a essential part of life to get married and

Hello everyone, I am bit unconscious as glasses of beer have made me feel hot also and after sucking his penis, I walked to bed as I slept there with a white bed cover on my nude body and Rajan walked towards washroom as I know he will start fucking me soon, so my vagina after getting cum is also waiting for his 6-7 inches long and 2 inches thick cock and after a while he came back as bath towel have covered his tool. Ritu smiled at him as he sits near my waist and as he hold the bed cover to make me nude, I hold it to show my resistance but it’s only for me to give

Hi friends, Ritu and Rajan are in a room of a resort as both are nude on bed, so feeling the heat I get laid but my eyes are on his long and thick penis, so a sexy gal of whitesh complexion with a nice figure of 32-26-36 inches is nude and Rajan is a handsome guy as lot of gals get attracted to him, his hand hold my thighs as putting it apart while pushing a pillow under my buttocks and now my reddish vagina is getting horny with his lips sealed on labia, so it’s my pleasure to get his oral love on it and there I put my crossed fingers to widen it’s hole as his long

Hi friends, Readers can’t believe and assume my physical needs as well as hunger but our society is still in a traditional phase as talking to guys as men’s and women’s conversation are seen with suspicious eyes but if you start enjoying physical relationship within your home with your family members than! Nothing to disclose or no need to feel embarrassed but you will feel ashamed of making sex with dad or brother but Ritu, a young sexy gal don’t feel guilty after losing her virginity to dad a month ago and than neighborhood guy cum lover Naman have fucked me also, so I seduced dad’s office’s peon Nathu but Rajan is the last one to get physical with me…

Hello friends, Age of 21 years is all about your desires with ocean waves making high tides in your mind as Ritu have been fucked first by her dad and I am not making hue and cry as I was curious to be with him after watching mom’s fuck and Pritam tall figure with wide chest as well as strong thighs get attractive with his 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick penis. So Ritu is nude on bed in her dad’s arms as I am not feeling ashamed of my illicit affair with him, afterall he also loves physical affair with me and it’s 11:10 am as dad kissed my lips ” baby now have this pill as it

Hi readers, Ritu and her dad Pritam is semi nude as both are sitting on sofa while drinking wine and there my dad get aroused as he starts pressing my breast hard and feeling too horny, I put down the straps of my brassier as it’s near my flat tummy and dad than took it out so I stand infront of him like a hot gal as my one leg is on his thigh and dad starts kissing my thighs to legs as his hand is rubbing my vagina on panty, so what’s its need! As I am in fire and now pulled down my panty also to show him my sexy nude body and he now hold my waist

Hello friends, Ritu is not unknown to her dad’s penis as her lover’s cock was an average one and day after weekend holiday as I put my note books with purse in shoulder to move out of home, dad just asked ” Ritu, going to college ( I turned my face ) sure dad, don’t you trust me ( He ) actually I am going towards your college than I will be back to my office, so I asked you to come with me ( Me ) sure. ” And there I sits on a chair as I have wore a brown colour leggings with a sleeveless kurti and dad was putting his laces of shoes and than mom came

Hi friends, In continuation to previous story as Ritu is nude on car’s seat with both thighs widened and my dad, Pritam is licking my cunt as his tongue is fucking my flexible vagina fast, so my vagina have got fucked twice as it’s little hole became wider and feeling too aroused with sounds ” uh oh ah um ” is making him wild and as dad’s hand hold my breast and starts pressing it hard I am on top of world with my butts going up in air and Pritam than took my fleshy labia in his mouth as he is sucking it… Chewing it like chewing gum, so I am in much sensation as I am crying like

Hello friends, Ritu have had a great fuck session with her lover Naman as getting fucked with my dad for losing virginity was like dream comes true but after it, Naman and Ritu have a great day as my life full of study and boredom gets some romantic fuels as well as physical pleasure, I can’t figure myself to everyone as I have made my curvy figure more slim with exercises and proper diet, so a 5’6 inches tall sexy gal with her small round boobs as well as V shaped buttocks as my smooth thighs with fleshy reddish labia are glittering, you can’t leave neutral with my nude body’s look. Dad, a busy official on Sunday was sitting in

Hello everyone, Ritu is semi nude with her boyfriend Naman as lot of drinks have made me a little slut and now as Naman put his arm in my shoulder, I just kissed his face but it’s my left soft boobs getting pressed on his chest and as Naman hold my hairs and starts kissing my lips, I inches closer to him and things starts changing as our lips get locked as we both are holding eachother in arms. So a 21 years sexy gal got fucked with her dad as I lost my virginity but breaking hymns is not a moment where things will stop but it’s the start of sexual life and going hard with my dad on