SLUT CARIANNE I was out with Carianne in a bar, hopefully getting her wasted enough for her to let me fuck her in my car while people watched from outside. For what felt like forever I had dreamed of finally getting to fuck the girl widely known as a stuck-up whore. She always flirted with me but was always just agonizingly out of reach. She was the sort who enjoyed attention from guys, but as soon as a guy thought he was getting somewhere with her, she would back off. She was the epitome of a cockteaser, although I had heard stories of how often she got laid, so much to say as I thought she could be borderline slut.

I am Anne. In my last story I met Robert at The Club and Bar. He is from Trinidad. His ancestors were from West Africa. They are Mandingo warriors. He works in town. He invited me to his apartment for overnight. He likes to fuck me when I least expect it. Our lovemaking is extremely erotic. He wants to bring other Mandingo men into my life. He works with these guys and shows them our sexual escapades on his camera. On lunch at work my cellphone buzzed me. Linda and I sit outside to have lunch and private discussions. A friend of Robert called me. His name is Simon. He said, “the guys want to have a birthday party for

Linda and I were at The Club and Bar Thursday night for another girls night out. Half price drinks and no cover charge. They have a popular DJ who has everyone off of their seats dancing and jumping to the beat. We came early to get a booth. The music started at 8:45PM and would be bumping for awhile. We danced with the crowd on the dance floor. The lighting and sound were synced together. Linda was invited to a booth with 3 guys. I decided to rest and went back to the booth. I was happy to rest. Within minutes a young Black man stopped by the table. He introduced himself as Robert. I told him, “I am Anne.”

We arrived in Mombasa and travelled to the same hotel we stayed at last year. I had come back here because I wanted to see her with a black man again, although she didn’t know that. For the first few days we stayed in the hotel sunbathing, swimming in the pool and walking along the beach. I told her that tomorrow we would go to the shops, she looked at me but said nothing. We had not been having sex for nearly 3 months, me saying I was tired or going to bed late when she was asleep. She’d been trying to get me to make love to her since arriving here, so I knew she was feeling very horny.

Pia had been born in India where she lived with her mum and dad in a small village but when she was eight years old her parents realised that they could not afford to raise her, and so wanting Pia to have a far better life than what they had had arranged for Pia to live in England with her uncle and aunt who were unable to have children of their own, now at the tender age of sixteen years old Pia was settled in England living with her aunt and uncle. Pia wanted to go back to India to visit the village where she had lived and her mum and dad so she took a part time job working

Sara was a sixteen year old British girl who had a could not careless attitude towards life, there was not much that bothered her, her attitude was if it has already happened you can not undo it. Sara was thought to be a very attractive girl that many boys and some girls wished that they could have se with but not many had been lucky enough to have been able to have sex with her no matter how hard they had tried. It was early afternoon and Sara was doing her favourite pastime of bunking off school, when with out any warning at all there was a flash of lightening followed by a clap of thunder then heavy rain started

Sixteen year old Anjana was a Bengali girl who was now living in England with her Gran and sister Mia who was four years younger than what she was, the girls were walking home early one evening after being at a friends house as they cut through the park Anjana saw Steve who was in her class at school and a very well known thug who most people were scared of, when Anjana saw that Steve had the front of his joggers down and his seven inch hairy dick was on full view as he had a pee her eyes went wide, Anjana smiled at the sight and quickly pointed Steve out to Mia who looked and said ” he

It was a quiet time at the beach. The period after spring break and the summer crowds. The families were gone and the kids back to school. The white sandy beach was wind swept clean of foot prints along the emerald clear waters of the Gulf. The normally white puffy clouds were racing across the blue sky as a humid breeze churned up the waves. In waning dusk, Alison stood staring at the horizon with the grey trees ascending towards aphotic clouds from the looming storm. The humid southerly wind caused her to shiver despite the warm temperatures. George Ikechi was a new resident in the seasonal beach community, but secretly held a very different belief than the general population.

Tina was a sixteen year old Girl who lived in a small English town, many residents of the town did not trust her, she was known to be stroppy and would argue with anybody , she was also known to be a girl who could fight and was good at fighting, many people stayed clear of her thinking it was the best thing and safest thing to do, Tina was walking home late one night after visiting a friend, as she got to her house she saw the lights in the house next door to where she lived were on, a new family had moved into it that day but had not yet put curtains up, Tina had met the

It was the last day of the school term before the summer break began, there were quite a few students who would be finishing their school education and moving on to college so would not be returning after the summer break, there were others who be finishing their education completely they would not go to college instead they would be starting work if they could find themselves a job. Things were very relaxed in the school with very few lessons taking place many of the students were just lulling around the school taking thing easy. Mr Holmes was the school caretaker who knew there would be extra rubbish to clear up at the end of the day a job he

Sixteen year old Tracy lived in a very run down violent area of London, she was well known known in the area and would help people if she could she worked part time in a local paper shop where Mr Khan the sixty year old Indian owner of the shop told everybody that Tracy was his daughter and that she had white skin because she washed to much and had washed her colour off. Tracy was stood in her house after just having a shower her mum was at work her dad away in the army. AS Tracy stood wearing just her dressing gown she could hear the baby from the house next door crying, she knew the mother of

Joel was a boy who had been born and brought up in Nigeria where he was happy but when his mum became to ill to look after him his gran who lived in England took charge of him and brought him to England to live with her, Joel had not been keen to leave Nigeria and his friends behind, after living in England for two years Joel was still missing his home country and often wished that he could go back to Nigeria. Joel was stood in the kitchen of his gran’s house watching Sara who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, Sara was clearing rubbish from the garden with the help of

The mansion stood on the edge of the small town it had been owned by an Indian family but they had put the place up for sale and now it stood empty and boarded up.The place had been empty for six months nobody seemed interested in buying the place Anjana who at sixteen years of age was four years older than her sister Mia they were the daughters of the owner of the mansion and had been sent by their dad to check that the mansion was in good condition, the two girls were in the mansion in the lounge checking things over when they heard a noise and switched their torches off, sixteen year old Steve lived in the

Asif had been born in Bangladesh where he grew up, his parents were wealthy and ran a clothing company, Asif had a very goodlife style but then his parents were charged with corruption and after a long court battle were convicted and sent to prison for a very long time, Asif found that his lifestyle changed and he was living on the poverty line, but then an uncle who lived in London stepped in and brought Asif to live with him in London, Asif soon settled in well and enjoyed his new life in England his uncle was mega rich and owned a house with a swimming pool and sauna which Asif used as often as he could, one day

Asif was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had come to England to study to become a doctor, he was granted permission to study in England and was found accomodation with an English family and was soon well settled and made quite a few friends, Asif quite liked Sara the sixteen year old daughter of his landlady he thought that she was quite cute. Sara was a quiet girl who did very well in her studies and was expected to go to university and become a doctor in science, her sister Kim who was two years younger than what Sara was had joked saying that when she left school she was going to be a dosser. Both girls were

So was a sixteen year old Indian girl who had been given the nick name so by her dad because she would very often say so, so was sat in her dad’s corner shop with her sister bunny who was four years younger than what so was, the two girls were waiting for the repair man to turn up to repair the till. The shop was closed and bunny was sat reading a book about rabbits she loved rabbits which had earned her the nick name of bunny from her dad, So was looking out the window watching the rain as it fell thinking we do not get this much rain back home in India. As she looked out the

Tracy was a well known sixteen year old girl, she was well known for being violent with many people being scared of her and doing their best to avoid her, she did not have many friends, not many people trusted her enough to be friends with her, her own parents had grown not to trust her or argue with her they let her have her own way, Tracy argued with anybody and did not show any respect to many people or help them, The only people that Tracy really gave any help to. Were the homeless and the immigrants. Tracy would often go out taking food and clothes to the homeless, she also did voluntary work at a centre for

The school had been closed early because of the weather forecasters saying there was a very heavy hurricane with wind speeds of over one hundred and fifty miles a hour and very heavy rain, residents of the small English town were advised to take shelter and stay of the streets, Tracy was a sixteen year old girl who never listened to anybody and always thought that she knew best and after ignoring the weather warnings was walking home along the narrow country lane as she walked she could feel the wind blowing quite strongly and could feel it getting stronger all the time, then the rain started to fall, soon Tracy was regretting not having stayed at the school, she

The day centre was in the middle of an English city and catered for immigrants as they waited for their futures to be decided by the government, the centre was open every day from nine in the morning till nine at night, a lot of people who lived near the centre did not like it being there and made trouble for the immigrants, if it was a very cold or very wet night some immigrants were allowed to stay in the centre over night. Sharon was one of the girls who supported the centre and worked as a volunteer for a few hours each day and became well liked by the immigrants, it was a day when it had been

Diya was an Indian girl who was sixteen years of age and not very happy at all, She was living with her uncle in East London because her mum was in hospital, her uncle was giving Diya a lot of hassle making her do all the dirty jobs round the house while her cousins relaxed watching telly, it was now nearly one in the morning and Diya’s uncle had sent her to the family owned paper shop because a delivery that should have arrived ages ago had been delayed because of road closures due to a burst water main, Diya was sat in the shop waiting for the delivery and not knowing how long it would be before it arrived,

Marcus was born in Nigeria but now lived in England with his parents, while he thought England was a good place to live and liked living in the country he thought the weather was not good to much rain for his liking, he lived in a tower block of flats where he made quite a few friends and became well known, there was a racist boy in his class at school who gave him verbal abuse but after a couple of his other class mate had words with the racist he left Marcus alone. Marcus received a free one day pass to the local leisure centre and on the Saturday went along where after spending some time in the gym

When Tina who was sixteen years of age had left for school in the morning she saw the removal van stopping outside the house next door to the one that she lived in with her mum and two sisters, Tina knew that it was a Nigerian family that were moving in but was not bothered that she was now going to be living next door to a black family and carried on to school, When school was finished Tina met her boyfriend in the derelict house at the end of the street where the pair started to snog, Tina’s boyfriend had got Tina’s panties down and off but before the pair could go any further the police burst into the

The docks were a well known place where illegal immigrants tried to sneak into England, the dock was patrolled by the police and the cross border agency who rounded up any immigrants that they fund and took them to deportation centres where they were held. There were also racist gangs that hung around the docks giving verbal abuse and violent abuse to any immigrants that they found, sixteen year old July was a member of one of the gangs and was in the docks looking for her friends. Joel who was two years younger than what July was was a black boy from Ghana he had got separated from his family when they had first got into England, Joel was

Sharon had been in court expecting to be sent to a young offenders centre and was very surprised when the judge had adjourned sentence telling Sharon that if she got a job in two weeks he would not put her in custody he would send her to a young offenders centre for five years. Sharon was sixteen years of age a violent trouble maker who despite being very good looking did not have many friends, There was only two days left of the two weeks and Sharon had been turned down for every job she had tried to get, It was now nine in the morning and Sharon was in the office of Mr Khan the owner of a Bangladesh

My name is Annie you’ve already heard the stories about my mom and my sister I’m 21 years old I have red hair green eyes and B Cup breast Four months after my mom got pregnant by a black man my sister also got pregnant and married a black man my mom is about six months pregnant oh my dad was gun down and robbed and making a night deposit for the store a few weeks later after my dad’s funeral my mom married her black Lover Jamall. Week or so later he hired a new black man to work in the store his name is James he was about 60 years old a really big man really nice man.

Joel sat in the lounge of his home thinking about his past life, he had arrived in England from Uganda when he was five years old, and now at the age of sixty five years he had been here sixty years, his wife had passed away ten years ago, his son was now married with a son of his own, Joel was happy living in London there were racists but he ignored them, Joel looked at his watch and seeing that it was nearly midday knew his home help would be here soon and when she arrived he smiled when he saw it was sixteen year old Sara a local girl who was known to be lippy, as Sara walked

Asif was a sixteen year old Bengali youth living in a small English town, the Bengali community in the town had disowned him and would have nothing to do with because he had been convicted of having sex with an underage girl, the Bengali community would not even speak to him apart from to give him insults . One afternoon he saw his cousin Pia who was two years younger than he was running down the road being chased by her dad, Pia made a mistake and ran up an ally that had no way out, Pia’s dad went after her, after a minute Asif heard Pia shouting no do not do it that fucking pervert Asif is there he

Josh was a sixteen year old boy from Uganda but was now living in London which he did not like doing, in the two years that he had been in London Josh had suffered at the hands of racist bullies as had his sister who was four years younger than what he was, Josh had just been to see his mum in hospital, his mum had fallen down stairs breaking her leg, his sister who had earned the nickname tiger because she loved tigers had already left the ward and Josh was just leaving, as he left the ward he saw Cindy who was the same age as his sister and in her class at school the pair were good

The school bell that singled the end of the day sounded soon there were loads of students rushing for the exits glad that it was Friday and no more school for two days, all that is except for sixteen year old Tracy who was in detention for a hour, Tracy sat in the classroom on her own and after a short time all was quiet, Tracy looked out the window and could see nobody in the grounds even the tutour’s carpark was empty, Tracy lay her head on the desk and waited for some body to come and take detention, When Tracy lifted her head she saw it was dark and realised she must have fell asleep, Tracy checked her

The large shopping centre had been open for three years attracting a large amount of shoppers then one day one of the shops caught fire, the fire quickly spread to three other shops it took the fire brigade fours hours to put the fire out, other shops suffered water and smoke damage but luckily nobody was hurt, the council who owned the building closed the shopping centre down the only person in the centre was a lone security guard who was kept busy keeping looters out. It was a Saturday evening when Joel who was from Nigeria was on duty in the centre at nearly sixty years of age Joel was looking forward to retiring, Joel hated working in the