In The Barn

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Pia was a twelve year old Indian girl who had been in England for just over two weeks, she was an illegal immigrant who had entered the country by boat with her mum and dad as well as ten other Indian immigrants, it had been late at night when they had come ashore just outside of a small coastal town, the beach had looked very quite as the boat had approached it but with in a very short time of getting out of the small boat very powerful lights had come on lighting up the beach, this was followed by shouting and people running towards the immigrants, when the lights had come on Pia did what her parents had taught her to do and very quickly ran, Pia was lucky enough to quickly find a hiding place in some bushes from where she was very disappointed to see most of the immigrants getting caught and taken away in vans, Pia also saw her mum and dad getting caught and put into vans and driven away. For the last couple of weeks Pia had been on her own, she had survived by scrounging money and food when she could, twice she had been chased by the police but had been lucky enough to get away from them. Pia had found a barn just outside of the town where she felt quite safe sleeping in at night, she tried to make contact with other immigrants but had been unable to do so. Pia was in the loft of the barn late one afternoon when the door open and saw a white boy walk into the barn, Pia thought that the boy looked to be about sixteen years of age and watched him as he walked round the barn before sitting on some bales of hay, Pia realised that the boy did not know that she was there and was not worried about him but carried on watching him as he pulled a magazine from his bag and start to look through it then after a few minutes Pia saw the boy put the magazine down on the hay bales stand up and undo his trousers lowering them slightly when they were undone, Pia’s eyes went wide when for the first time in her life she saw a white boy’s dick and it was fully erect, Pia stared at the thick white nine inch hairy erection, when the boy got hold of his dick and started to jerk it Pia smiled broadly and watched as the boy jerked, she saw him getting faster and faster then saw him slow down his knees bend and four spurts of cum shoot out of his dick, Pia watched as the boy wiped his dick then after putting it back in his trousers leave the barn, not long after another boy entered the barn and started to read the magazine, it was not long before Pia saw the boy pull his seven inch erection from his trousers and start to jerk when the boy squirted cum in three spurts Pia thought two white boys wanking off in one day, as the boy left Pia looked through a hole in the wooden wall of the barn and saw the first boy that she had watched jerk talking to two other boys with the second boy she had watched walking towards them when he got there one of the other boys started to walk towards the barn and once inside it was not long before Pia was watching him jerk and thought it is true English boys are wankers.