Sara was a sixteen year old girl who was well feared, she had a violent temper and was often involved in fights which she never lost, her boyfriend Steve had a reputation that was a lot worse that what Sara’s was, both were not trusted nobody would have anything to do with them and stayed well clear of them for fear of being beaten up, It was a very hot day Anjana who was the fourteen year old daughter of the Bengali shop owner was sitting in the local park, Anjana was a bi sexual girl but kept it quiet about being bi sexual she knew if it got out that she was bi sexual the Bengali community would disown

The crime rate in England was the highest it had ever been, many residents were to scared to leave their homes, some residents had turned their homes into a fortress to keep burglars out all over the country the younger population were running rings round the authorities who admitted that they could not cope with crime anymore and that the youngsters were now in control, There was a general election election and a new government were elected who promised to bring in tough new laws to combat crime and bring the youngsters back under control. Two weeks after being in power that they had brought in a new law allowing parents to use any form of punishment at any time

by Wrulf Intercourse didn’t satisfy Rose – a submissive 24-year-old – unless it involved severe humiliation, while the more brutally words assaulted her dignity, the better. Nonetheless, many people thought she was a sweet girl since she had a cute face, black hair, firm, slightly-less-than-medium-sized tits, fine legs and a saucy rump, although they didn’t know she’d started indulging promiscuity at 18. But finding men to copulate with her wasn’t a problem for the white, attractive, dominant and 26-y/o Conrad, who was a member of google group “cunts-for-use” to which the white Tom, Leonard, Artie and Slaytor also belonged. Fortunately, they all lived close to each other, and since Conrad appropriately considered that nature had manufactured to Rose to pleasure

” Your late. ” Baz said sitting on the couch. ” Sorry ” Joan said ” Traffic was a nightmare. Baz stood stepping over to his wife sniffing. ” I smell sex. ” He said. ” Do I smell sex. ” ” No. ” She said. ” SON. ” Baz yelled. ” Yes Dad. ” He said coming from the bathroom to the lounge. ” Your mother here is late home from work and smells of sex. ” Baz said. ” Really ” Dave said smelling her. ” She does smell of sex. ” He said putting his hand on his mothers arse squeezing it. ” Mummy been fucking aye. ” He whispered in her ear as kissed her neck

When I was 15, my father died and my mother wasn’t able to take care of my half sister and me. We went to live with my aunt and my 13year old cousin. Peggy Lou, was just 13 and getting teenage girl smart ass. We used to play together on visits but now she was way too cool for that. Auntie was rather strict to me, but gave the girls some room to run. My sister, Kate, was 17 but very shy. Kate started learning fast from Peggy Lou and the two of them started ganging up on me. My life started getting difficult. But things really got tough for me the day my aunt decided I needed some female

George sat up licking Lawrence’s cum off his lips. Jennifer leant over kissing Georges lips. George still has Lawrence’s cock in hand. ” Yummy.” Jennifer said sitting in her lacy bra and panties. Lawrence seeing her erect nipples through the lace. She reached over to the side table picking up a packet of cigarettes. She pulled one out putting it in her mouth. She lit it and took a drag taking it out crossing her legs blowing smoke to the ceiling. George stood. Lawrence looked down at Jennifer. He would love to fuck her he thought. He thought of his wife at home. ” Lawrence dear boy.” George said kissing Lawrence on the lips sliding his hand to Lawrence’s cock

The day after the bathroom Incident was a holiday, so I decided not to get Tasnova involved for the day. Making it too frequent might break her too soon, and I wanted to have more fun with her, give her some hope before taking it away. I let her rest the day after that as well and told Prianka to play along, pretending that I’m also blackmailing her too. Prianka reported back that she did exactly that and that she made sure to tell Tasnova that if she tried to fight back, I’d destroy her life.  She reported that the bitch ended up crying for hours after that but I didn’t care. She looked down on me, and was now

When our Pa passed on, Liam my elder brother took over, the patriarch. That is how it is in traveller families. Even if they stop travelling,  that is how things are. The new patriarch, Liam, aged just forty, he used his fists just as much as any of Pa’s generation. Might is right. If you don’t do what the family head says, then you get the shit beaten out off you, that is just the way that it is. I thought I’d left that behind. I didn’t marry a traveller girl. Tamsin was from a nice middle class family in Nottingham and I, well, I was working as an insurance consultant. I’d done well at school, got the qualifications, stepped

Next door, whilst the moon shines down full, Andreas is fucking Cheryl my wife. They are relatively discreet this evening, with only heartfelt moans and groans issuing from the master bedroom. Normally the bed head raps staccato on the adjoining wall. We have a guest tonight, Louise my sister. Sis isn’t stupid. She knows that Andreas is the ‘man of the house’. There are hints you see. For one thing wearing his and her identical Rolexes is a bit of a give away. I know that Cheryl works for Andreas, but bonuses of that sort are never so big, nor do they come as presents. Cheryl wears the Rolex, never the watch that I gave her at our wedding. Then

To be fair, the consulting room wasn’t especially clinical. All that stuff had been concluded in the previous two weeks. A nurse had taken blood, there were saliva samples, there was a battery of psychological tests and what Ben assumed was a lie detector test. What ‘Compatibility’ offered was a complete profiling service, on you and on your wife. It was advertised as the best means of ‘managing the fertile years, the fecund decisions.’ Ben, now aged thirty, his wife Rachel aged twenty six, it seemed the practical thing to do. ‘So, ‘ began the crisply businesslike Ms Agnew as she crossed her sinuous legs and surveyed Ben from her extravagantly designed leather chair, ‘it’s time to look at some results Ben.’

I think at first Keith was very depressed about it all. He sulked around the place, was polite but pretty quiet. There weren’t many helpful conversations. I think he was trying to coerce may away from it, just by looking and acting mulish. But the truth of it was that I had been ridden. Not just by one black guy, but by Erroll and his two bros from the club. Erroll had danced with me, casually felt my sex, and made me ache for something completely adulterous. He’d insisted on having my phone number and said that he would pick me up for a date the next Friday night. I’d laughed at fist, saying that Keith wouldn’t stand for that.

There had been rumours. The sort of snide little remarks, titters behind hands, reflections, ‘do you remember that wedding they went to, well…’. Kirsty, my wife, I suspected had enjoyed a little fling. Two years back. Around about that time I was crap company.. I was! Work consumed me and I was usually ‘deadline irritable’. But knowing that she might have done it with someone else, well, it gnawed at me. Suspicions can play on your mind, so I did something pretty dirty. I persuaded our 18 year old daughter Petra, to take a DNA test. Petra is very very beautiful, ultra stylish and very sensual, like her mum I suppose. She is bright too, and will I’m sure go

Thompson scowled, watching his wife Annette dress to go away for the weekend. Her bag lay packed already on the bed, full of sensual undies and alluring jeans and boots. His wife wore boots like no woman Thompson had ever met. Now she was in skin tight leather jeans and cavalier black leather boots that made her look like some kind of hip highway woman. ‘I’m not thick!’ insisted Thompson his lips curling in a momentary sneer that even he didn’t think himself capable of. Annette glanced at him and pointed to to the Chanel Madmoiselle watch on the dresser. It was something that Thompson’s mother had saved up to buy her when they had first married three years ago.

The big school dance was that night. Melissa planned ahead. She came there earlier that afternoon and dropped off her clothes. In a wooded area off the parking lot she placed a short skirt, tights, shoes, a blouse and a spare key to her car. She covered them over with leaves. Even the thought of what she planned excited her and caused her stomach to flutter. Melissa was a senior. She was basically a normal person. She had friends, was an above average student and had had boyfriends (although none now). She had better than average looks. She was thin and pretty. Not one to make the boys stop in their tracks, but cute. She had fantasized many times about

Going before Kate, to report on the abject failings of her cuck Donald terrified me. For one thing I knew what a spiteful young bitch the woman could be. She had so much attitude, so much anger about men and what they hadn’t yet accepted about women! Her black lover (Leon) was pretty short fused too. Whilst he earned a fortune though property, I suspected that he wasn’t above using his fists too. When I’d gone to their Dorset coast home I had been reminded by him that I was to address Kate as ‘Miss’. I was to speak when spoken to and to ensure that I looked down at her pretty boot covered feet when I spoke to her.

Hi, I am Vijay. Age 49. I am a contractor. I have a son named Dipu, age 24. His mother(my wife is dead since Dipu was 5 years old). Since then me and my son are only members of our home. Since then, I also never have sex with any girl. He got a job at Indian army at the age 20. So I was all alone in my home. So I insisted my son to marry a girl. At age of 22, Dipu married a beautiful girl named ‘NEHA’. She was 19. She was so beautiful and looks like an angel. She was in college studying graduation. Her style, walk, smile must make any boy fall in love with

I cannot honestly believe how my adopted mother Sue looks. How do you describe this? Posh, she looks posh. The clothes they are tight, expensive, stylishly cut. The leather skirt, so short, it covers the contours of her buttocks like a skin. She has  perfect pearls about her throat, a choker of lustrous pearls. Her hair is done immaculately, auburn and highlighted. She wears her hair up so that you can see the smooth contours of her throat. She looks the most perfect, aloof, arrogant 45 year old woman that you can imagine! My mother has always ruled the roost. She was the banker of the family, the resource manager. It wasn’t just material things either! Happiness, security, sense of

Mandy Kerrigan knew exactly what lay ahead of her as she entered the office that morning. Figures and more figures to pore over, ad infinitum it seemed. That was her job, her money earner, and it was fairly lucrative. Being an up-market accountant, she was always in demand. What she was less certain of, on this bright summer morning, were the demands that would be made on that secret part of her psyche. That would only become clear when Brad, the permanent manager of this company, who had quickly defined the real requirements of that part of her mind. As usual, her trim figure was clad in what she considered her work clothes. A white blouse which was of the

Continues from part 1 where I tricked Tasnova into having sex and recorded the whole thing and left her in the private room without any of her equipment. As the morning starts, I tell Prianka to leave early and tell her to leave a note for Tasnova in the dorm door saying that she’ll be back later and tell Tasnova to go to the university directly. I left her a tanktop and jeans so to start today’s fun and told Prianka to see if she could find her little cousin who apparently also studies in a school near by. After that I attend class and wait for her, but Tasnova wasn’t showing up in class. It had been 30 minutes already, and

‘There’ said Avril to her younger sister, after she returned from a little fondling and then some fucking with the delicious Anselm. ‘John understands that I fuck with black guys, they are alpha. One day very soon he will be ready to be owned by one of them just like I will be.’ Chloe’s lesson had been first hand. At the party. She had watched how Anselm had noticed Avril, danced with her, kissed her in that languid sensual way, all the time the husband John staring on at proceedings. Avril’s husband had stared, lost, vacant, defeated, as she took the man’s hand and allowed herself to be led up the stairs for some intimate moments. He had just stared,

So this was what ‘slap, slap, slap, slap’ looked like. Smith had heard it often enough. He had heard it from the dark bedroom next door, or else the landing. The resonating sound of flesh on flesh. The sound of Willow his wife getting fucked. Smith had heard it dozens and dozens of times and it had made him want to rip his dick off. There, he remembered the times. Looking down at his dick, a concoction of semi erect flesh and metalwork cage wrapped around his appendage so that it couldn’t possibly straighten in salute as it should. His cock had looked squished into the contraption, and the soreness of that, combined with the rhythmic sound from the other

I once spent about 2 years working in an office that was run by women and had mostly female employees. There were a few men, besides me, working there. None of them were treated particularly well my the female staff. But they seemed to really single me out for the worst treatment. They would boss me around, give me really hard tasks to complete with unreasonably short deadlines, and then berate me if I failed to come through. They would taunt me when they’d see me around the office, and gossip behind my back, sometimes whispering to each other about me as I walked by, so I couldn’t make out what was being said. Eventually it even started getting physical

‘You twat!’ rasped Luke watching my husband Toby masturbating over me. He hit him in the mouth, sharp, a sudden jab. Toby yelped. ‘I told you over her belly, never over her cunt…that’s mine.’ Toby moved position, higher up the bed and returned to his jerking. My husband has a reasonable sized dick. Its not tiny or anything like that. Its not a micro cock and Toby doesn’t have an inferiority complex about the size of his penis. He just knows that I don’t rate him. He’s not masculine, he isn’t successful and he doesn’t do proper bloke things. Luke pushed his heavy headed, club hammer cock back into my sex. He really does have a huge head on his

I’m not fighting it anymore. When Carl shoves his dirty great thick circumcised black dick up Kerry, I simply watch transfixed. Once upon a time that happened privately at our house. Now, well….it can happen anywhere. Tonight we’re at a party and Carl has my wife up against the wall, whilst the music throbs downstairs and others are getting blasted out of their brains. Kerry gives me a look that says that I am to stand guard and keep others from unduly prying, but in truth, I stare at them. Carl pushes up her pleated mini skirt in the most unceremonious of ways, drags the skimpy material of her thong to one side and slots that fucking thing up her.

We’d been at a party at my sister Tanya’s. She is with a black guy called Raphael. Its not simply a boyfriend-girlfriend thing, its the sort of intense infatuation that grips some women. She worships the guy, changing her dress, her looks, her demeanour so as to please her man morning noon and night. Tanya is one happy infatuated, well fucked 23 year old. Around about that time Tanya had realised my predicament. Julie my wife was getting fucked by a load of different black guys. It wasn’t that Julie was a sex addict. She was just completely orientated to the black alpha way. She needed to feel ‘taken’ in that way that black guys provoke. No matter what I

It was so embarrassing! Really! I was upstairs riding on Heinz’s curvy, bulbous headed prong, feeling that thing trigger tingles inside my tummy. Heinz fucks casual and bareback whilst my husband Nicholas is made to wear a sheath. Its a peccadillo thing, something that Heinz insists on. He likes the thought of my husband’s dick in me and yet not in me as it were. As Heinz licks pussy too (and how) he doesn’t want any risk that there is a ‘husband spermy mess up there’. Anyway, Heinz was taking me his casual, almost nonchalant way, my sawn off denim shorts down around my ankles, my pert little bottom pushed back and Heinz gripping my hips whilst he drilled me.

Thompson had never been to the slave market. Who, in their right beta mind would want to? Who would really want to see their mistress and master take on extra slaves, those who in time might supplant you from the boudoir? But mistress had told him firmly that he would come to the market and he would witness the purchase of a new slave. He had refused to be castrated as master had required and so instead he would become part of a growing collection of malleable slaves. Thompson slumped thinking about it. There was no way back from castration. Things could go terribly wrong. But the alternative path, the hireling fair path seemed no better. He pondered the developments

Melissa is just eighteen. You would have to see her to believe just how beautiful she is and to realise just how precious she seems to me. My daughter is perfect, auburn haired and with a fine figure. She has done well at college and is going to the local university next. Melissa came into our lives before my wife Sue became owned and I after her in turn. We kept Melissa well out of all that, but it was obvious I suppose. Marlon came to visit the house whenever he wanted and my demeanour changed. I became well, very accommodating and humble. I asked Melissa what she would like for her 18th birthday and she said as calm as

I suppose the men fought on and off for around three months. Squabbles over me became issues of honour and they squared up to one another. Sometimes the fighting was public when it need not have been. Phil (my husband) tried to equal Magnus and he couldn’t. He wasn’t as big, he wasn’t as strong, he wasn’t as nasty and he didn’t have the moral support to contest matters properly. I mean Phil asked me one night when I started dating Magnus whether this was more than a flirtation, more than ‘some time sex’ and I was honest with him. This was way more than a sexy fuck. I had a deep seated, long standing ache inside for the man.

Some things you hate with a passion. But they’re like a sore that you can’t leave alone. You go back to them again and again. Some things feel woven into your fucking head and no matter how demeaning and humiliating they are, you go back. You always go back. The truck stop on Highway 42 was one of those places. It wasn’t much to look at it was anonymous. A diner, a cheap bunk house place for truckers to rest a head for a couple of hours whilst their tachometer’s eased back some. A fuel stop, nothing more. But Jenny loved the place. She loved it in a cruel and urgent way that went all the way back to the

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