My U16 soccer team had just won the league championship and my mom suggested we have the boys over for a swim party in celebration. There were 14 boys on the team but only 8 were able to attend. Mom is single since my dad left and moved to Europe. Let me describe mom. She is still rather young, having had me at 20 years old. She is 35 now and has the body of a beauty queen! I know from the tags on her bras that she is a perfect 34d cup. From what I can tell, her boobs don’t sag very much. She has nice flaring hips and a firm round ass. I have lusted after her myself

Hi I’m Cindy, and this is a story of the most sexually satisfied day of my life. In my younger years I realized I was very sexually drawn and was horny almost all day, I would wake up and finger myself, I would go to school and I would excuse myself to the bathroom to masturbate, I would get home and watch porn and masturbate until I was satisfied, after a few months I came to the realization that it wasn’t enough anymore. I wanted to be fucked, and not only that. I wanted to get gangbanged. I recalled that within a couple of days there would be a field day at school. I decided that in that day I

Sara was a sixteen year old girl who lived on a farm in the English Country side, the farm was nearly five miles away from the next nearest building, Sara had been been born and brought up on the farm which her mum and dad owned and she loved living on the farm she had got to know all about farm work and had earned the nick name of farm girl from her friends, Sara’s mum and dad had gone away for a few days leaving Sara to run the farm which she was quite capable of doing, Sara was out in the field on the tractor repairing any broken fences, the weather had been boiling hot the last few

Tina was not very happy, it was a Saturday evening one of her friends was holding a party which she had been looking forward to going to ever since she got the invite to the party three weeks ago, her mum had told Tina that she could go to the party but then a few days before the party Tina’s mum had told her that she could no longer go to the party instead she was to go to the grand opening of a new sauna with her, despite her protests and reasons why she should not go to the sauna opening Tina found herself in the queue with her mum outside the sauna hoping that there would be a

As the cooler November weather rolled into their mid-sized town, Lisa and Tom Swanson settled into an easy routine of nightly dinners, occasional nights out, and regular, great sex fueled by revisiting their mutual sexual extramarital adventures and sharing new fantasies. While Lisa felt bad that she had more to share than Tom’s brief encounter with a stripper, Tom assured her he felt comfortable and, while he would take advantage of any possible opportunity, he didn’t have any immediate designs. She had even suggested they join a swinger’s club and Tom thought that might be an intriguing proposition. One particularly chilly Saturday morning found Lisa taking out a pair of filets for dinner and checking her to-do list on the

Sharon was walking home from school knowing that her parents were away from home visiting her gran for the weekend so she would be on her own which suited her fine, she planned to get some cans of drink from the corner shop then invite some friends round to her house to celebrate her birthday, as she walked Sharon thought I am sixteen today I might not be able to get the booze but I will try and with Asif being in my class at school his dad might let me have a few cans of cider, Sharon walked into the shop where she saw Asif serving behind the counter, after asking Asif if she could have some cans of

Karen is a 25 year old new teacher. In the area she lives in the only job available was in an inner city high school. Her family was concerned that she would be in danger because of her youth and beauty. She was a blond with 36d boobs and a trim waist and nice flaming hips and a perfect ass. Karen assured them that she could handle high school boys. The start of school was approaching and Karen was at the school preparing her classroom. She was excited about getting started in her career. Just then the principle came in and said he wanted to have a talk with her. “I want to make sure you are prepared for what

It was a hot day, many residents of the small English country town were finding the weather to hot to cope with and were sat in the shade keeping cool and relaxing, other residents were going about their normal daily routines with out any bother, sixteen year old Kelly was bunking off school and hanging around in the derelict railway station where she was hoping to meet Steve her boyfriend, as was normal during the day there was nobody at the old station when Kelly had got there, Kelly knew that in the evening a few of her school mates would hang out there. As Kelly sat in the shade drinking cheap cider she saw Mark who was a year

Sara had been a very well respected sixteen year old girl who was doing very well in school, it had been said by her teachers that she had a very high level of intelligence and would have no problems in getting into university and get a doctorship and do very well with who ever employed her in the future, Sara was friendly and polite with all her neighbours and was always willing to help them if she could. One school summer holiday Sara and her family went to Africa for their annual holiday spending the whole of the six weeks in Africa, on their return from the holiday the family were not seen for a couple of days but nobody

Hello friends, It’s a nice family trip to Goa as both mom and daughter’s are getting fucked, seems to be in physical love more than a picnic spot as now dad slept on bed with his legs straight and Ritu now sits on his penis, don’t be anxious as cock is straight to my glory hole with my thighs stretched and now dad hold my waist as I am a well balanced figure on his cock, soon I hold his penis as pushes it hard in my vagina, it’s hot and now mom have hold a glass as she is drinking wine, now my vagina got a hard stuck as I cried louder ” oh yes it’s terrible will get

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Hello readers, Ritu as well as her dad, mom and younger brother left for a holiday trip to Goa as let me introduce them, my dad Kirit ( 45 years ), mom Sneha ( 40 years ), younger brother Ankit ( 18 years ) as myself Ritu ( 22 years ) left to Patna airport as we have to board a flight to Mumbai and from there we have to go Goa in a cab as it’s near about 275-300km from Mumbai but as we all will reach Mumbai at 07:30 pm, we will stay in a hotel as will move to Goa next morning. We family members boards on flight as reached Mumbai airport at 07:30 pm but getting

Jane was the sixteen year old daughter of the man who owned a lot of property in the small English town which included the DVD rental shop which was rented by an Indian family, the family were having problems with the book keeping due to their accountant being off work ill, Jane’s dad who was very well respected in the town because of his understanding and willingnes to help had asked Jane if she would go to the shop and sort the accounts out, Jane had agreed to do this and was now entering the shop on her way home from school, Amoli who was a school classmate of Jane was one of the sons of the man who rented

To begin The Amateur Hour on an early-September, Friday night at The Sparkling Diamond Club, the announcer said, ‘Gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce Carol, The Brazen Hussy.’ After a short pause, the long-brown-haired 36-year-old appeared on-stage. She was wearing a -top, high-heeled shoes and a brief skirt. While the male audience clapped, a lewd crossed her pretty face as she teasingly slid her top over her head and exposed her massive, but firm udders. ‘Christ almighty!’ exclaimed the white, 19-y/o Philip. ‘With such huge jugs, guys in Scotland would call her a ‘dirty cow!’ said Toby, his also-white -and -19-y/o friend. He’d scarcely mentioned that when the Third Polevstian Dance from the opera, ‘Prince Igor’, started thundering through the

Wife and I have been married for about five by this time. We both have had a long hard week with work and even some remolding. The week end rolled around and we decided to invited a couple that we have known for about a year. Susan and Tom, we met them at a small get together at hew years eve party my job had thrown. We hit off right away and became friends pretty quickly. Susan is much like my wife about five foot dive and nice curves in all the right places. Tom is nothing like me he is built like a brick shit house. He works out every day and have invited ma a few times but

The small amateur boxing club had been in running for eight years. It was liked and well used, it trained teenagers the skills of boxing and over the years had produced some champion boxers include four who represent Great Britain in the Olympics winning gold and silver medals, there were also two lads who turned pro with one of the becoming a world champion, local residents of the club gave it full support, then a rumour went round that the local council were selling the club because it was to expensive to keep open but the council would not give any details of the sale, There was uproar over the threatened closure and one evening a group of the club

Tina was the chief bridesmaid at her sisters wedding and performed her duties much better than people thought she would, many people thought that at just eighteen years of age Tina’s sister Mary was to young to get married and that her sixteen year old sister would be no good as chief bridesmaid and were surprised at how well she coped with her cousin Amy who was four years younger than Tina and also a bridesmaid, the bestman had been sixteen year old Martin a classmate of Tina’s nineteen year old Paul had been the groom, the wedding was nickname the play school gang, during the reception which was held in a big posh hotel Tina and her sister along

It had twelve months to plan the musical festival that was going to take place over the course of five days in a large field outside of a small country village, many of the residents of the village had tried to prevent the musical festival from going ahead but had failed, residents from the village were now using some of the local youngsters to spy on the festival in the hope of getting evidence of illegal activities that they could give to the police and get the place closed down, sixteen year old Amoli an Indian boy was one of the spies and was in the field where the festival was being held watching as youngsters turned up for the