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The large paint factory had stood on the edge of the small town for many years with out there being any problems for the residents of the town but then in the early hours of the morning and with out any warning at all the town was rocked by a big explosion that woke many of the residents from their sleep, Twelve year old Kelly had two of her class mates staying for a sleep over, Kelly’s sixteen year old brother Mark was woken by the explosion, Mark always slept naked, he got out of bed and went to the window his seven inch erection on show his bedroom door was open, Kelly and her two friends had left Kelly’s room and were in the hall way the girls all smiled when they saw Mark naked with his erection on view, all over town residents were looking out their windows at the huge bloom of smoke drifting from the pant factory towards the town, the emergency services were soon racing towards the factory then after twenty minutes residents were being evacuated from their homes and sent to a big sports centre, after a hour the sports centre was full of residents many who were still in their night clothes sleeping on the floor or trying to find some to sleep, Kelly’s mate Sara was watching Mark hoping to see his dick again, Mark had gone onto the deserted roof of the sports centre and not realising that Sara was watching lowered the front of joggers he had quickly pulled on before leaving home, Sara watched in awe as Mark started to jerk his dick, then after a short time Sara pulled the front of her night dress up and started to rub her love rub, fourteen year old Asif who had gone onto the roof after Sara thought cool when he saw Sara’s love tube and was now watching as she masturbated, when Mark squirted cum in three spurts Sara thought nice and soon after gushed which Asif thought was worth being evacuated for, Down in the main part of the centre apart from people snoring as they slept it was quiet. Danny a sixteen year old trouble maker had decided to have a shower and was stood under the shower not realising that he could be seen through a small open window, the four Bengali girls who were all six years younger than Danny were watching as the naked white boy soaped his muscular body and were liking the sight of his seven inch dick as it swayed around, and when Danny’s dick grew to a nine inch erection the girls liked it even more then when Danny started to jerk his dick the girls could hardly believe what they were seeing and watched with great interest, Danny stood under the shower jerking totally unaware that the girls were watching him or that fifteen year Colin a gay boy who he hated and had beaten up was also watching him from the shower room control office when Danny squirted cum in four spurts Colin had thought very nice, the Bengali girls all giggled, Danny dried and dressed still unaware of his audience who had liked the free show, it took two days for the fire at the paint factory to be fully put out and three more days before residents were allowed to return to their homes with many residents very happy at what they had seen while staying at the sports centre and they were hoping that they would be evacuated from their homes again and very soon.