Decades ago over thirty years ago I snuck into my sister’s room for a peek. It would lead to a sexual pleasure relationship we enjoyed for a couple years. We never had penetration of my penis inside her vagina but close to it. We had unprotected anal sex and I entered her butt raw with no lube except for my preejaculation. I talked about these exploits in other stories. Here I want to concentrate on her feet. My sister was a petite sized person and at that time frame average weight. She was a few years younger but she was interested in sexual exploration and we indulged in our needs and desires. I first saw her vagina when I slithered

My step sister is 4 years younger than me and with a body of a godess and one of the most, if not the most perfect feet I have ever seen, she always plays a role in my many feet fantasies. As it turned out, her feet craved attention as well and I was her target. We were on the couch. She was wearing a long black t-shirt that covered her tight ass and white ankle socks. We watched the TV as she suddenly layed down and put her legs in my lap. I’ve never seen her feet so upclose. She has a big arche and slender feet, the kind that go well with her long slender legs. I put

This occurred over thirty years ago. I was 15/16 and my sister was 10/11. It progressed from years before when my black buddy touched/lightly fingered her vagina when she was 4/5 and we both were 9/10. This progressed to me sneaking into her room for a peek. Gradually it led to more sexual pleasure including anal sex and a foot job. This night she told me she wanted me to join her in her bed and to come naked. After every one went to bed I slithered my way into her room way past midnight and slid into her bed where she was waiting wearing only panties. We got to work and rarely spoke but if we did it was

Kevin called her to his office at 3 pm. He sat on his couch. His arm up across the back of it. A chair in front of him. ” Sit baby. ” He said tapping the chair. Bianca sat in his office chair in front of him. Her thighs together somehow she still needed to be modest. He reached down lifting her foot putting it in his lap. He ran his hands up the front of her calf muscles to her knee. She was expecting hos hand to go up her skirt and poke her pussy. He kept rubbing her lower legs. Rub over her 4 inch white heels. He started kissing her high heel. He put the tip in

It was decades ago, but I’ll remember it like it was yesterday. We had just finished our night of heated foreplay. I was exhausted. I had spent the last hour sucking, kissing, fingering, and kissing the most beautiful vagina I have laid my eyes on. I needed to rest after a long night in heaven. Anyway that is when the story started. I was lying on the bed with my shirt off. My shorts and underwear were on. I was about to go to sleep when (name changed) Lisa wanted to continue where we left off. She tugged at my hand so I could feel her hairy vagina. I was exhausted. Well, that did not stop Lisa. She then slid

“Hey Lari, we’ve all been wondering why you never wear your shoes home.” Lari said, “Hey Sandi, it’s because I don’t like wearing them when I’m walking outside in public.” “So you just go walking around outside in your bare feet all of the time?” “Yes. I love it! The bottom of my feet get so dirty all the time! The bare soles of my feet get so dirty that they are completely totally black from dirt! Sandi thought that in California it’s warm enough so that Lari never has to wear shoes anymore and she can walk around outside in public all day just in her bare feet. Sandi thought.” Lari Bender doesn’t like to wear shoes outside so

My uncle recently got married and his new wife is beautiful and her feet are just as beautiful. The wedding was great, she was wearing some amazing looking high heels and I was staring at her feet for most of the night. She is a size 4, has very nice soles and her feet are always well looked after. I remember one occasion when she was hosting a family dinner, she invited us round early to help prepare the food etc. She asked me if I would help her set the table which I agreed and we got chatting about general stuff, she looked tired because she had been getting things ready for the past few hours and she joked

I have already posted a few stories about the fun I have had with my wife’s mum’s shoes and slippers etc but her feet look and smell so good I decided to share another true story with you. Her mum regularly works long hours and is always on her feet so I guess that’s why her shoes smell so good and why I love her feet so much! I found myself at her house alone one day and headed straight to where she leaves her shoes and found a pair of suade flats that I have constantly seen her wearing but never had a chance to get my hands on them. I knew I had a few hours before they come

What an amazing night this was! Most weekends I stay over at my friend’s house and we have a few drinks, some dinner etc. He’s step mum is in her 40s she has quite small feet with very wrinkly soles and they just look like they would smell awesome. She makes me so horny and she is always wearing slippers, dangling them and just generally moving her feet, always! This particular night me and my friend had a few drinks and as it was getting late he went off to bed and I stayed watching tv in the living room. I was really aroused at the time as he’s step mum had been walking around the house bare foot the

I have always found myself staring at my wife’s older sister’s feet. They always look freshly pedicured and well looked after. She often wears flip flops and I really don’t know how I haven’t been caught staring at them, they look so good and she has very nice soles and arches. I’ve always wondered what they actually smell like. One day me and my wife were at her sister’s for dinner. Them two was in the kitchen and I was alone in the front room. I noticed a pair of her flats on the floor next to the chair I was sitting on and my heart started to race immediately. I picked up one of the shoes and was instantly

Last week, the best thing in my life happened. So, I was and still am at my friend’s place for holidays, I wrote a story about what happened with me and her mom during the day. Then, during the night, I was horny, so I left the guess room and its been a while since I realised how beautiful my friends sister was. She is the most fit, curvy and beautiful blonde ever. I am 14 and she is 22. Her feet are perfect and her toes were in white. So, I sneaked into her room. It was dark inside but I could identify where she was. Since I had a big foot fetish, I went to her feet and

True story! My wife’s has a lot of friends and some of them really do have nice feet. One friend in particular has perfect feet, you know the type you just know would smell good! One evening my wife and her went out for dinner and as I want feeling up to it I was asked if I wanted to stay at the friends house and wait for them to return. I happily took them up on the offer. They shortly left and I sat down on the sofa. I could see a pair of flats sitting on the front room floor so I decided to go and have have a sniff of them and see what they smelt like.

Hey guys my name is Brad and I’m 18 years old. So, at the time of this story I was younger. I had a big foot fetish since I was a kid. So, I was spending the holidays at my friend’s place. We were really close friends. I’m his family there was his mom, dad and elder sister. One day, he was gone with his dad for some shopping and sister was out with her friends. So, I was alone with his mom at his place. I was on my phone watching some videos on youtube when suddenly I started feeling horny. So, I started watching some porn but that was not enough for me. I was walking around the

True story. I visited my wife’s mum’s house again and went to the toilet. My wife was downstairs with her mum and her sister who’s 21. I have frequently wanked to her mum’s smelly shoes and whilst in the toilet saw the laundry bin that’s kept in that bathroom. I quietly opened the lid of and saw bundles of dirty laundry. I straight away went for a pair of socks that I know are my wife’s mum’s. I started to smell them but realised I’ve been in the bathroom a while so I left. I returned a few days later and I was alone in the house. I went straight to the laundry bin and looked for the socks but

I have been with my wife for some time now and she is aware I have a foot fetish and I often have fun with her feet. I regularly visit her mother’s house with her for dinner and things. Her mum is in her late 40s and has amazing looking feet and I always find myself staring at them when she’s around. On one occasion we were there, my wife and her mum went off upstairs to watch tv. Her mum had not long got in from work and her shoes were left by the stairs. I couldn’t help but wonder what the shoes would smell like so I went in for the kill and took a quick sniff of

I had recently strained my ankle climbing the stairs and I decided to visit the doctor before it turned nasty. After resting my sore feet for the night, I left for the clinic to meet a bone specialist who fortunately stayed near my house. I was lucky to have had the first appointment in the morning! After a short drive, I reached the clinic. It had just been opened and there were no patients yet. I blessed my luck and walked in. The doctor was a man in his late 60’s and was stocky. He had a smile always on his face and that put me at ease. Seeing me enter with great difficulty, he came to my aid quickly.

The summer had been a hot one. Every day dawned with blue skies and sunshine. And while I spent most of it cooped up inside the office, during my lunch breaks and days off, I took advantage of the hot weather to indulge in a favourite pastime- foot perving on sunbathing girls in the local park. Summer is a foot fetishists prime season, as the women in town stroll in open toe shoes and relax barefoot in the cities parks and plazas. Armed with a hidden camera app on my phone, I spent a large portion of the summer sunbathing in the same park and snapping candid pictures of numerous girl’s barefeet as they relaxed and sunbathed.. But one day

This story happened one night last summer. As we had broken up from University for summer break and we had a trip to England planned (where I come from), I was in jovial spirits and was invited for a night out with my girlfriend, Jennifer and some of her friends. We went to one of the bars in our upstate NY college town where we met some of her friends, including Sarah, one of my Jennifer’s classmates. I had only seen Sarah a couple of times and never really spoke to her as she came across as a bit standoffish and not particularly friendly. I couldn’t describe it, she just gave off a bad vibe. Jennifer had even said that

My name is Brad, I am 16 and I have a really sexy cousin sister. She is 19. The best to describe her is that she resembles the pornstar Lana Rhoades. Her name is Caroline. So, she’s got really nice curves. So, one day, our family organised a dinner together. We were all sitting at a huge table eating in the backyard of my house. I was sitting the opposite side of the table facing Caroline. After we all finished our food, we were having some dessert. Suddenly, I felt something slightly touching my legs. I looked under the table and saw that it was Caroline’s naked feet. I got a slight erection and I was shocked. My sexy cousin

My name is Brad and I am 18. I have a really sexy cousin sister. She is really slim with great curves. Her name is Caroline, she has the nicest ass and boobs. She lives a few metres next to my house. When this story took place I was 16 and my cousin was 19. I used to go to her house to chill a little bit. We were really close, she had a good sense of humour always throwing some jokes and laughing around. She would often touch me in my arms and shoulder when laughing but she had no real sexual tension towards me contrary to me. I would often use jokes as an occasion to touch her

So I went to my cousin Kaylee’s house as I do every other weekend. Just a little insight on our relationship I fuck her all the time and I love to worship her feet and receive footjobs. We have never been caught until this story… So it was one of the weekends where I go to her house and when we had some private time I told her I didn’t have any condoms so it would have to be what we call a feet weekend. She was alright with it. The only reason why we never got caught is because her room and the guest room were upstairs and her parent’s room was downstairs. We would wait until late at

So I live in a house me and my sister are renting with other people living here. There is this one girl that has the most beautiful feet. Lets just call her Sarah. Whenever she goes barefoot around the house I cant help but to take a few glances I even snuck a video once. This is where my fantasy begins. It was me and Sarah home alone, I was sitting on the couch in the living room when Sarah comes up and sits on the other end of the couch barefoot and chris cross. I got a slight erection. She then sparks up and asks if I wanted to play truth or dare. I said sure and turn to

Chapter One It was a grey, cloudy Tuesday morning. A typical morning in London during its bleak, chilling winter. George Styleson’s heavy footsteps echoed along the quiet corridor. He shivered as the chilling cold penetrated his thick winter coat and he breathed out a puff of icy air. ’Got to get that damn heating back on,’ he thought to himself. He stopped outside the oak door with the number 9 sticking to the glass panel. He breathed in … and out; mentally preparing himself for the day ahead. It would be as normal a day as any as far as he could tell – but when you’re 55 with health problems and a whore of a wife who could be

If enough people like this, I’ll write more… Oh yes, that’s it slave. You are so low that you can’t even lick my ass. MMM yes! Lick those dirty feet Kenji continued to lick her feet, knowing that she loved having her feet licked more than anything else. Having been forced, in the past, to stand and watch as the Prince fucked the princess in every hole. Never once hearing the princess moan like she did when he was ’forced’ to lick her feet. After 15 minutes of her moaning loudly she regained her composure and bellowed out a new order. You may fuck the royal feet now, you worthless slave Princess Veronica said in a manner that tried to

I had just turned eighteen and looking for my first real job… I saw an advert for careers in a retirement home… the pay looked way above average so I decided to give it a go never expecting to get an interview as I had no experience in this field…. so I was surprised when a few days later I was offered an interview in just over a week. The interview went well but it all turned a bit strange towards the end…. some strange questions… do you have a boyfriend?…. are you on any birth control?… I answered no to both… would you mind seeing our doctor?…. again I answered no I wouldn’t mind seeing him… so they told

I was 18 when I got this lust in myself. It started when I was at my friends house. My friends mom with big 36d boobs and huge bulky ass and stanning milf face. I never had thought for her. We ere playing ps while her mom was taking bath in her room. After an hour. My friend went to lawn to get something while I was wondering in his house. Miss Benz (friend’s mom) was in kitchen, so I went to her room. I saw used panties on bathroom floor. I had never been smelled or sniffed any panties before. I was a virgin so I was not knowing smell of a hot lusty women smell. I took it

Hair fetishism or partialism and Trichoplilla is a hair fetish which is sexually or erotically arousing, for the seeing touching or playing with mainly head hair but also chest, armpit hair. She said goodbye to her senior stylist. It was 5.23pm. She closed the salon door after a busy day. She stood looking in the big mirror. She turned her head to the side running her fingers through her long hair. She had owned the salon for ten years at the age of 34. She started hairdressing at 15 dropping out of school. Boys were a distraction. She lost her virginity at 14. She worked her way up the ladder. Saved to buy her salon at 24. She did have

This happened more than 10 years ago when I was married to Diane, my ex-wife. These events occurred because I found out my wife was cheating on me and, even worse from my point of view she mislead me and lied to me about our plans to start a family. As is fairly common in these cases, I was the last one to find out what was going on. One of Diane’s girl friends eventually confided in her husband and her husband told a friend of mine and my friend told me. However, before anyone feels pity or sorrow for me, I can tell you I was very soon recovered and completely happy and contented with the way things eventually

NOTE: This story was written by a virgin who has never been with a girl. It’s 100% fictional but the character of Mo in spirit is similar to me, the author. I’m actually 28 years old and mentally healthy, so don’t let the dark ending worry you. On that note, the ending is rather dark and weird and so I am having this MENTAL HEALTH DISCLAIMER. Don’t read if you feel something that affects mental health might bother you. Part 1: Intro ——————————————————— ‘Sorry, Mo, I fell asleep last night,’ said Kenzie. ‘Ah, ok, no worries Kenzie!’ replied Moawiya, called Mo by all, hiding his disappointment before saying, ‘Do you want me to carry that stuff to your room?’ ‘Sure,

NOTE: this story is in four parts. Part 1: Heritage is about Mahomet reminiscing on his sexual growth as a teen in the past, and Part 2: Experience is about an incident that happens in the present, as is Part 3: Paper Towels. Part 4: Horizon is after I finished jerking off and was written while clear-headed and sober! I’m a 29 year old virgin myself, with a 3.5 inch dick and into SPH, JOI, CFNM, and femdom. Never had a girlfriend. ——————————————————— Part 1: Heritage Mahomet was a 21 year old Pakistani student living in the States. Unlike most other men of his age, he was fat, not very good-looking, and a virgin. His virginity and lack of confidence

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