Steve was a sixteen year lad who was not liked by many people, he was well known for having a very violent nature to him and this caused many people to be very scared of him, they stayed out of his way as best as they could, people who saw Steve walking along the road towards them would cross to the other side of the road to avoid him then cross back once he had passed by. A new boy in the town where Steve lived cracked a joke about Steve’s shaved head, Steve had not lot liked the joke and beat the boy up badly, Steve was arrested and taken to court where he was sentenced to nine months

Seychelles summers are really hot, they are extremely sweaty due to high humidex, really, damn sweaty. It was a Wednesday afternoon in the first week of June, and it was about a hundred and eighteen degrees out. All annual examinations in the school were over and schools were to open in late August. So the sports teacher was preparing the senior school teams for upcoming sports events. Every afternoon at two-thirty all the school sports teams practice under the hot sun. I was a starter on the girl’s team, and my school was the best from Mahe, mainly because the teachers and we students worked so very hard every day in practice. The coach always made us work and exert.

Mo was sat at home enjoying a day off from work knowing that soon he would be finishing work for good, he planned to return to his home country of Bangladesh when he retired to visit his brother and sister, Mo had left his travel plans in the caretakers office when he had finished work the previous evening but he had asked Mia to collect then for him when she was at school, Mo knew that Mia would collect the documents and save him a job. Mia was just starting to go down the stairs that would take her to the caretakers office, as she was half way down the stairs Mia heard the sound of water running and realised

Sara had been sent to the rehabilitation centre by the courts as a very last chance to sort her life out, she had been warned that if she appeared in court again she would be sent to a young offenders centre. Sara sat in the back of the car taking her to the centre which was on the outskirts of the town where she lived. Sitting beside in the car was Steve who at sixteen years of age was three years older than what Sara was, Steve and Sara were both out of control with both having bad reputations for their tempers, after arriving at the centre Sara was shown to a room which was to be her bedroom for

At seventeen years of age Colin was not very well liked or trusted, he was a flasher, he lived in a small English town with his gran, his mum and dad had thrown him out of home when he was sixteen years old and had been living with his gran for just over a year, he was bi sexual and flashed at both boys and girls, he had found that living with his gran was good because he did not get so much trouble from people, he thought this was because they did not want to upset his gran who was ninety three years of age. It was a Saturday afternoon and as was normal on a Saturday his gran

Anjana was a sixteen year old Indian girl who lived in England with her nan, her mum had become to ill to look after Anjana and so had sent her to live with her nan in the small English village. Anjana did not like living in England and after dreamed of being back in her home country of India where there was no racism and in the small village where she had lived everybody was more friendly than what they were in England plus all her friends were there, in England she hardly knew anybody who were the same age as what she was. Anjana was stood at the bus stop on the edge of the village where she lived,

Tina was the daughter of the richest man in England, she lived with her parents in a twelve bedroom house on the edge of a small English town where she was well known and well liked, Tina was known to help anybody if she could. It was two days after Tina’s sixteenth birthday her parents had gone abroad on a business trip leaving Tina on her own, as was normal when they went away for long periods of time Tina’s parents had given all the staff time off, so Tina was in the house on her own which she did not mind at all and thought that it was cool because she could have more friends round to stay. Guy

Asif had been living with his gran in the East End of London for two years he would like to go back and live in his home country of Indian where all his mates were, Asif was not keen on living in London because there was a lot of racism and bullying, His gran had been taken ill and admitted to hospital so the English lady who lived in the house next door to where he lived had offered to take care of him untill his gran returned home from hospital. Asif was waiting on the door step of his neighbours, the eldest daughter Dawn who was two years older than what he was arrived home from school and let

Steve was a well feared thug, at just sixteen years of age he had been to youth custody centres twice, he did not have many friends because not many people liked him or trusted him, the police would only stop him if there were at least two officers there, shop owners knew that he was shop lifting but were to scared of him to challenge him one said ” I would rather lose stock than my teeth ” Steve showed no respect for anybody and did as he pleased. A few girls in the town where he lived thought that he was hunky and had wet dreams about him. Steve had been swimming at the local pool and was getting

Martin was sitting in the deserted railway station, he knew that at that time of night very few people used the station, Martin looked at his watch and saw from the time showing it was just over a hour before his train was due, Martin was a well known peeping tom who did not have many friends and tried to keep out out of peoples way. As he sat in the waiting room he saw Linda and her boyfriend Mark approaching, Martin knew that at sixteen years of age the pair were two years older than what he was, as they got near the waiting room Martin heard Mark say to Linday ” you are going to get a real

Simon had been suspended from school because he had been caught trying to look into the girls changing room, no girls had been in there so he had seen nothing and thought it was unfair that he had been suspended, he was now sitting at home being looked after by Tracy who lived in the house next door to him while his parents went to see his sick granddad, Colin knew that they would be away for a few days. Colin looked at Tracy who at sixteen was four years older than what he was and wished that he could have seen her in the showers, he thought that with her blonde hair she was a real cute girl and

Stan was the most hated boy at the school that he attended and in the small town where he had lived all his life, at just sixteen years of age Stan had been in trouble with the police quite a lot, he had spent twelve months in a youth custody centre, he was a flasher, who had been beaten up a few times and had spent time in hospital after being beaten up for flashing but he carried on flashing, some people said that he had mental health issues and felt sorry for him, most people in the town where he lived he lived would have nothing to do with him. It was late one evening when Stan went out

The big derelict factory was a well known place where the homeless and illegal immigrants had made home, the police did not go in the old factory unless there was any trouble, the immigration officers kept a eye on the place from a distance but they never went in the building, there were two local churches and and charity organisations who went into the old factory taking food blankets and clothes to those inside, there were also people who lived local to the former factory who went inside it to help those that were living inside, people leaving the night clubs and pubs would also take food into the factory. One evening twelve year old Asif who was an illegal

At just sixteen years of age Steve was a champion rally car driver, he had been racing cars since he was twelve years old mainly on private property or roads that had been closed for a race event, he had won many races and had many cups as well as other trophies, he was sponsored by a very wealthy Indian family who liked him they called him white lightening because they said that he was very fast just like lightening was. Steve was about to take part in a cross country rally and Mr Khan his sponsor had booked him into a hotel, Steve was in his hotel room which he thought was very posh and would do him for

Twelve year old Mark was stood watching the junior football match, he knew it was the last match of the season and who ever won this game would be the girls league champions, Mark was loving it watching as the mainly sixteen year old girls ran around on the football pitch watching as their boobs bounced around inside their football jumpers. Mark walked away from the pitch and headed to the changing rooms hoping to find something worth stealing in the girls pockets and bags, as he approached the changing rooms Mark heard a commotion coming from the pitch turned and saw the girl were having a fight, he carried on into the changing rooms and was checking through bags

Mark was a young boy who lived on a very rough and rundown council housing estate in the East End of London, his dad worked abroad a lot and was hardly ever home, and by the time Mark got home from school his mum was just leaving for her night shift at the local factory so Mark spent a lot of time on his own. Mark had made a few enemies because he was a peeping tom and had been caught once or twice. Mark was just arriving home from school one day as he did he passed his mum as she left for work, his mum was talking to Mandy who at sixteen years of age was three years

Sixteen year old Steve was well known in the town where he lived, he was the captain of the school football team and played in a band, then when news broke that plain clothes police officers had caught him flashing nobody believed it and thought that Steve was being set up, but when he appeared in court and pleaded guilty residents of the town were taken by total surprise, Steve was put on probation and given a strict warning that if he was caught again he would be sent to a youth custody centre. The band Steve had been playing in dropped him from the band he was also dropped from the school football team. Steve’s girlfriend Helen who was

It was mid summer the weather was very hot, many residents of the town were finding it to hot and finding it unbearable, many were wearing as little clothing as possible hopping that they would stay cool and that they would be decent at the same time, the weather had been very hot for a few weeks causing a water shortage, the tar on many of the roads had started to melt which caused the roads to be closed which meant that deliveries of much needed food was in short supply, residents were doing their best to stay in the shade, the Indian community of the town did not know what all the fuss was about back in their home

It had been a very hot day with a lot of people finding that the heat was to much bear, the local swimming pool of the English town had become crowded with a maximum time of being allowed in the swimming pool being put into place to allow more people to be able to have a swim. The local park was packed with people trying to get a tan. Twelve year old Asif did not know what all the fuss was about he knew that in his home country of Bangladesh it often got a lot hotter than what it was here in London, he was on the balcony of the flat where he lived with his parents, the flat

Twelve year old Anjana was sitting on the train which was known as the slow train because it took two hours to reach the end of the journey with there being only one stop, Anjana thought the trains in her home country of Bangladesh were bad enough, but the trains in England were nearly as bad. Anjana looked at her watch and sighed thinking only two hours to go at least the train is not packed. There were only two other people in the carriage that Anjana was in, Steve and his girlfriend Sara who were both sixteen years of age, the pair were snogging. Sara got up from her seat went up to Anjana and said to her, ”

Since we have been together my girlfriend has turned into a bit of an exhibitionist. She has flashed her beautiful tits dozens of times. Quite often it was me exposing them but she always let me. She enjoyed it. Usually it was spontaneous but sometimes it was planned out. Similar to some videos clips from Frivolous dress order. She also enjoyed sex in public. She especially loves sucking cock in public. Sometimes we would just go for a drive so she could give me a blowjob while I was driving. We got caught doing this several times and on more than one occasion a passer by would stop to watch. It seemed to turn her on. But she was always

Colin was a known flasher in the town where he lived, he did not have many friends and often got hassle from people because of his flashing, he had been beaten up a couple of times and warned by the police about his behaviour, but that did not put Colin off he carried on flashing. It was mid afternoon and Colin was on the old disused railway station where he often hung out, not many people went there which is why Colin liked it, as he sat in the old ticket office Colin saw Tracy who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what Colin was. Colin knew that Tracy was an out of control girl who

Sixteen year old Tina was a well known loud mouthed trouble maker who caused a lot of trouble, she did not have many friends, people did not want to mix with her and would rather avoid her if they could that way they felt safer from her. Mark who was two years younger than what Tina was also did not have many friends due to him being a flasher like Tina he was on his own most of the time, his granddad was the care taker of the local school and Mark visited him as often as he could and had arrived to see his granddad just after the school had closed, Mark was watching the lights go off in

Tracy was sat in the kitchen of her mum’s house, her mum had re married a week ago and was away on a three week honey moon leaving Tracy to look after the house and her new step brother ,her blood dad had left home ten years ago when she was six years old, Tracy hardly remembered her dad and did not miss him, Tracy thought that her new step dad was ok and got on well with him and his son Adam, Tracy was sat drinking tea when she saw Adam walking up the garden path towards the house, Adam could see Tracy sitting at the table and was thinking she is sixteen years old which means I am

Adam was a sixteen year old boy who was a known flasher and disliked, he did not have many friends and spent most of his time on his own, it was Friday afternoon and Adam was in detention, sixteen year old Tracy a well known racist thug was also in detention, ten minutes after detention had started Mr Howl who was supervising the detention left the class room as he did he said ” I am going to get a cup of tea I will be back soon ” Adam thought yeah we will not see you again, Adam knew that Mt Howl would soon be drinking whisky in the staff room and would not be returning to the classroom

Sharon was sixteen years of age and not very happy, her boyfriend Steve was a well known car thieve who had been caught by the police driving a car that he had just stolen and had been sentenced to two years in youth custody when he had appeared at the magistrates court that day, Sharon was known as being a stroppy girl who mouthed off at people, she was sat in the derelict factory waiting for Martin who was in her class at school, not many people liked Martin because he was a flasher and peeping tom, Sharon had never given Martin any trouble which surprised him and he could not under stand why he thought it might because he

Steve was a well known thug who most people were scared of, he was sitting in his room listening to his ten year old sister Sue and her nine year old mate Amy as they played in his sisters room, Steve knew that he had to take Amy home in a hour’s time and sent his mate Colin a text message telling him he would not be able to make it to the football practice and got a message back from Colin that said have fun, Steve did not reply just put his phone to one side and started to listen to music on his head phones and lost track of all time till Sue walked into his room and

The disused warehouse on the edge of the English town was used by skateboarders most days, illegal immigrants also spent lots of time there doing their best to hide from the police and immigration authorities. Sixteen year old Steve was a well known thug who lived in the town, Steve was feared by many of the town residents who did their best to stay clear of him, Steve was the leader of a gang but also a keen skateboarder who spent a lot of time at the disused warehouse as was some of his gang mates. It was late afternoon when Steve turned up at the warehouse there were no other skateboarders in the warehouse but on the upper floor

For the last twelve months the residents of the small English town had been enjoying the peace and quiet of life with out sixteen year old Steve who was an out control racist and violent trouble maker, none of the residents felt safe round him and avoided him the best that they could, then one day Steve was arrested and taken to court where he was sentenced to twelve months in a youth custody centre, this had pleased the local residents including Steve’s young step sister Amy, but the twelve months were up and Steve was back, when he had got off the bus in the yown square residents looked at him with many thinking that the peace and quiet

It was a warm summers evening; the breeze was gentle. Brinda’s windows were open, but her lights were out. Enabling her to look out and not allow anyone to look in. Her neighbor across the way was working out as usual. Lifting weights, doing squats, jumping jacks and deep knee bends. He is a nice-looking guy and Brinda enjoyed watching him get all sweaty. One evening Brinda ready herself to watch her neighbor work out. She had finally decided to masturbate while she watched. She had wanted to do this for a while, but, always chickened out. She had on a sheer, silk slip that hit her mid-thigh. Her kitty kat moistened at the thought. A few moments passed and