Back in 2010 I found a flash game called Everybody Edits. It was a sandbox/platformer where people could build and play worlds. The concept was intriguing so I found myself coming back to the game. After a few months the developers added a way to create an account and save your creations. Communication with other players was done by writing words in a world. As this was very time-consuming I had been looking for other ways to talk to the community. I found a world which had a link to a Tinychat chatbox. The world was created by the EXcrew, one of the first groups of players to collab to create worlds as a group. Worlds by this group featured

The day had begun like any other day in the small English town, sixteen year Steve who was a racist thug had stayed in bed as long as he could listening to his mum yelling up the stairs for him to get up and now he was sat at the breakfast table pulling faces at his sister Sara who was six years younger than what he was, after breakfast he set off for school with Sara following him and nagging at him to slow down, as they past the church Steve saw the police cars at the entrance and jokingly said to the vicar ” the police caught you have they vic ” then saw that all the graves were

It was a hot afternoon as the bus made it’s way through the narrow country lane it was about five miles from the country village when the bus swerved to one side and hit a tree, nobody was hurt but sixteen year old Sara a loud mouth trouble maker started to curse the driver, who explained that he had lost control pf the bus because of a puncture, After getting off the bus and inspecting the damage he phoned the bus depot and found it was going to about three hours before a replacement bus could get to them, when the driver told the passengers this Sara cursed again saying she was not waiting that long and decided to walk,

The residents of the large English town were going about their daily tasks like they always did, Old Joe was sat in the town square with his board that stated doom is approaching like he had done for the last ten years, nobody every took any notice of him saying that he was mad but safe, all the shops were open and trading as normal, the school had just started lessons for the day, the court had just sentenced thug boy Steve to six months youth custody and the factories were all running as normal, the sun was out and beating down hot on the town, when suddenly the alert siren at the chemical recycling factory started to sound, few

Martin was a sixteen year old thug who lived in a small country town, he did not bother to go to school which pleased the students of the school that he should of attended, they felt safer with him not being in school, the tutours were not keen on him not being there either. Martin was a very violent thug, he was both homophobic and racist, He was feared by nearly everyone who lived in the small town where he lived, even the local police were scared of him and avoided him. Just over ten miles outside of the town where Martin lived was a plot of land that was owned by the government, it was the scrap yard for

Hello guys…… I am Shivram….. My Google account had been deleted due to some issues, so I was not able to upload stories…… Sorry for that…. I have made up my mind and here to present the continue of the story “My mom fucked by ghosts (beginning)”….. After coming back to City I was still thinking on that incident which that old man told me…… After 5 months we again visited my Granny’s home for some rituals….. There was some Pooja program in our home….. Only family members were there…. I was wondering why they didn’t invite anyone….. For that Pooja my mom was the only one who’s sitting near priest and performing some rituals…… I was totally confused by

One day I had visited my Granny’s home and I found my mom’s diary and I started to read… She started writing diary when she was final year degree student…. In that diary she wrote about her friends and all…. Next part was after her degree…. She joined a work as teacher… At that time my moms family background was very poor…. She had to walk 5 km to catch a bus and that bus was travelled to main town where my moms school was located….. The bus was limited…. They had bus at 7am, 9am, 11 am, 2pm, 5pm and 7 pm…. Always she used to come in 5 pm bus in evening and reached home about 6pm….. One

The school was five years old, it was built after an accident in the science lab of the old school had released very toxic gas into the ventilation system of the school this resulted in the death of quite a few staff and students. After an investigation that lasted quite a few months the old school had been boarded up and the new one built. Stories started to go around about ghosts of the dead roaming round the school not many people believed the stories saying they were rubbish and fake, The old school was put out of bounds but some students at the new school wanted to go inside and have a look around. One Friday after school had

The mansion of the edge of the small coastal town had stood empty for two years, the local residents of the town had found away in to the mansion and there frequent visitors to the mansion to use the swimming pool that was in good order, illegal immigrants who had got into the country via the local beaches also used the mansions but racist residents would chase them off if they saw them. The weather had been very hot for a few days so when the violent thunder storm ” struck residents were taken by surprise, the lightening struck some buildings including the waste chemical recycling factory fracturing one of the pipes causing chemicals to leak out and into the

Dawn and her best mate Tina were two sixteen year old girls who worked in a top secret lab that tested medicines on humans before being sent for sale, the girls were part time staff cleaning up in the lab. It was late as the girls cleaned no other staff were on duty as she cleaned some shelves Dawn knocked over a large bottle of liquid which spilled into the air condition unit for the rooms where there were twenty boys all aged sixteen and seventeen as she tried to clean the spillage up Dawn heard Tina calling out come and look at this, Dawn went and saw Tina pointing and when she looked where Tina was pointing was saw

The school was nearly one hundred and fifty years old built on the site of an ancient burial ground there had been many stories about the school being haunted by the ghosts of those buried under the school, when ever anything bad happened in the near by town residents of the town blamed ghosts, over the years there had been stories of ghostly figures being seen in the school and of things suddenly moving with out anybody touching them and there being no other logical reason for the things to move. It was midday on a very wet and windy day and the door that led out onto the roof was banging in the wind the tutour sent Steve the

It was five years ago to the day that an explosion had ripped through the chemical factory that had stood on the outskirts of the small country village killing all one thousand five hundred people who worked at the factory, the correct cause of the explosion was never found and ever since the accident the site had been cordoned off  because the ground was to contaminated to use, the residents of the village near to the site were preparing for the annual service held to remember the dead, flags in the village were flying at half mast black bunting was strung up through the town and relatives of the dead who had not lived in the village were starting to

The derelict farm had stood on the edge of the town for eighty five years, during the working life of the farm many cows and pigs had been reared and sold but then a recession hit and the farm closed down, it had been closed for nearly ten years, nobody was interested in buying the place so it slowly fell into disrepair, then a large school was built next door to the farm, for some sort of legal reason the farm could not be demolished so the only visitors to the farm were courting couples and those looking for a quiet place to take drugs or drink booze. It started to rain on a Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon

The former government laboratory stood five miles outside of the nearest town, it had closed down two years ago but nobody apart from the authority’s knew what work had been carried out there in the ten years it had been open, those living near by had seen plenty of traffic going to and from the lab some of which had been under heavy police escort, all sorts of rumours went around about the site some people said it was a site testing drugs on animals, others said it housed aliens while others said it was a centre used to torture people but nobody knew for sure, the site was now boarded up quite securely with alarms on the fences but

The large English town had once been a thriving town with plenty of factories shops and offices that produced a lot of income for the residents of the town and attracted a lot of businesses from all round the country as well as from different countries, people were happy to live in the town and work in the town people moved there from other towns just to get work and earn money they were happy, then the political situation changed and a recession hit which effected the town very badly, businesses started to struggle and the smaller ones started to go bankrupt, then the bigger ones started to close before they went bankrupt others tried to fight the recession but

Sixteen year old Dawn was waiting on the rail way station platform for the train home, Steve and his mate Mark who were both sixteen and thugs were also waiting on the platform for the same train as was Cindy Marks twelve year old sister, both of the two boys were giving Dawn verbal abuse calling her a nut case and saying she was a witch because she always dressed in black, Dawn stood where she was not saying a word and when the train pulled into Dawn got into a carriage which she found was empty, Steve Mark and Cindy also got into the same carriage as what Dawn had got into, the two boys carried on with their

My friend Sally leads me through the back gate of the summer camp where we’re counselors. We pad across the forest floor in our summer-tough bare feet, cut-off jeans shorts, and cropped tees. If any of the senior counselors sees us we’ll be cited for “immodesty” (our shorts and tees) and, believe it or not, going barefoot (shoes at camp? really?) Sally, though 18 to my 20, often takes the lead in our adventures. Tonight she wants to share her latest find with me. She says there’s a treehouse somebody must’ve built years ago in the woods just outside the camp fence. We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves with flashlights, but fortunately the full moon lets us see

The building just outside of the big city had stood empty for over thirty years. It had been a hospital for the insane but soaring costs had forced the health service to close the place and it now stood boarded up with large parts of the building damaged by storms. There had been two attempts to buy the building and demolish it and build houses on the site but both attempts had failed. There were plenty of stories going around that the place was haunted and that screams could be heard coming from the building at night. Nobody ever went to the building apart from the occasional tourist and homeless people trying to find somewhere to sleep but they never

Sixteen year old Tina was looking at the house that her parents had just brought, the house was the former house of the grave yard keeper and was on the edge of the grave yard, Tina thought the place was spooky and her mates who lived in the town she had just moved from had wound her up with stories about ghosts, Tina had soon made some new friends in the town where she was now living and as she stood looking at the house Cindy and July two of her new school friends who were in her class turned up, the three girls went inside the house and after having a drink of juice decided to go and look

Lizzie awoke the next morning and despite the events from the night before she was not sore.  In fact, she was dressed in the pink tank top and black shorts just like the night before and everything in her room appeared to be in order. “Could it all have just been a really fucked up dream?” Lizzie asked herself. She slowly sat up in bed and pulled down both her shorts and panties to examine her rogue sex organ. “Hey, are you there?”  She said while lightly poking her vagina. “Okay, Lizzie snap out of it.  You just had a really vivid and fucked up dream.  That’s it.  There are no such things as fairies, magic, or especially talking vaginas. 

After seeing how Arianna had brought Stephanie’s pussy to life, Celeste, her evil counterpart, had some dark thoughts, enter her little fairy mind… … Lizzie was stuck at home after work watching cheesy science fiction flicks.  She had dated quite a few guys in the past but she never kept a boy for long.  It’s not that she wasn’t attractive.  She had a sexy and petite little body with size C breasts.  She usually wore her black hair in a straight, pixie cut style and had a to die for cute face that was dying to be kissed.  The issue was that she was sexy and she knew it, and she used her looks to get what she wanted. At twenty-two

The four friends were walking home from the cinema and had decided to take a short cut through the woods, It was Sara’s sixteenth birthday and as the four girls walked through the woods her three friends were joking with her that she was now the same age as them, Amy pointed ahead and said to Sara ” oh look here comes your brother wonder what monster is chasing him tonight” twelve year old Paul ran up to the girls and told them to run as the trees had come to live, Cindy smiled and told Paul they would fight the trees off, Paul ran off,  Tina told the other three girls that Paul had a weird and vivid imagination,

A Secret in the Woods My name is Cheri”, Cheri” Darlene & I was born different. I was born a girl in the body of a boy. Not only might I be considered an oddity because was I born a girl in a boy’s body but even more so due to the fact that I was also oddly born sexually aware, as I said it’s a FACT believe it or not as you may. I was only 3 when I revealed myself to my mother who told me to keep myself hidden from daddy. I believe it was due to having to cope with hiding it from my dad that I developed a male alter one night as I slept.

It was five days since the first tentacles had appeared, where they came from nobody knew but there was plenty of speculation and jokes as to where they came from. The tentacles started to get violent with a couple of people vanishing. The police and army were doing their best to destroy the tentacles but were fighting a battle that they were not winning, warnings went out to residents all over the country telling them not to approach the tentacles as they were dangerous and could kill. Many residents got fed up of having to be extra careful and having their movements restricted. Then the residents of some towns started fight back saying if the police and army cant fight

Sara was stood looking at all her mates who had turned up her house to celebrate her 16th birthday with a pool party all the girls were wearing skimpy bikinis and the boys tight fitting swimming trunks, Sara liked some of bulges she was seeing in the boys trunks, Sara’s parents were away from home on holiday for two weeks, and as the house was in secluded part of town Sara knew they would not have any problems from any of the neighbours who were to far away from her house to hear the music or any other noise so would not be complaining, Sara’s little brother Mark who was 12 years old was certainly not complaining he was looking

The boys school swimming team were practising for an upcoming diving event, the four 16 year boys were in the school swimming pool their instructor had gone to find out what the loud bang had been it had sound as if vehicles had crashed outside. The five 12 year old girls had been practising in the junior pool for their bronze swimming medal when the crashing sound had accoutred, their instructor had also gone to investigate. Steve looked out a window then said to the other three boys ” fucking hell look it is a fucking space ship” the other boys ran to the window looked out, Mark said ” what are those creeping vine things” Martin said ” I

A lorry carrying barrels of waste chemicals to an official government disposal night had lost control on a bend on the outskirts of the town, the lorry had tipped over onto it’s side, the driver was very lucky and escaped unhurt but the load of barrels fell from the lorries trailer with quite a few rolling into the grave yard while others rolled into road, most of the barrels had split open spilling the chemicals into the road and into the grave yard, the road was closed off by the police while the council and fire brigade cleared up the spillage the drains were given a good flush through and the grave yard sprayed with water to wash the chemicals

Kim was walking home late at night she had been celebrating her 16th birthday with friends and had missed the last bus and could not avoid a taxi so had decided to walk. Mark also 16 from Kim’s school was following  Kim admiring her cute bum that was clearly outlined by her very tight fitting skirt. Kim knew he was there and like most people hated him he was a perv and had been beat up a few times after flashing girls, Kim got to the grave yard and decided to take a short cut through it knowing it would cut a hour off her journey time, she ignored all the scare stories she had heard about grave yards and

This is kind of a weird tale. It starts off in a somewhat rural Idaho town, where basketball is king. The local high school team had won the state title the last three years prior, and this season didn’t seem any different. Starting with Jason Miller, 18, the teams starting shooting guard, and one of the most popular guys in school. With the prom coming up Jason wanted to ask a fellow classmate to the prom. Her name was Ashley Jamison. She was about 5ft 3in. Tall and weighed about 112 lbs. With long beautiful red hair. She always got looks from the guys because at 17 she had developed a nice rack. One day after basketball practice, Jason ran

Sara was sitting in detention at school along with her best friend Kim. At 16 years old the girls were a couple of years older than Tony,  the trio had been caught smoking and now had two hours detention every day for the week. The teacher in charge of detention had gone to the staff room to get a well earned cup of tea, after he had left Sara had commented on ” the tea” coming out of a whisky bottle. Suddenly there was a rumble the windows rattled and cracks appeared in the wall Sara said ” what the fuck was that” Kim suggested an earthquake, Tony pointed out that England did not get earthquakes and went to open