I was in my bedroom on the first floor last night, my elder sister was with me, our parents were out for sometime in this lockdown. We had a plan to raise our tits and probably squirt a few times. I was really excited as I was doing this for the first time with my sister. My brother ( younger ) was playing video games ( PUBG, CSGO and all that ). My heart was jumping just thinking about twisting my sister’s tits and licking her juicy pussy. Yum…. She went inside and called her boyfriend ( he is a hunk ) but he was with his family and couldn’t come. She was exasperated literally and her avocado dripped every

I stood his cock sliding deep into me. I feel his full length slowly fill my pussy with his flesh. I exhale feeling him in me. His hands gripping my arse cheeks spreading them as he held his cock in my pussy. ” Oh fuck yes. ” He said moaning. He slowly thrust in and out of me. He slid his hand up my back to my bra strap playing with it. He fucked me doggy style slowly watching his shaft slid between my labias, that were hugging his shaft. I moaned feeling him in me. His fingers squeezing into my flesh. I moan as he slowly thrusts me, spreading my loosening pussy wider accomodating the girth and length of

Three days ago. Bridget found out about it. She found out her husband was fucking their daughter. She wanted to read about the lunch date with her father. Megan left with her father. Her dad dropping her off to school. She knew her mum was home for the day alone. She whispered in her mothers ear ‘ Next chapters ready.’ Bridget watched as Megan walked out the door in her uniform. Her sexy daughter. Bridget watched from the lounge window as her husband and daughter drove off. She went to her room stripping off and getting in the shower. She showered and went naked to Megan’s room. She got the key Megan had hidden in her room, only Bridget knew

Bridget stood in the middle of her daughters room naked, she looked around. Her husband was fucking her daughter, she smiled. She reached back into the wardrobe pulling out the tin. She sat down and opened it up. She pulled out her diary again and opened it. She read it again smiling, she picked up the baby doll again and the knickers, again smelling her daughters scent. She felt naughty smelling her daughters underwear. She felt so horny. The dirty little secret her and her daughter had. She would keep this from her husband. She went to the shower turning it on. She looked over her body in the mirror, she let her hair out of its pony tail shaking

Bridget sighed as she read. 7.02 I sat back. Dad would be home soon. I feel horny. I feel naughty. This is my mothers husband, my father, his sperm I want in me made me. I know he cant get me pregnant. Hes had a operation. I hear the car pull up. The adrenaline pumping through my veins. I hope tonight it goes better. His cock is big. The footsteps come up to the door. The key in the lock. I see the front door open. My father walks in. He closes the door behind him. ” Hi handsome. ” I say. He sees me sitting my legs crossed sipping my wine. ” Megs wow. ” He says. I love

Bridget sat reading. ” Shit. ” She said. She took it down stairs to get a drink of water. She smiled and should have been annoyed but found it kind of erotic. She sat on the sofa crossing her legs. Wednesday 18th April. 6.56 Tonight. Dads home hes showered. I’ve showered. I’m wearing a black off the shoulder top that shows my stomach. My tight white shorts hugging my hips and my long hair inna pony tail. He comes to the kitchen. My cleavage showing. We have a glass of wine together. We have dinner. I catch his eyes on my bust. I smile as I catch him. It feels romantic. I’m still a virgin. Dad suggests we have a

Hello all. Firstly before I start my next series. Thanks for the feedback. Some ideas for continuing some of my past series. Especially ‘Nudist Family Antics’ and ‘Being treated right’ and a couple of others. I am working on where I can take those further, and the other small ones I have had mentioned by a few readers. So please enjoy my next series about Megan. ……………………………………….. A hot summers day. The midday sun was the hottest on record for ten years. Bridget a 45 yr old Sales Manager was doing housework as usual. The chores never done. It was a Monday morning. Her 49 yr old husband at work, her 16 yr old daughter at school Bridget moved to

He was sitting in the lounge area perusing Sports Illustrated when the entryway opened, and an appealing and expertly dressed lady in a matching suit with a short skirt opened the entryway and stated, “Rex Hartley?” “Truly,” he reacted, and putting down the magazine, got up and strolled over to her as she grinned and expanded her turn in a warm handshake. “I’m specialist Harrison, my pleasure to meet you, our assistant has left for the afternoon. Sorry for the pause however a patient had an emergency that required a crisis telephone call and a soothing remedy request.” Somewhat befuddled, Rex stated, “Gracious,… my arrangement was with a Dr. Reginald Harrison?” “Dr. Reginald Harrison is my better half, and we

I had just gotten married and my husband had joined the army. They moved him to Pirmasens Germany. We both were young and had just graduated from high school. We were very wise children and wanted to be the best children to our parents so we both were virgins when we got married. So as soon as we graduated, we made that move. We love each other a lot because we have a lot of respect and admiration for each other, plus we both look good. This story is being put here to help those who plan to stay virgins until they get married. The stories are true that it will mess up your marriage if you do not know

Dear Diary. Saturday Jan 5th Oh how I long for him. A love that cannot be. I saw him today. I looked out my bedroom upstairs window. He was washing his pride and joy. His red mustang. Oh no shirt. His beautiful muscular body. His tattoos. His short hair. His well groomed short beard. He had his birthday yesterday 40 yrs. Why did he leave school. He was a good teacher. I was his model student. Though I am 16. What is age. I sit gazing. Is he aware of my adoration. My pussy tingles even though I am virgin. I am beautiful. I am well developed. My breasts are nice and curvy. Well diary. Time for bed. Goodnight. Sunday

When I was 16 I moved out into the country with my dad. We didn’t have neighbors for miles. Just dad, me and or dog. One night I started to throb real hard on my pussy it was driving me insane. So I started rubbing on it and sliding my fingers in my pussy hole and down to my ass hole. It wouldn’t go away. So I called for my dad. I thought he might know what to do. When he came in the room I told him my pussy was throbbing  and asked him to help me. He asked me what he could do so  told him to try and rub it. I pulled back the cover and spread

But knowing how mad you would be at me for such a tease, i can’t help but kiss you again. My cock is still pressed against your leg, you feel it pulse as i look you into your eyes. One of my hands squeezes your ass and my fingers gently scratch across your panties. I kiss you again, firmly on the lips and passionately. I spread your legs apart and my hand slides from your ass to your outer thigh where i hold your leg firmly as i position my body between your legs. My cock is now pressing through my pants and between your legs in the middle of your wet panties. I slowly and firmly press my cock

After a long day of class, one could feel pretty lonely. Especially after a class that’s 3 HOURS LONG! Sure when you space out, you get to see what women are around. Some are pretty cute…have great bodies… some can make sure you gotta stay seated for a little before you leave. Ha. But chances are, especially on this campus, the good ones are either taken, too busy, or looking for something serious… I need to graduate. No one has time for that… So how can I relax? Find a book to read that I don’t have to use for a paper! I head to the Book Store across the street from the lecture hall and take my time finding

It was finals month, and I was pretty stressed out. Especially since I haven’t had contact with a woman for almost a year. Ive been so busy with school that sexual frustration just built with the academic frustrations. The toughest, was my last final. And I desperately needed to have a study group. But the best I could do was a friend that sat near me, Jessie. But dear lord was she smoking. She was 5’6 maybe. Dirty Blond hair. A smile that gave a “girl next door” vibe from her friendly personality. And her body… she was an athlete. Possibly a climber or a runner. Very in shape… looked very firm. She dressed a bit tomboyish, but somedays you

It was the second time I was meeting him. The first was the hottest most energizing sex I had for a long time. Andreas was sitting on the couch watching me taking my trousers off and nodded me to come closer. I obeyed tiding up my thong on the way. I was already wet and was waiting for another great fuck. He hugged me around the waist and pulled me near. His hands pulled my butt-chicks and played with my asshole and vagina. “I own this ass. He said with his always serious, angry tone of voice. I was used at hearing that kind of stuff but it always hurt so at first I was annoyed and I pushed him

I am a 22 year old small petite girl. 5’3 “, 32a, 105, blonde slutty girl. Here are more of my RT experiences. There are other RT stories I have posted on this site too under my name. I am always looking for something different and wild when it comes to sex. Yesterday I got to do another fun sexual night. I met this biker guy (James) that I had fucked about a year back. He knew what a slut I was. He asked if I was looking for a hard fuck session and obviously I said yes. He wanted to take me to a bar where his friends frequent. He asked me to dress like Daisy Duke. And did

Dear Diary  September 5, 2000  Dear Diary, Today, I started my first semester at school. I don’t fit in already. All these skinny little Brittany Spears types running around, and then theirs me. Who would want a woman with large 36 DD breasts, my thick thighs, all my curves, and big bottom? Who is ever going to want me? I knew I should have stayed home where I belong. Oh diary, I want so to feel the closeness of a man. To touch my first penis. To have a guy grope my breasts, sticking them in his warm mouth. Oh diary just thinking about it makes me hot and steamy, makes me slide my hand down between my legs. Ohhhh

Hi, I’m Bob. I’m one of the contributing photographers of Young Cuties and Really Innocent, pulp magazines sold where other erotic magazines can be found. I work the Los Angeles area, although I’m often found in Hollywood where I have a studio. I have a couple of agents who keep their eyes open for young talent, but sometimes I find the talent on my own. This is one of my stories. It was late in the evening on yet another of those scorcher late August days. I was having a couple of hot dogs and fries at one of those rundown burger stands that have outdoor tables because they’re too old to have indoor seating. It was there that I

My name is Felix. I’m 41 y/o, 179 cm and I’m divorced. I spend my free time in the park. I meet there a nice looking woman, a brunette. We talk a lot every day. We become friends. Her name is Michelle. She is 46 y/o and married. She is taller than me, about 190 cm. Her hips are large and she has round boobs, and that makes her very feminine. Michelle is wearing black dresses all the time. Her dark hair is pulled into a long ponytail that trail down her back, almost touching her butt. Suddenly, one day, she begins to weap silently and to confess: her husband loves her, she loves him too, but their sexual life

I’m love sex, so I’m going to talk about it. This is the first time I’ve ever posted at a place like this. All my posts are true. They are not made up. But if there is something you would like to hear me write about, post and let me know, then, I’ll do it and tell you about it. Every juicy, cum filled detail of it. God, just writing this little bit has make my pussy swell. I’m so wet and horny. My Husband got home from work late today, and as soon as he walked in, I knew I was going to fuck him. There was just something in his eyes that said he wanted sex, and I

Thursday, August 13. 3:30 p.m. I walk into the club. The music is playing, but no one is on stage. The Dj sees me and orders Sophie to get ready. A woman peels off the bar and into the dressing room. There are two tables where women are talking to men. I select a table where I can see the stage, but where I’m not too close. I look around to see the dancers to size up what I’m up against. It’s the best time to get laid in the club. Most of the dancers are single mothers whose bodies have been ravaged by childbirth. Because they want to be home for their kids in the evening, they work the

Searching for Big O By Xandria February 1st 2003 12:30am Dear Diary, Something happened tonight… I can’t believe I’m about to write it all down, but I desperately need to tell someone, and I know that I can never say this out loud. I’m blushing a little as I write this, but it was just so hot, and I’d undressed to have a cool bath, when I caught my reflection in the full length mirror. Confused, it took me a moment to realise that the beautiful woman reflected, was me! I’d never really taken much notice of my developing body before, but I’m sure aware of it now. Shock and disbelief filled me as my eyes traveled over my firm,

Dear Sadie, I’m going to call you Sadie. My mother bought this journal a year ago and now I’m going to call you Sadie. As you can see from the picture I’ve taped inside your front cover, I’m 5’2 “, 95 pounds, with long red hair and thick lips. My breasts are just beginning to sprout. I’m between an A cup and B cup. It’s kinda hard to get a bra that fits right. Mostly I just use sports bras, or not wear one. Anyway Sadie, I’m writing you because things in my life have really begun to happen in my life. Last night, I had a sleepover at Nicky’s house. Nicky is half Hawaiian. She is my size and

My name is Giselle, a Latina with a tight body covered with sweet olive skin. My eyes are fiery and induce lust any man or woman they gaze upon. I drive buses for my daddy’s company when I need to earn a few extra bucks. One cold night in January, I was assigned a senior high school trip, this is the story of how I made the best of it… The students are loud and I drive and drive for an hour through the cold darkness. I pull into the parking lot and all the kids stand up and file through the doors. In my overhead mirror, I had been keeping my eye on a cute broad shouldered guy. I

The bell rang, ending another day for Justin. The 16 year old junior hustled out of class and made her way through the crowded hallway. For most of the students of St. Mary’s Private School, it was time to either figure out where the party was for the weekend, or to head towards the party. For Justin, she was the party, and it was hard work. It had been six months since her parents threw her out. Her older sister had been the gifted one, getting all the attention from the parents. Justin had always just been tolerated. Justin didn’t hold that against her sister. Her sister had always been supportive and helpful. Things went downhill quick after Mandy left

It was my first day as an escort. I was scared out of my mind. Not about the sex but about all of the horror stories I have heard about girls getting hurt. The drugs that seem to slip into your life and before you know it BAM your hit and you’re a junky giving blow jobs for ten dollars. Is there a good side to fucking for money? Yes it has its moments other than the money. Once in a while I meet someone who really knows how to fuck and every once in a while I cum so hard I get light headed to the point that I am going to pass out. But those moments are a

Dear Diary, I hadn’t seen Paul for six months and as I drove to the airport I was so horny. I’d already masturbated three times that morning knowing that I was going to be seeing him again and having his wonderful dick inside me. I waited at the luggage pick up for him to come through customs and ran to meet him as soon as I saw him. We hugged and kissed each other, grabbed his luggage and headed to the car. “Did you have a good flight? ” I asked. He told me that he had except for the fact that he kept getting hard every time he thought about seeing me again. I said that I hoped he

I knew I was addicted. I knew it was wrong. I knew that it was dangerous. But when I was horny I just didn’t care. I needed to be used. I needed to be used hard. I needed to switch off my brain, to switch off my controlling personality. I needed to switch it off and live instead through my body. And my body craved sweat and dirt and pain and cum. My body betrayed me as the slut that I am. I knew as I drove home from my office job that I wouldn’t be turning into the underground parking at my condo. I knew that I would keep driving until I found satisfaction. I didn’t have a particular

I’m starting this diary today, of all days… because I’ve just found out that my husband is cheating on me. As you can imagine, I was a bit shocked but really- do I care? He has left me alone for months at a time, traveling about to sell steel engine parts for automobiles to all of the major car production plants around the nation. I have had to keep myself entertained in whatever way was available. Now, for some perverse reason, the exposure of his affair inspires me to document the things I have done to find comfort in this small town, in and out of my lonely bed. First, Dear Diary, allow me to formally introduce myself. I am

I guess this is my means of introduction: My name is Karri, (I’ll withhold my last name for my protection), and I currently live in Los Angeles, Ca. I’ve lived here for about 5 years now and I am the most beautiful person you could ever meet. No, seriously, I am. I am about 5’9” about 120 lbs of tits and ass. I am pale for someone who lives in Cali, but I am beautiful nonetheless. I have 34 DDD breasts and long black hair with piercing green eyes. I would say that I am a slut, but I do know how to fuck like no other woman in the world, and there are a lot of men, and women,