Hi all I am Arjun, with recent experience with one of my ex girlfriends. Recently met her in one of the mall in Chennai. Her name is Sindu (name changed) and she was married with two kids. Shocking to see her after a long time in the mall. She came along with her kids. I was alone and got introduced to her after a long time. She was happy to see me and I helped her in getting few stuffs in the mall. We enjoyed shopping. That day nothing much happened we exchanged our contact mobile numbers and left. Days passed by I send a message to check if he is doing good, luckily I got a reply immediately and

Simon was walking home school happy that it was Friday which meant that there was no more school for two days, Simon decided to take a short cut through the derelict factory, not long after going into the factory Simon saw Steve who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, Steve was standing smiling, when Simon got closer he saw that Steve had his trousers down round his ankles and Cindy who was the girlfriend of Simon’s older brother Mark was knelt sucking Steve’s dick Steve saw Simon and quickly pulled his dick out of Cindy’s mouth and after pulling his trousers up ran off, Simon knew that Steve and Mark hated each other

I cup your big balls in my palm. I bring my body close to yours as I feel your arms wrap around me. Your throbbing cock in my hand. I reach my fingers to your zipper and release your monster cock. I’m delighted at your girth and drop to my knees to worship Your cock. Running my fingers along the length of your member. Every vein pulsating with my touch. I look up and into Your eyes as I flick my tongue on your mushroom head. A little pearl of Precum drips from the tip of your dick. I pucker my pink lips and rub the Precum into them. My nipples harden as I begin to swallow Your cock. The

I cup your big balls in my palm. I bring my body close to yours as I feel your arms wrap around me. Your throbbing cock in my hand. I reach my fingers to your zipper and release your monster cock. I’m delighted at your girth and drop to my knees to worship Your cock. Running my fingers along the length of your member. Every vein pulsating with my touch. I look up and into Your eyes as I flick my tongue on your mushroom head. A little pearl of Precum drips from the tip of your dick. I pucker my pink lips and rub the Precum into them. My nipples harden as I begin to swallow Your cock. The

There is a co-worker in our office, an attractive 35 year old married lady. For months I have been as horny as hell for her, to the point of jerking off in my office when there were only the 2 of us left in the late afternoons. At least I had the pleasure of cumming over my desk and knowing that she was sitting just across the reception in her office with no clue to me wanking off with large gobbets of cum all over my desk. When we are discussing work or other general issues, she would regularly glance down at my crotch, which does have a reasonable standard package. Needless to say the slow boner-building would start with

NIGHT 1 Ive been nursing for a month now. I’m 23 5ft 9 Size 12c Short blonde hair shoulder length. I wear a white nurses dress. I have started night shift, the change over meeting I get my patients. Time to do the rounds. I meet my new patients. As a fully qualified nurse I feel so proud. A nurse who has finished duty, pulls me aside and warns me about Mr Nicol. She says he has wandering hands, I will often expose his penis just leaving it out. She tells me where not to stand around him. Pretty much within reaching distance of his left hand. Hes had surgery on his right hand. Been nieve I know he wont

He stood there looking down at me. On my knees in front of him. I looked up, the smile of anticipation as I slowly undid his trousers. The belt, the button, the zip coming down seeing his black men’s underwear. The bulge of his package greeting me. I reach in feeling the skin of his penis his hard shaft wanting to get out. As I pull his pants come down, his cock springs out in front of me. ‘Wow’ I think. Its big, Its very big. I’ve had some cock in my time but this is impressive. Its at least 8 inches long and as thick. I think about my pussy. About the sizes I have had and how they

The party was buzzing. A full house. Guys and girls drinking. Couples together. Girls in different states of undress. Some naked. Some in their underwear. Couples fucking on the deck outside. On the couch inside. Others standing watching these couples fucking not minding others watching. She knelt in the middle of the floor. Hands cuffed behind her back. She wore a black bra and knickers. Her mouth full of cock. Her head been pulled and deep throated. She gagged and cum dripped from her mouth. She had swallowed a few loads so far. A sign at the knees. ‘ Load reliever.’ Five guys stood around her taking turns with their cocks in her mouth. She sucked their cocks taking each

” What we say when we say ” Fred said. ” Yes ” Bianca said on her knees. Jean and Kevin stood in front of her. All three men in their suits. Three generations of lawyers. Grandad, son and grandson. Fred 67 yrs old Tall short grey hair. Average height Kevin his son 48 Tall short dark hair. Jean the grandson 30.Tall short brown hair. ” You will service us when asked. ” Kevin said. ” Yes ” she said. ” So pretty much sex when we want it, and favours when we want it understand. ” ” Yes ” she said. ” You don’t tell our wives, your husband doesn’t find out. ” Jean added. ” Ok ” she

One of my greatest sexual experiences, and one that I was not able to replicate since then was with a younger man that I met in bar. Classic yes, but true story. I don´t want to ponder on the non interesting stuff, the kissing and the fucking that came before. He was young and fucked well. I had cum already once. When I thought that he was ready too I engaged in one of my favourite positions: 69 I climbed on top of him and let him start to work with his tongue. He was good at that. He first gently licked my clit and circled with his tongue around my vagina. I was so wet and horny that some

I have had a crush on a work colleague for quite some time. After he has left our company I took all my courage and invited him over. Not only was he very handsome and smart, there was also the rumour that he was enormously gifted with regards to the size of his manhood, and this evening I was determined to find out for myself. After a couple of drinks and some charming conversation we started to kiss gently. I could feel his muscular body when he pressed me against him and that felt very good. He gently massaged my tits and as he ran his hand up the inside of my legs, slowly getting closer and closer to my

I was feeling very horny and hungry so I stopped at my favorite cruising spot. It seemed kinda dead but I got out of my car and walked into the bathroom about 8 seconds later. One guy walked in unzipped his jeans and pulled out a very nice size thick cock. I started sucking it taking it down my throat until his balls were up against my chin. I was working on his cock and did not notice that another guy had walked in and had dropped his sweats to reveal a bigger cock than the one I was working on. Suddenly the guy grunted and shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed it all. He said thanks that

From the very first cock I had in my mouth, I never had to ask if they wanted me to give them a blowjob, They just seemed to know and as soon as that cock pop out of the pants I was on it. I don’t ever look at the guy while I am getting face fucked by his cock but I tend to get more enthusiastic when they verbalize how well I am sucking there cock. I have had more than a few tell me I wish my wife sucked cock like you, But I never say much I just keep working on that cock until they grunt or pull my face into there crotch and they shoot that hot

My story begins back in the late eighties. I had gotten out of the military with a new wife who was very beautiful and had the sexiest body. She could get out of the shower and just seeing her petite sweet body made my dick hard. She was a Filipino and my family was not very welcoming. They went out of here way to make us feel like we did not belong. We tried not to let there words and deeds but after a while, I could see it bothered my wife and she held me responsible for my family. I worked in the city and it was about 60 miles from my home. One day I got sent home

Zahira is looking bold in her knee length skirt as well as sleeveless kurti. She is looking hot as her lips are rosy and sexy tits making a nice image of two peaks (of mountain range) as her round dome shaped ass is swinging in her skirt. I am sure she is in G string, so her ass is swinging while walking as G string doesn’t covers the full ass, it has wide and long strips to cover the genital portion only. We both are in Lotus temple as she hold my wrist tightly while walking towards it back, a nice greenery is there and lastly we are sitting on grass behind a dense bush. Zahira and Garry is sitting

Lisa is in her night gown as she is in my bedroom. She has pushed the door to look it like close as I have hold her in my arms. We are kissing each other and my hand is moving on her round dome shaped ass. She put her lips on my lips as I pushed my long tongue in her mouth. While sucking my tongue, Lisa is pulling down my bermuda and my hand is lifting her gown upto her waist. We both are standing on ground as my cock is nude and she left my tongue as I took out her gown from her hot body. She is naked and I pushed her on bed to make her

Sara is looking gorgeous in her bridal outfit of lehnga as well as choli. Her lovely face as well as rosy lips is making me hot as she has hold a glass full of wine, I am eyeing on her sexy boobs and nude belly. Looking at me, she smiled… “Oh Garry, have some drink on my eighth marriage anniversary. (Garry) sure aunty a nice gift for you. ” And I give her a packet having a nice lady perfume as a gift. I took a glass full of beer and while drinking it, I can see too many guests drinking and enjoying party.. Its 10:15 pm as too many guests have left party after having drink/meals. I am sitting

Amy and Nina have planned a weekend party with me (Garry) as we three reached dense forest zone in outer Delhi, Amy drove the car on a narrow path towards a pond. Amy stopped the car as we three came out of it, its a deserted ridge area and a hot spot for couples. I sits on grass as both friends took out a bed roll from car and put it on grass. Looking at me Amy opened the bed roll and put the bed on grass as I can see her inner beauty from a distance as Amy is wearing a ultra miniskirt and crop-tops. My hot sister Nina is in knee length frock as she came near me

Zahira is nude on bed as I moved closer to her. We both are in drunken state and looking at her bell shaped breasts, I leaned my face on her breast as I took her left breast in my mouth to suck with my one palm massaging her right breast hardly. She is moving her nails on my back as my penis got fully erected and I took her other breast in my mouth to suck, she is screaming….. “Oohh uumm Garry you are too hot. “As I moved down to her tummy and while kissing it, my hand is moving on her thighs. I put a pillow under her ass as she has stretched her legs wide open, now

Lousie is nude with three nude guys as we all are drinking beer and smoking cigarette. Three long thick cock is saluting my hot mom Lousie but we three are not interested in her fuck as we know our hot penis, its going to ejaculate soon. Looking at Rachel, my mom smiled….. ” Now what’s your plan Rachel. (Rachel) I will cum soon, so nice fuck is not possible as I think cum in your mouth will be good for us. ” And we three are ready for it as my hot mom walked nudely, we can see her parts of buttocks making a movement and swinging in to create friction. She came back with a tube of spray and

Amy is sexy as well as wild. She is of 18 years as her hot body is making me wild in her modern outfit of ultra mini skirt and crop tops. I am looking at her square shaped ass as her bell shaped breasts are making an image on her tops. I moved closer to her as Nina smiled…… “Hi Amy (Amy) hi Nina, oh you have changed your boyfriend again, so smart he is (Nina is bit shy) Amy he is Garry, my elder brother not my boy friend, understand. ” Its a nice hot night in a club where we are here to attend a ring ceremony as I walked away from my younger sister Nina. Now I

Hina is looking hot in her Indian traditional dress of saree as well as blouse and peticote. Her blouse is sleeveless, deep necked as well as backlash. Looking towards her breasts I can see some nude parts in a transparent saree as we both are enjoying hot night party in a Delhi hotel. We both have paid for party as well as drinks, meals and a night stay in a room. Its the start of a party and too many couples are drinking wine as well as beer. We both moved to drink stall and have some wine. After drinking 2-3 large packs we both are now shaking our legs on music while holding each-other’s waist. Hina is pressing her

Kelly is smiling on me with her hubby as I received them on IGI airport. She hold my wrist and walked towards car parking where I can see my elder brother booking a cab for home. Now we three are in cab as car is moving at a great speed. We reached home and my brother moved in my room for refreshment as I can see Kelly moving inside Nina room. Its a sunny afternoon as we all family members have a lunch together. I moved inside my bedroom and slept on bed, after a while my brother came inside and slept on bed……. “Garry tomorrow morning I have to move to Jaipur (Garry) and what about Kelly ? (Brother)

Lina is enjoying her marital life with her hubby. She is in extra marital relation also with me and we both have enjoyed physical relation also lot of times. She is in her mid twenties and her nice physical appearance can attract everyone. Her lovely breasts as well as v shaped ass is making us hot and wild while her inner beauty is impressive, one can love to see her smooth thighs as well as labias and clean shaved vagina. She is in Delhi and we both have planned for hot day in a hotel. Lina is in her leggings and boxer making herself bold and wild. We both moved from our home at 09:05 am and reached a hotel

Garry is in classroom attending class. My eyes are always moving towards NANCY, sitting in a middle row of classroom. She has surprised us with her modern outfit, never been in a ultra miniskirt with a boxer and has put a stockings to cover her legs to thighs but her medium sized breasts as well as nude legs and thighs are making guys hot. Her transparent stockings is making us wild but its a class room. After this class, lunch break is scheduled and I am just passing time to enjoy lunch break. A long wait comes to an end and most of them left the class as I am waiting for Nancy and she has also not left the

Aunt Cathy is exhausted with her day long movement in Delhi. She came back in the evening and I walked away for shopping mall. I have illicit relation with aunt Cathy and thinking about her on lonely path I moved to wine shop and bought two canes of chilled beer. Now I walked towards park on deserted path while smoking cigarette and I opened the cane to drink beer. Lastly I drink the two cane and feeling some sort of intoxication in mind. I sit near park for 10-15 minutes and walked to our home.. I can see Lousie in kitchen while Nina in bedroom, so I moved to my room. I came inside to see aunt Cathy’s undergarments as

Lina is a hot lady with her white complexion and slim figure. She got married last year and we two have enjoyed physical relation twice. Lina is in Delhi to meet her uncle’s family members and her friends. In the evening, Lina, Nina and Garry walked to shopping mall and spend some nice time all together.. Next morning, as I am ready to move to college, my cousin Lina asked me to abstain from classes and give her a day company as she wants to meet her friends and want to shop some garments. We both left our home at 10:45 am and booked a cab to go to Vasant Kunj. Lina is in her modern dress of jeans as

After her lunchtime session with Brad and the three other male members of staff (Part 1), Mandy Kerrigan, temporarily relaxed, was able to proceed with the special audit she was doing with this firm. For nearly three hours with just a break for coffee, she worked diligently at the figures. One or two members of staff came to her desk to ask her about some aspect of the work She felt no discomfort when Jack, who earlier had had his face buried in the moistness between her thighs, came in with a bundle of accounts. Work just went on as normal. Brad, whenever he passed through treated her to a lascivious grin, and as the afternoon wore on, it was

From that day onward it was decided that one girl will come to my room every night after the parents go’s to sleep and I was told the father go’s out of country every last week of the month and when the father is gone no girl will come to me, when asked why they said you will know later. After three weeks of me joining there the father went out of country, that day at midnight the mother phoned me to go to her room, when I arrived there she was in a see through nighty of very thin silky material no bra or panty, she told me she has severe leg pain and asked me to massage her

After ass fucking the eldest one we all went to the kitchen and made some lunch for the four of us, their parents won’t come for lunch, then three sisters helped me to make, we all had something to eat and drink then went to the bedroom again. I was told all three of them are virgin but used to masturbate using fingers while watching porn, now I was told to fuck the second sister, as she’s already sucked my cock and tasted my cum I was told to fuck her pussy, ooohhh what pussy its I smelled it was so nice. I opened the lips of her pussy inside was red like blood, I started to eat it not

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