Claire and I have talked about this moment for years and just before lockdown happened we were going to try it? We have been together for 30years and still happy but I got an idea into my head about sharing and I kept asking her but she always said no. Years went by and I asked, still no. To try and add spice to the relationship We have just started to watch porn films together and we happened to watch a film about an English lady who was a big girl a bbw making out with a black man a bbc! We started to watch it and I could see Claire was turned on by this film, I rubbed her

My husband and I have been married for 9 years now. We have a very special relationship and have always connected on every level you can be, especially sex. Very early on before I moved in with him we talked for hours on the phone. Being so far apart we were always horny so the conversation always came around to talk about sex. As I was so comfortable with Brian I found it so easy to talk about my fantasies and sexual experience, or lack of sexual experience, as well as who I found attractive and who I would imagine having sex with when I masturbate and there would be no judgement, and this brought us close together even more.

Brian’s friend tommy was a nice guy. He was working as a general contractor on a building site outside Derry that was about 60 miles away. Tommy had no means of transport and asked Brian if he minded driving him out to the site and he would square him up with money. And it would only be for a week or two. Brian agreed and asked me if I would like to tag along for the drive. I said yeah, that I would like to, it would be a lovely drive. As we set off on the first day I willingly took the back seat as Tommy and Brian talked up front. After our second drive out with Tommy, he

Chapter 2 I was driving home and thinking that I was scared. I was also very turned on. I decided not to fight this, continue on “autopilot” and see how my luck holds out. Donna has always been understanding and if she isn’t into something, she’ll let me know and then we can continue as always. Donna was home when I got there. I went into the house, said hello, then went to my office. I was half eager to follow his instructions and half eager to jerk off. When I was in my office, I pulled out my dick and started to look for pictures. I stroked away looking at pictures of Susan Reno fucking black men. I loved

Funny how things start. My wife, Donna, and I have been married for 26 years. We met in college and dated on and off, sometimes serious, then we would move away, date others, then we got back together in our later 20’s and married. We’ve been happy and raised two great kids. Our kids are both out of the house now. One graduated and is employed and the other finishing up her 4th year of college. We’re both of Irish ancestry, live on Long Island, and she is now 54 and I’m 55. She has always had great shoulder length red hair, fair skin, freckles, and bright blue eyes. Never skinny, but well-rounded and fit. Her breast are on the larger

I moved along with my family to a new city which means I had to join a new school and so I did. It was 8th grade that I joined and there weren’t many students their so I socialized pretty well. I particularly didn’t find any girl that attractive but there was this introverted dude who hanged around with one girl soon I found out they were into eachother. I wasn’t bothered until that dude whose name is Andrew talked smack about me and as revenge I fucked his girl Jen. It wasn’t hard because Andrew had a very small dick and Jen was built for a big cock like mine. She had these round juicy tits, fat pink lips,

It was a hot Saturday afternoon. I was at my in laws for a brief vacation. My wife had gone shopping with her sister. My MIL Lisa and her husband George were in their bedroom, probably enjoying an afternoon delight. I was in the loft area flipping through a local newspaper. It was a long boring day, my mind was numbed with the mundanesess of the day. In that thoughtless moment, George walked up the stairs into the loft. I saw just sweaty forehead emerge up the flight of stairs. I waved at him and went back to the newspaper, assuming he was there for something else. Within a few seconds, I saw a hand emerge over the newspaper, I

NOTE: Unlike any other story I’ve written in the past, which were all written while I was masturbating to porn and in a horny state, this story was written after orgasm. —————————— Humans are essentially selfish. They go through their lives looking out for their own interests and even when they do look out for others, it’s only for the limited number of people they are capable of loving. This doesn’t make them bad. That’s just how humans are and that’s just how human society is. But Sam was one of the few exceptions. A 32 year old mid-level manager at a busy office, he loved everyone and was ostensibly loved by all. Discarding the stereotype of asshole mid-level managers,

My wife Ally has always wanted to let our neighbor Simon fuck her, she’s asked me to invite him around for a couple of drinks, she wants us to all get drunk and have a threesome, I kind of like the idea and in fact it turns me on a lot, we have disgusted it and we are going to invite him around, one night when we were out we got a bit drunk and she started to talk about Simon and asked if I could give him a call and ask him to come to ours for a drink as the pub ee were in is only five minutes from our house, I asked if she was sure and

We live next door to a single guy called Simon, he has lived there for a while now and we see him every now and again, When me and my wife go out for a drink and have a good night and a few drinks it’s really great, especially when we get back home and into bed! When we start kissing and touching each other that’s when it all starts, I start talking about Simon next door and how I feel a bit sorry for him as he’s been single for quite a while and he must miss sex, I then ask if she sees him often as I work away a lot and don’t see much of him, she

After Neil capitulated, licking out my sticky sex, begging to be allowed to remain part of my life….. there was a five week gap. Yes, five weeks and it was probably a time of hell for poor Neil. He looked so drawn and haggard! I was dating Leon (of course) and, at my lover’s instruction, I wasn’t explaining very much about our reaction to Neil’s abject submission. Of course I dressed sexily to go out with my man and there were some nights when I slept over at his place. Neil never knew exactly whether I would be home for supper, whether I would even be there for breakfast. Naturally Ellie our daughter wondered why I was away so much

This is my second little piece on cuckoldress living. The first dealt with emotions as a woman, contemplating the lifestyle. This one is all about managing your husband, preparing him to be a willing cuck. The third will focus on dealing with external relationships, others’ reactions. Where I left off was a planned meeting between Leon and my husband Neil, one where my interested and very sexy black beau told him that I was being recruited as his interior design consultant. I’d anticipated that Leon and Neil would meet separately, but my husband rang to say that there was this guy who had a proposition about me. Neil wanted me there. Minutes later Leon rang and said I should come

Three years ago I started a relationship with a handsome and very emotionally mature young man called Leon. Leon is a property developer, aged 28 and already very successful. My husband Neil, works as a university lecturer, he is aged 34. This is the first of three articles of advice, this one attending to your feelings, as a woman about to embark on an extra marital relationship. The second attends to your husband, the man whom you cuckold.  The third discusses the management of others’ reactions, however much you might plan the manage a trois, information does tend to seep out. I wanted Leon, a very masculine guy who is significantly more assured, extrovert and successful than my husband. I

At our friend’s wedding, Susan is holding his hand. Lance’s hand, the black lothario that she has been seeing for near on a year now. The woman getting wed, a girl called Angela, she’s watching. She’s watching how Susan openly kisses Lance, watching how I then react. Angela notices pretty much everything. She notices the way that Lance and I chat over a drink at the bar. It looks convivial doesn’t it? I don’t seem to mind that Lance is shafting my wife. I didn’t seem to mind the holiday that they took together, nor yet the pictures of Susan topless with him on that beach. She was kissing him there too, kissing him so that her head was bent back, her

Strokes happen elsewhere, when you’re old and when you’re crumbling already, right? Well, may be. But there are times, when a husband is only 36 and he has a stroke. He has a stroke when he is supposed to be young, virile and as powerful as a man can get. There are times when a blood clot can come out of the blue and transform a man like Tony into something profoundly less, something humiliatingly small. Tony didn’t ask for a stroke. He didn’t ask to be left with a limp left arm and a dragging left foot. He didn’t ask to be left incapable of sustaining a proper erection, something that would seem good and manly, solid and fertile

The year is 2025. Things have changed a lot over the last few years. We had our first black prime minister and more and more members of the black community have risen to the higher class population. Lower and middle class people are mostly white and small amounts of other ethnic communities. An announcement was to be made on the TV this morning which we had all anticipated. It was the prime minister making a statement about new laws coming into practice as of the New Year. We all knew this was coming but there was nothing that the middle and lower class white communities could do to change this. Since this was the case we braced ourselves for the

Years on the realisations came together, like rooks gathering at last, together, in chorus at the top of the trees. There was a time, may be I was ten or something, when mum was seeing a lot of Marcus. The guy was built like a wrestler, imposing and muscular, his arms thick and powerful. He was quietly spoken but hard jawed and he had a temper on him. Anyway, the landrover would arrive in the yard, and my dad, Jim, would slink away into the shed, ostensibly to do some chores. He always nodded politely at the hulking man, and then checked me as he retired to the wood working. Don’t disturb your Mum, she likely busy for an hour.

As an Uber driver, I meet alot of interesting people, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, but this story is by far the most amazing experience I’ve ever encountered. It was early on a Friday night in Seattle, just beginning my shift with a request I received from a woman named Shannon, as I arrived at the hotel for the pick up, a beautiful woman about 23 years old dressed in an outfit resembling a fantasy secretaries outfit walked up to my car and entered into my front seat. I couldn’t resist gazing at her sexy attire as she shut the door and made eye contact with me, she was wearing a blush colored satin sleeveless blouse with pink satin

When me and my wife Ally go out to the pubs and we get back home and into bed she sometimes asks me to ring Simon to see what he’s doing, most of the time he’s in bed, he’s single and can speak at anytime, so I do and when he answers she likes to speak to him and have a laugh, I normally start to kiss her breasts and slip my fingers into her very wet pussy, she loves it, then when I go down and lick her nicely she starts moaning while speaking to Simon, we find it exciting and very horny, she starts telling him what she wants him to do to her, it’s a great turn

Twelve years ago, it seems so long now, the teacher said to me, draw a circle and divide it up amongst all the things that you would commit to, what you need, what you would strive for. I remember how we all set to. We were idealistic then and big sections of the pie diagram were allocated to ‘peace’. A class full of John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s. Today, now, I would allocate may be 80% of my pie chart to sex. I have to have black cock. If I have gone without it for a day or two, then I am unbelievably irritable, even aggressive. So when Luther took me over, when he taught me to love black cock

It was a few years ago when I invited my mate Simon to come over to ours for a few drinks and stay over, my wife Ally got on very well with Simon and they even flirted sometimes, I didn’t mind that at all, Simon came over and we all had a few drinks, as the night went on Ally and Simon got more flirty and touchy touchy, I found that this turned me on and started to encourage it, we had more drink and then Ally decided it was time for bed, I went to the kitchen while Ally showed Simon where his room was, we all said good night and we all settled down, I was feeling a

Me and my wife have been married for 20 years, when we first got together I was gone a lot so I came home one day and surprised her with a 11″ black dido. I laid it on the bed and called her in the room, the look on her face was priceless, I always knew she liked black guys and this was proof so we started talking in the bedroom about her sleeping with black guys. She never pursued it even though I told her it was ok while I was gone on business. She said she couldn’t so we left it be but she sure wore the black dildo out used everyday. So just last year I was

The heater in the shed at the back of the house is periodically noisy, cranking up as it were as it struggles to maintain the thermostat temperature in what after all is a place designed for tools rather than husbands. I sleep in a place that might make 16 degrees at best, and where you stuff bubble wrap into the draft holes, even though that could mean you risk carbon monoxide poisoning. Checking my watch and cursing the alarm its a little after 6 a.m. Time to get up, wash, shave, climb into my black fatigues. They’re not especially warm but they match the black leather collar around my throat. I look as though I might deliver chocolates in the

My buddy gave my gf rides few times and she pays him gas money. I told her to try and give him bj next time. When the time came she mentioned having an other 3 sum when we were all off. He agreed and sort of felt his dick. Then it all started. The flirting and the way you suck my dick. She Grabbed it started sucking. She said he kept pushing her head, moaning Saying she gives the best blowjobs.. She was topless half way through. She kept sucking his dick till he came. Omg there was so much cum I couldn’t even swallow. Next time gives him a blow job again. He doesn’t know she’s telling me everything

My buddy gave my gf rides few times and she pays him gas money. I told her to try and give him bj next time. When the time came she mentioned having an other 3 sum when we were all off. He agreed and sort of felt his dick. Then it all started. The flirting and the way you suck my dick. She Grabbed it started sucking. She said he kept pushing her head, moaning Saying she gives the best blowjobs.. She was topless half way through. She kept sucking his dick till he came. Omg there was so much cum I couldn’t even swallow. Next time gives him a blow job again. He doesn’t know she’s telling me everything

Margaret wasn’t best pleased but she knows the rules. People who live in my house do as I say. She does. Truth be told, my wife wants that. Like a lot of women, Margaret is secretly fixated upon submitting and having cock that way, the dominant male way. ‘You’re going to fuck Chloe aren’t you?’ she asked after I shared the news that her lame son Alan had got into a financial mess over redundancy and was bringing his pretty 20 year old wife to live with us. I looked at Margaret. She didn’t look especially cut up. May be she knew that we would always have a bond. The fact that I was going to fuck my daughter in

Tom had this thing, about sharing. I suppose it started when we watched a three in a bed porno. There was a sweet young woman and two men. They touched, kissed and fucked her turn and turn about. When one had his dick in her, the other was kissing and teasing her tits. I must say, that girl looked as though she was having a blissful time of it. They went on with her, that way, for hours! We started to fantasise. I admit it, I did too. What would it be like to share? Did I think I could actually go with two men? I told Tom that I thought that I could but that I was at heart

My wife is out with Eustace again. May be they are out together three or four times a week and may be once or twice a month she spends the whole weekend with him. Either way, you get the picture. As a cuckold you will get neglected a great deal. Some guy told me that its like being in a war. There were long periods of inaction and then frantic activity, doing as you’re told, sweating and with the fear of god inside you. Eustace though has bros with some ability on the old video camera. So there must be a dozen or more good quality films of him seducing and then banging Jennifer with that big cock of his.

[This is my second installment of instructions for would be cuckoldresses. Its a good idea to look back to instructions number 1 which set the scene!] Dating Leon was fantastic! It wasn’t just that he was a proper man with me in bed, teaching me to submit to his handsome black cock, it was that he was so masculine with me when we were out. Leon had attitude and he had aptitude. My husband plodded along at work and month on month Leon was outstripping him with his business acumen. Leon knew how to make people feel at ease, he knew how to have them trust the company, and so the sales figures soared against his name. I remember the day that

Knowing what you want! Ruth asked me the other day how I arranged all of this, the going with Leon and the managing of Brian my husband? She fancies this guy at the tennis club. She wants him and he wants her, just a pity that’s she’s married (LOL!). So I’ve started to guide her and my book of dirty instructions mirrors that guidance. It’s for the ladies alright…no? Never mind, girls, I’m thinking of you as I write this. Knowing what you want! You’d be surprised how many women become cuckoldresses without knowing what they want! They haven’t paused to consider what was so wrong with the vanilla and familiar life that they lead with their husbands/established male partners (husbands from hereon

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