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Anjana was a fourteen year old Bengali girl who lived in East London, she was not feeling very happy her dad had made her stay in the family owned small grocery shop to keep an eyes on things, it was new years eve and there were big celebrations taking place with the streets being packed with party goers, Anjana knew that she was going to be in the shop on her own all night in case there was any trouble involving the shop, Anjana would rather have been out with her friends going to a party and having a good time, all the shutters on the front of the shop had been pulled down and locked by her cousin when he had left earlier. Anjana went into the back room of the shop when she looked through the window she saw that the entry gate into the yard from the street was not locked up and was open a couple of feet, Anjana put the light off and was about to open the door to go and shut the gate and lock it when she saw Tony who was in her class at school enter the yard, Anjana watched him as he undid his joggers and smiled when he pulled his four inch dick out and had a pee, Anjana thought a small dick hardly worth looking at, After Tony had gone Anjana decided to leave the gate open hoping to see more white dicks, after half a hour Anjana had seen three more white boys have a pee but in her opinion they were not worth looking at, then she saw sixteen year old Steve a local racist thug walk into the yard and start to undo his jeans, Anjana thought this might be worth looking at and when Steve had his jeans wide open with his seven inch hairy dick on full view Anjana thought very nice worth looking at, Anjana watched as Steve had a wee, after he had finished and was putting his dick away Anjana thought you can leave it out we do not mind, before he had his dick away Steve’s girl friend Sara walked into the yard, Sara looked at Steve then pushed the gate shut then unzipped her hoody and took it off, Anjana looked at Sara’s ample boobs and thought very nice tits let me play with them, Anjana saw Steve’s dick growing and was soon looking at his nine inch erection, when Anjana looked back at Sara she saw that she had taken her jeans off and was stood naked, Anjana could clearly see her love tube and when Steve started to rub it while licking Sara’s nipples Anjana thought this is better than going to a party, Anjana watched as Steve lay Sara on the ground and when he slid his dick into Sara’s love tube and started to thrust in and out Anjana thought this is cool a live porn show and started to rub between her own legs, after five minutes when Steve pulled his dick from Sara’s love tube and squirt his cum in four long spurts Anjana thought what a sight. Anjana watched as the pair dressed and left the yard leaving the gate open as they did, Anjana thought let us have more cocks.