On leaving school I arrived home to be told it had been arranged for me to go and stay with my Aunt and two cousins down in Devon at Plymouth, the girls were 16 and 17 and the family lived in a small Hamlet. My folks were off on a well earnt holiday and it was thought here was great for me at the coast with the girls and the beaches to keep us busy for the 2 weeks. I was ok with that, the girls were good fun and Vicky the younger was always laughing Betty the older was a little more of the thinking type so all was looking good. I arrived at the house and both girls

I could not wait for Saturday and when it came I went off to the village with my heart pounding hoping that Meg would take care of Pauler and Peter and I could have some fun, me being turned on by watching the two girls find the spots that turned them on to girly sex. I need not have worried Meg and Peter were outside the shop waiting when I arrived and both looked great, I went in and bought my fag’s and off to the Mill we went taking care to see we were not followed and the place was clear on our arrival. Yes all was clear and a surprised Pauler was waiting for me, we all went

I was on my way to the old Mill on the following Saturday afternoon but had made no meeting with Paula but just wanted to put things there that may be good for our meetings and make our time better when one of the older boy’s from school caught up with me and asked me were I was going. Crump was older than me by a few years and had started conversations with me before, coming from another house I only saw him now and then. We stopped and he asked me were I was going but I told him I was just out for a walk and had nothing planned so far, he looked at me long and hard

On Sunday after our Church parade and lunch I thought I would leave School by the Guston gate and wander down to the village shop, I like many of the boy’s liked to smoke fag’s when I had enough money for them, back then in the 50’s parents like my Mum had little spare cash to send to son’s at school and that is why at weekends I spent my time on the cliffs or wandering the Lanes but now and then swimming at St Margeret’s Bay. The beach was small and not many people went there back then and I like to swim and sun bath on the pebble beach. This time I wandered down to the village and

My start at the boarding School in Dover was a shock, tight rules and full Army kit to look after along with home work every night mad my first 3 months very hard for me, I got on well with the guy’s in my Dorm and slowly settled in. Free from home and in a place with every possible thing a lad could wish for, sport, swimming pool indoors, a great Gym and fields full of Rugby and football pitches. I put myself in for cross country running and was shocked when the practice start time turned out to be 04.30 but on finishing the course we went in the pool for a run down swim, naked, back to looking

With my Army duties full all week the time went so quick it was Friday night and time for me to meet Petra at The Golden Lamb and enjoy our weekend, Monice and Jurgen were due to pop in at some stage which gave me time to bring my naughty partner in crime up to date with my club visit and after’s with Monica and Jurgen. Sat in our usual place in the dark rear of the bar, I soon had a very horny Petra asking for every little detail of the meet and had Jurgen given me the thrill I had so needed. I put her mind at rest with the details she wanted and noticed she was playing

I managed to break free for a few days as the lads were on duty and Petra had managed to get Hanner to herself and taken her home with her, so I tried a night club in the old part of town which was supposed to have a bad reputation and I like the sound of that. Showered shaved and plenty of after shave of I went to the Dragon Club, I had no trouble getting in as I had a nice Jacket and trouser combo on with a plain short sleeved shirt. The place was dark with pink subdued lighting and the tables were in alcoves around the side of the dance floor which had a Disco Ball shining

On our way back to the room Hanner kissed Petra and thanked her for letting her come back with us, as the kiss was planted her hand went under her skirt and down Petra’s panties, come on, Hanner said in a breathless tone, shed these mine are long gone ask Jules. Petra looked at me and shed her panties then gave them to me and I put them in my pocket for later. We arrived at the room and showed Hanner where everything was and each had a drink of our choice which we carried to the bed, me laying up at the headboard end knowing what Petra would do next. The girls flopped on the bed and Petra wasted

We had many more nights of me being enjoyed by Chas and Mike but a few weeks later they were posed to another unit and my supply of male cock dried up, yes the club was a good place to pull a guy but as I spent so much time there with Petra and Helga interest was slight. Helga not being around for a few days I asked Petra if we could go on to one of the clubs in the town after a few drinks in the bar, it would make a change and we would see new people. She was happy to do so and on the Saturday night we did just that, went to the bar at

Helga and Petra were off to the shops early while muggins sorted out the room and stowed some of my things that Petra and I wished to keep there in the cupboard, thank god it was large Petra had bought along all sorts of sexy skirts and tops, bras and panties and some other flimsy dresses. Better stake my claim to space while I can as I think Helga has thoughts of staying when she can. Both girls had jobs and spent scant time with the parents at all, the young had little in common with the older generation back then due to the stories of the war. The door crashes open and to red faced excited girls tumble into

The Girls both naked and so sweaty was a real turn on and now they were each others arms breast to breast kissing long tongue searching kisses, Helga’s hand searching for Petra’s pussy as she turned her bottom to her and both hands now began to invade the crotch and her lips kissed her neck and ears making Petra squirm with delight. You are my bitch now. Helga said, and I want your body totally inside and out, your juices kisses and more, do you understand, Petra sighed and said she understood as Helga’s right hand cupped her breast and squeezed it and pulled it outwards making Petra cry out with pain. Helga moved her to the bottom edge of

Helga turned over on to her front and waggled her bottom at Petra and spread her knees wide exposing her wet pussy and pink arse hole. Petra knelt between those lovely legs and put her mouth to work kissing, licking and probing Helga’s lovely bottom bringing moans and high pitched squeals from Helga’s heavy breathing mouth. For me watching Petra’s play it was getting tough leaving myself out of the fun, as Petra bent forward to cover that bottom her own was fully visual to me and her pussy was open a little with droplets of cum leaving a trail on the inside of her thigh. She probed the pink hole of Helga’s arse with her tongue and squeals of

Now on the bench sitting next to Helga and Petra both dressed and looking sexy, my naughty mind started to work over time, I knew Petra had asked Helga to join us with her own desire to seduce her and see my reaction to her having the girl with me in the room watching them at play. The looks from Petra confirmed my thoughts as she winked and nodded towards Helga as the girl’s attention was averted. My heart did skip a beat or two when Chas caught my attention and told me he and Mick would not stay to long tonight as they had caught duty in the morning and needed to make sure they were sober and all

Hans did me a good deal on the room which I booked in advance for 6 months paid for with money sent by my Mother from the sale of my Motorbike back home, now I felt free to be myself when it pleased me. Petra liked us both being bi and she was keen to see me as the pussy supplier to men who liked young soldiers and I pointed out how I would enjoy her chatting up some of the very horny girls that were in the Golden Lamb on the weekends. The room was fine it was warm and the bed was very large, the shower room was nice and the small area for coffee and food had

My night out with the boy’s had opened up a whole new set of feelings in me and in bed that night I had dreams of them sharing me in more sexual delights but sober and at my invitation and it was wonderful. I had promised to meet the young German girl Petra the next day at seven and yes I was looking forward to it a lot. We had met at the last week as I went to order food and she had started to talk as we waited to place our orders, she was dark haired and slim with a sexy look on her face as she smiled so I was attracted to her from the first glance.

The day was nice when this young soldier left camp with his two friends for a drink in the town. I was just 17 and in Germany and out with Chas and Mike, we had not known each other long as my arrival from England was just three weeks ago. The Town was nice and the pubs full of friendly people so we soon settled in for a night of music and drinking, me trying Snaps for the first time and slowly getting light headed. Chas and Mike had been stationed in the town for over a year and had tested all the drinks and other delights so teaching me was fun for them. Time went quickly and I had

Just to clarify something, I’m happily married but always felt I may be Bi, and this actually proves it. It all started with a planned motorcycle trip to Wyoming with a riding budding I had known from many years ago but not real well. Anyways, after finding out we both had motorcycles and liked to travel we decided on a weeklong trip which we would share expenses. After a long all day ride, we arrived at our motel that we planned to use as our base for the week of multiple destinations, he insisted that he would get our room and I would pay for dinner that night, after we located our room number we parked in front of our

Adam was walking home through the park late at night after an evening out with his mates celebrating his sixteenth birthday, he had been annoyed by a heavy police putrescence in the town, the police had been having a big crack down on under age drinking which had stopped Adam and his mates from getting cheap cider fro the off licence, they had managed to get some but not not enough for Adams liking. Asif who was two years younger than what Adam was and his sister Pia who was six years younger than what Adam was were also walking through the park to their granddad’s shop, Asif saw Adam walking towards them and saw him undoing his joggers as

Asif was a sixteen year old Indian boy who was the son of the owner of an Indian take away shop, along with his family he was moving into a flat on the top floor of a tower block of flats, there was only one other flat on the floor, there was a dividing paved area between the flats and a security door from the stair area to the two flats. Asif was stood outside his flat not feeling to happy because his mum and dad had left to unpack while they went to work taking his sister Mia who was twelve years of age with them. As he stood looking at the many packing crates he saw the security

Eighteen year old Emma was walking towards the house where she did work for the local council helping the elderly African lady who live there, Emma was training to be a nurse part of her training was to work as a care assistant for three months, when she arrived at the house the door was opened by Ife the granddaughter of the African lady, Emma had met Ife before and knew that she was four years younger than what she was, Emma also knew that Ife had a twin brother nicknamed pun because he liked telling jokes. Ife told Emma that her gran was in bed, after checking on the lady Emma started doing some work then pun walked in

Boss was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had got the nickname boss from his gran because as he grew up he would tell everyone that he was the boss, he had been living in England for two years and hated it, he hated all the racism and wanted to move back to Bangladesh where all his friends were and where he had been happy and had enjoyed life, boss often told his parents that he did not like living in England and wanted to go back home to Bangladesh but his parents told him that he would have to get used to England as they would not go back to Bangladesh, boss’s dad owned and ran a grocery

Mark was a bi sexual boy who lived in a small country village, his dad owned the only shop in the village and Mark delivered the groceries that had been ordered to the villagers at their homes, today he was on his way to the farm on the out skirts of the village with a bag of groceries, he knew the family that lived there and knew that none of the three kids went to school and could not read or write, as he walked along the country lane to the farm he saw the green range rover coming towards him swerving from side to side, Mark knew it was old farmer Jones driving and that he was probably drunk

Previous part link My wife slipped out of bed one morning and went to our kitchen and returned snuggling up against me and said she brought something for me to practice with. I turned to her and said what are you talking about? My wife then pulled her hand from the covers and showed me a cucumber, which I responded with, and what is that for? I want you to imagine your sucking a cock, I want to see you sucking it up close, and then she placed it at my lips and said open like a good little cock sucker I know you are. So I opened my mouth and she slowly pushed it into my mouth and started

The clothes making factory stood on the out skirts of the small Indian town and like a lot of the factories that made clothes in India conditions were harsh, pay was very poor and workers ill treated. The factory was making loads of money which the English owners squandered. After complaints were made to the authorities the factory owner was arrested and given five years in jail, his two sons sixteen year old Steve and eighteen year old Mark were ordered to work at the factory as cleaners, his daughter Sara who was two years younger than her brother Steve was also ordered to work at the factory in the office. By law the factory was now the property of

Fictional. She had stayed with her brother and his wife many times. She had always gotten on well with her sister in law. Julia was 35. A tall busty long haired blonde 5,11 blue eyes. Slim and athletic. Her sister in law Carly was 5’9 busty with long dark hair green eyes. Julia was married she was in town for a week, for a conference. Staying with her brother was a convenient 5 minute drive to the conference venue. She had been out for walks with Carly the two girls making the most of the time. Carly’s husband worked late most nights. They had often discussed fantasies and things they loved to do. Carly had embraced them more than Julia.

It was just after three in the morning, it was mid summer and despite it being the middle of the night it was still very warm. the run down council estate was quiet, most of the residents of the estate were asleep in bed,  residents of the twenty two story tower block of flats were finding it difficult to sleep because the blocks air cooling unit had been broken down for over a month making it hot and sweaty in the flats. Outside in the street there were three vans parked each van was an unmarked police van with plain clothes police officers in the vans waiting for the order to carry out a raid on a flat in the

Hi everyone here I came to continue my sex life experience with you all again. Thanks for the your comments. After my First Group fun with 2-gays I was continued my regular life days passed and I went to collage but I never meat any new gay partner because I started enjoying my collage life, Only Senthil I have as a gay partner we use to meet regularly in beach in weekends when ever Senthil have place and when I have place at my home we use to have regular gay sex But I am never stopped to read sex stories and xxx movies like this days passed after some time Senthil got married and I am busy with my

Girl’s nights out. Girl’s days out and then yes, a weekend or two away. I put it down to golf, to release from the drudge of a working life. Women, well they were more gregarious than men. They liked each other’s company and they gossiped. I was honestly pleased about that. Pleased that Annette didn’t feel in my pocket, didn’t feel the need to ‘ask permission’ to go out with friends. She was dressing kind of horny I must admit. High heeled Italian leather boots and very tight jeans. She wore balcony bras that put her tits on show. But I trusted her enough because they were firmly girls nights out. Amongst the gaggle of women there was one who

Hi everyone here I came to continue my sex life experience with you all again. After my first gay experience I am not able to stop myself to visit regularly to marine beach at late evenings to enjoy gay sex life but it was so difficult to get right partners every time but still I am not able to stop self going to beach so may disappointments and little good enjoyments like that days passed. One evening one guy came and sit with me in the beach and started conversation and it was general details sharing and then he started asking about gay sex interest I said I am still don’t much experience to this enjoyment so in any way

Hi every one me Prabu from Chennai now I am 38 years old , I am going to share my real life sex experience with you all that how I identified my sexual rays ( type of sex I love ) as every one of this site visitors I am also a daily online sex story reader ( stories-love.com ). This is my first time so any mistakes and boring means kindly forgive me. Let’s start 1. In my Life I was started as Regular Teenager for masturbating 2. Gay sex with other male partners 3. Straight sex with my wife 4. NOW I am Bisexual with women and male Couple partners…. As every teenager when I was in my hi-school days

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