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Prisha was a twelve year old Indian girl who lived above the shop owned by her dad in a small English town, Prisha was well liked in the Indian community, she was a quiet girl who caused no problems and treated her elders with respect, she was willing to help anybody if they needed help and was good at solving problems, she was very intelligent for a girl her age and people thought that she would go to university and become a doctor like she had said that she wanted to do. Prisha would often work over the week end in her dad’s shop which pleased her dad very much. Prisha had earned the nick name Angel but Prisha knew that she was no Angel and if people knew what she was really like they would disown her and have nothing to do with her, Prisha was a peeping tom and liked spying on the boys and had watched her brother masturbate quite a few times by looking through his bedroom door key hole, she had drilled a small hole in the shops toilet wall and watched a few boys in there. It was a Saturday evening when Prisha was working on her own in the shop when sixteen year old Steve a local thug entered the shop and said to Prisha ” I am dying for a piss can I use your toilet ” Prisha readily agreed and after Steve had gone into the toilet she went and looked through the hole that she had drilled in the wall, Prisha smiled broadly as she saw Steve stood in front of the pan with his jeans wide open and his seven inch hairy dick on show, as Prisha watched she was thinking find that magazine of naked girls I left on the floor, and when Steve bent and picked it up Prisha thought cool and watched as Steve looked at it and when his dick slowly grew to a nine inch erection Prisha thought nice and watched as Steve jerked his solid dick and after a few minutes when Steve squirted five long spurts of cum Prisha thought yeah very nice best I have seen for a long time and returned to the counter but was back at the hole when Steve’s best mate Martin used the toilet and was soon watching Martin as he jerked his seven inch shaved dick and squirted cum in three spurts. Prisha thought nice as good as Steve but still good. Prisha carried on watching her brother jerk in his bedroom and boys jerk in the shop toilets and wished for a lot more to happen.