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There had been a hotel standing on the edge of the small English town for just over one hundred and fifty two years, but then the owners went bankrupt and the hotel closed and after legal debates was sold to a very rich business man who converted the hotel into a mansion, after moving in with his family the business man employed some of the local residents of the town. Sixteen year old Steve was the son of the business man and became known as a bad mouthed punk who caused trouble, Steve was not liked much by the staff who worked at the mansion, he was thought of as a bully. Steve’s parents went away on a six week holiday giving the staff a paid holiday, Steve was left in the mansion on his own which he was quite happy with. Sara was the twelve year old daughter of one of the kitchen staff who worked at the mansion and had gone to the mansion to get a book her mum had left behind, Sara was in the kitchen looking for the book when she heard a voice that she knew was Steve’s, Sara looked out through the join of the serving hatch door and saw Steve on the stairs talking on his phone, Sara gasped when she saw that Steve was naked she had a good clear view of his seven inch hairy dick hanging down, Sara that cool and watched as Steve stopped part way down the stairs lent on the stair bannister and carried on talking to his girl friend over the phone, Sara stood looking through the join in the serving hatch door admiring the sight of the naked Steve, after a minute Sara saw Steve’s dick twitch and watched in awe as it grew and stuck out straight from his body then after a couple minutes continued to grow to a full nine inch erection, Sara thought that is massive, it was the first older boy that she had seen naked with an erection and thought it was cool, after watching Steve for a few minutes Sara thought things are getting better as Steve started to run the tip of his finger up and down his erect dick, then when Steve took his dick in his hand and started to slowly jerk his dick Sara thought this is better that a porn film and watched as Steve started to stroke faster and faster and when Steve squirted three long spurts of cum and two shorter ones Sara thought a hell of a lot better than porn films, Sara saw Steve start to move down the stairs so grabbed her mum’s book and left the mansion, once home Sara phoned her friends telling them what she had seen and arranged to take them to the mansion in the hope that they would be able to get to watch Steve jerk off. Steve saw Sara in the grounds and thought wonder what that smelly bitch wants.