Pao was sat in her bedroom looking out the window and like she had many times before was wondering why the house she lived in and the house next door were so far away from the houses in the street, there were ten houses each side of the street then a long empty space and the two house facing down the street away from the others, she knew that in her home country of Bangladesh the houses were all crammed together and the village she came from there were only wood or mud huts, there were no brick built houses, as she looked out the window she saw Steve the boy who lived next door stagger into the garden Pao

The mansion that was situated on the edge of a small English town was owned by one of the richest families in the world, they also owned various other small firms in the town and only employed residents who lived in the town one of who was sixteen year old Steve, it was a surprise to residents of the town when Steve got a job at the mansion, Steve had a very bad reputation for being a burglar and a bully and he was feared by many of the town residents who thought that it would not be long before Steve started thieving from the mansion but Steve saw the job as a good thing with a regular income and

Pao was a twelve year old Bengali girl who was waiting in the casualty area of the hospital for her mum who had been brought to the hospital by ambulance after falling down the stairs at home. It was late and Pao was getting bored she had been waiting for over a hour, after a few more minutes a nurse went to Pao and told her that her mum had broken her ankle and was going to be kept in hospital for a couple of days, the nurse then told Pao that because there was nobody at home to look after her they had called social services who were going to come and collect her and look after her, just

Coo was a very unhappy ten year old Bengali girl living with her uncle in London, she had been given the nickname of coo by her grandmother because she was always saying coo, coo was staying with her uncle because her mum was in hospital and her dad had left home a few years ago this meant that there was nobody to look after her so she was staying with her uncle. Coo wanted to be back at her own home but knew it would be another week before her mum was out of hospital and fit enough to look after her. It was early in the morning when coo woke up and got out of bed to go use

Sharon was the biggest trouble maker in the school, she was anti everything and very violent, at the age of just sixteen years old she did not have many friends and was not liked by many people, those that did like her were carefull not to upset and annoy her, they knew that if they did they would more than likely get beaten up very badly by the thug girl. Anjana was a bi sexual girl who was two years younger than Sharon and well hated by Sharon, Sharon gave Anjana aggro every chance she got, so when Anjana saw Sharon in the old disused factory Anjana very quickly hid behind a wall from where she watched Sharon through a

Simon was sitting in one of the rooms at the training school for the blind, his cousin was out training with a new guide dog, Simon was sat near the window with his cousins white cane beside him, Simon hated visiting the training school there was no telly to watch or books that were not in braile to read, from the window Simon could see his cousin walking around the grounds with a guide dog, Simon was about to get up when the door opened and one of the volunteers who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, poked her head round the door Simon knew the girl was a mouthy girl and that

It was cold outside and not many people were about most were inside their homes where it was nice and warm. Asif who was a twelve year old Bengali boy was walking towards the farm on the outskirts of town where he intended to sleep in the hay barn, both of his parents were dead so he was living with his uncle and aunt who did not want him and were always having a go at him and treated him very badly, tonight they were out but his cousin Anjana who was sixteen years old was in and she was always real bad to him, Asif had been in his room and walked down the corridor that was in complete

Sub was a twelve year old Bengali boy who had earned the nickname sub because he liked swimming under water. Sub was having an unofficial break from his school work, he was walking round the old part of the school that was not in use any more and out of bounds but where many students went to skive from lessons. Sub was going up a flight of stairs when he heard a voice he looked round and on a stair well opposite the one he was on he saw sixteen year old Mandy, sub knew that Mandy was a violent racist who was well feared and not to be trusted, sub knew that if Mandy saw him she would give

It was quiet on the large council housing estate, twelve year old coo was and houses a Nigerian girl who had been given the nickname of coo by her gran because she would often say coo for no reason. Coo and her family had moved to England from Nigeria a couple of weeks ago and had been lucky enough to get a house on the housing estate Coo was wary she had heard that there was a lot of racists living on the estate and that they were violent. It was just starting to get dark and as she walked coo could see lights going on in the flats and houses and could see people through their windows as they

Anjana was a fourteen year old Bengali bi sexual girl who had been shunned by her community, they wanted to have nothing to do with her they said that she was evil and should be stoned, Anjana knew that they would not stone her and felt safe, she lived in the old disused cricket pavillion near to the school but still got a lot of verbal abuse despite her dad being an Imam. It was the end of the school term and a dance was being held at the school, from the old pavillion Anjana could see the flashing lights from the party and could hear the music quite plainly she thought that the music was a load of rubbish

Twelve year old cook was an illegal immigrant from India who had been nicknamed cook by his dad because he had always said that when he was older he was going to be a world famous cook but after his family had illegally entered England he was now living with them in a derelict tower block of flats avoiding the authorities. It was in the early hours of the morning and cook was sat on a balcony keeping watch for the police and the cross boarder guards, cook could clearly see people moving about in the brand new tower block of flats opposite to where he was, the block was quite close so cook was being extra careful not to

It was in the early hours of the morning and the small town on the coast was quiet, most of the residents of the town were in their beds fast asleep, others were sat watching telly as it was to cold to be out, but on the deserted beach there was a group of twenty racists laying in wait, they had been told there was a small boat of illegal immigrants coming in and the racists intendend to make sure that the immigrants knew that they were not welcome in England. Sixteen year old Steve was the ringleader of the racists he was a thug and well known to the police who were unaware of what was happening, Steve was

Martin, Adam and Steve were three racist and homophobic bullies who caused no end of trouble in the town where they lived, they boys formed a band and stared playing at underground racist and homophobic events, the boys were good and soon had many bookings and were earning lots of money. Ten year old Anjana was the daughter of a local Bengali school teacher and was passing the boys hut as she did she saw Martin through the window and when she saw that he was naked and she could see his seven inch dick Anjana smiled and stopped watching Martin as he walked round naked, Martin suddenly saw Anjana and quickly put a pair of shorts on and ran

The small coastal town was home to many racists who were always ready to attack any of the many illegal immigrants that entered the country through the town, Quite a few immigrants had been beaten up by the racist thugs, older residents just detained the immigrants and called the police and let them deal with the situation, sixteen year old Dean was one of the racist thugs, he drank cheap cider which he often stole from lorries in the small docks, Dean stole anything he could get his hands on as well as drinking the cheap cider he also smoked dope, his girlfriend Sharon was also a racist thug who drank the cheap cider and any other booze she could

Twelve year old Anjana was sat in the dark at her bedroom window watching the rain as it poured down, she loved watching the rain fall and loved watching it flow down the street, it was the early hours of the morning as Anjana watched the rain as she was watching she saw sixteen year old Steve a local racist thug walking through the heavy rain and smiled when she saw that he was soaking wet, Anjana wondered why Steve called her a smelly paki bitch when she was from Bangladesh and not from Pakistan, Anjana saw Steve enter the tower block of flats a short distance from the block that she lived in, Anjana had thought the flats were

Twelve year old Pia was out riding her bike when she felt spots of rain, Pia looked up at the sky and saw that the clouds were very dark and when the rain started to get a bit heavier Pia realised that as it was a seven mile ride back to town there was a chance that she was going to get soaking wet and there was a loud clap of thunder Pia knew that she need to find shelter and headed towards the old farm just up the road from where she lived. Pia knew that her class mate Sue her parents and her older brother Mark lived there but also knew that Sue and her parents were away

It was ten o’clock at night and there had been a power cut on the rough run down housing estate where Ali a young Bengali boy lived, due to the power cut all the street lights, phone box lights and lights on public stairs and walk ways were not working, only lights inside buildings were on, there were next to nobody out on the streets, Ali felt very safe as he walked home from his dad’s corner shop but still walked with caution knowing that there were racist thugs on the estate who would attack him if they could, Ali was going home to collect his sister who he nicknamed bird because she loved birds, bird was ten years old

Pin was a twelve year old girl from Ghana she had been living in England for two years where she had made a lot of friends who had nicknamed pin because she collected pins with different coloured heads. Pin lived at home with her mum and dad but after having an accident pins dad was in hospital and she was going to see him as often as she was allowed to, pin had become well known in the hospital and well liked. As pin walked down the hospital corridor to the ward her dad was on she saw Steve the sixteen year old racist thug being wheeled along in a wheel chair by Martin one of his racist mates, who

Dawn was walking home from school feeling very happy, her parents had gone away for four days taking her sister with them which meant that Dawn had the house to her self for the whole four days and she intended to have some great fun, as Dawn walked down the street she saw Pia the Bengali girl who lived next door to where she lived sitting on her door step, Dawn knew that Pia was hated in her family because she was a lesbian. Dawn who at sixteen was two years older than what Pia was also hated Pia and bullied her a lot, Pia’s family knew this but ignored it, Dawn bullied a lot of people and got away

Asif was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who was not liked due to him being a peeping tom, his own community had disowned and would have nothing to do with him, he got lots of verbal abuse from people and had been beaten up once by an eighteen year old boy when the boy was drunk, the boy had been arrested by the police and got sent to a young offenders centre for twelve months, Asif was living in a caravan just out side town near to a farm, Asif was on his way home when he saw Amy who was four years younger than what he was and who lived on the farm, Amy had just got off

Pao was a fourteen year old Bengali girl who lived on a rough rundown council estate, Pao did not feel safe living on the estate due to there being a lot of racist families on the estate who caused major trouble and problems for the Bengali community, Pao was a bisexual girl but kept it quiet as she knew that her community would disown her if they knew about her sexuality. Pao was walking home from school one Friday evening knowing that she had no school for a few days but was thinking it was not going to be a quiet weekend as the next day there was a wedding between a racist couple and knew there would be a

The storm had been raging for two days the power supply to the small town had cut out plunging the town into total darkness, there was no lighting anywhere in the town, the towns water supply got cut off as the pumps had stopped working and after a few hours all phones had stopped working, then to make things worse the gas supply cut out which meant that there was no heating, residents of the town were trying to cope with candles for light some of the lucky ones had camping gas stoves so were able to cook some food. A couple of boys remembered that at the school there were some generators and headed to the school, sixteen year

Pia was a nine year old Bengali girl who had grown up on the streets of Bangladesh where she learnt how to fend for herself and how to fight, then her uncle brought her to London to live with him and his family but it was not long before Pia was in trouble, she was finding it very hard to adjust to the new way of life and started to get into fights many of which she came of best in, then one day while having a row her sixteen year old cousin Asif she hit him with a lump of wood, her uncle went potty and would not her out of his sight. It was a Saturday afternoon and

The five bedroom house on the edge of town had just undergone a major refurbishment, the builders had completed all the works and left the site sixteen year old Steve had been given the job of removing all unused building materials and other rubbish his job was to give the house a good clean ready for the new owners to move in, Steve was a thug, he was racist homophobic and violent, his girlfriend Dawn who was also sixteen had a reputation that was as bad as Steve’s was, Steve was not happy that the owners of the house was a Bengali family but needed the money which was good so accepted the job and early afternoon on a Friday

Pao was a twelve year old Bengali girl, her parents had both died a few years ago and she now lived with her uncle in England and was classed as runt in the Bengali community, she was bullied and treated like dirt and forced to do all the dirty work, she was made to sleep in the cellar of her uncles house where it was very cold and damp during the winter and very hot during the summer, it was a summer evening and Pao had sneaked back into her uncles house after going out, there was a party taking place in the house to celebrate her cousins sixteenth birthday and not long after being back in the house she

Birdy was a twelve year old Bengali girl, she had been given the nickname birdy by her gran because of her love of birds, birdy was now living in the east end of London but was not happy living there she wanted to go back to Bangladesh where all her friends were and where it was warmer and where there was no racism. The swimming pool near to where birdy lived was closed down by the council despite a big campaign by local residents to keep it open, the building had now been unused and boarded up for six months a campaign to have the building re opened was underway. Birdy was walking home one Sunday afternoon as she passed

Martin lay shaking on the ground as sixteen year old Steve stood over him shouting abuse at him, Steve was a well known violent thug and Martin who was two years younger than what Steve was was a peeping tom and hated by lots of people, Steve had caught Martin spying on his girlfriend Alice who was also sixteen and after a short chase Steve had caught Martin and had beat him up and was now shouting the abuse at him, after ten minutes of shouting abuse and giving him a final kick in the ribs Steve walked away leaving Martin battered bruised and in pain after awhile a man out walking his dog found Martin and called an ambulance,

Pow was a twelve year old black girl from Africa and had been living in England for just under a year, she did not like living in England unlike her own country where it was hot England was very cold and wet Pow preferred to be back in Africa living with her gran who had given her the nickname of Pow because when she swatted a fly she would shout Pow, It was late and Pow was sat in her bedroom of the flat she lived in which was on the eighth floor, As Pow looked out into the darkness she saw a light go on in a room of the block opposite the block she lived in, Pow saw

Bianca woke at 7. Fred asleep next her in the guest room. She lay looking at the ceiling. She got out of bed naked. Walking to the guest room bathroom sitting on the toilet urinating. She looked in the mirror re tieing her hair looking at her naked body in the mirror. She thought how she enjoyed the sex the night before. She walked back to the bed. Fred stirred sitting up. ” Morning. ” He said smiling as Bianca got back into bed. ” Morning. ” She replied. She lay at his side her hand in his chest. ” My wife will be waking up soon ” he said kissing her lips. ” And your downstairs in bed with

It was a very hot day in the small English town and the school truancy officer was being kept busy looking for the students who were skiving of school, some of the students of the town’s school thought it to hot to go to school and were bunking off, the truancy officer had a list of sixteen students who were not in school when they should have been, he had already caught three and took them back to school but with in a hour of being taken back to school sixteen year old Tracy and he boyfriend Tony were back out skiving again, they were on the roof of the derelict building near the outskirts of the town where very