The animal rescue had been standing on the edge of the small English town for ten years. It had once been a farm that had been owned by the same family for nearly one hundred years, but then things started to go bad for the farm owners and despite their hardest efforts they went bankrupt and the farm was brought by an animal rescue charity who cared for animals that had been ill treated or abandoned by their owners. A few residents of the town had volunteered to work at the farm which had been given a big make over by the charity, quite often there were lots of animals at the farm being cared for. It was early evening

Steve lived in a small quiet town in England with his dad who owned and ran a building business, Steve often did clean up for his dad, when a job had been finished Steve often went to the site and cleaned any mess that was left and today was on his way to a farm a couple of miles out side of town where his dad had fitted new doors in the farm house, Steve knew that the farmer and his wife were away leaving their daughter July to run the farm, July was in the same class at school as what Steve was, her sister Sara who was two years younger than what Steve was had a reputation for

Sara was a sixteen year old girl who lived in England with her sister Amy who was four years younger than what she was, her parents were both missionaries who did a lot of work with the tribes in the jungles of Africa, when her parents were in Africa Sara wold go and stay with her Aunt so that she could keep up with her studies. Sara was now sat with her best friend July in Africa after going with her parents on one of their trips, Sara’s parents were visiting a tribe, Amy appeared and told the girls that a report had come through that a local tribe who worshiped animals had been attacked by poachers and were very

Tracy was the daughter of one of the richest men in the country, at just sixteen years of age Tracy had everything that she wanted, she went on holiday three times a year to the family villa in Italy, she dressed in designer clothes and attended many functions, it was at one of these functions that Tony the son of another very rich man took her to the wine cellar where he slid her one piece ballroom gown off her shoulders letting her bra less boobs fall into view and after sucking her nipples for a few minutes pulled the designer split on her gown open and slid her panties down and off then after rubbing her hairless love tube

The zoo was situated on the outskirts of the town and brought thousands of visitors each week all being charged five pound to get in, sixteen year old Emma had guessed that the zoo must be raking in tens of thousands of pounds each week and that due to a country wide strike by all security guards the weeks takings must be in the safe in the office, and as there were no security guards to patrol the zoo the money would be easy to nick, Emma worked out a plan on how to get into the zoo which included climbing over the wall at the rear of the zoo, once inside Emma would then make her way to the

It was late one Friday night I had been on a date with my girlfriend. Both of us being only 17 the only thing we ever do is pet, kiss and sometimes she gives me a blow job. This night was different because she was so upset with her mom and the fight they had she was in no mood for anything. My parents were gone for the weekend and after taking my girlfriend home I decided I was going to see if my little sister wanted to watch some horror movies with me. My sister Lucy is a year younger but a little more shy and tends to stay to herself. When arriving home all the lights were off

Karen had been born on a pig breeding farm and all her sixteen years had grown up on the farm so when her parents went away a months holiday they were very happy to leave Karen to run the farm along with her sister Amy who was four years younger than what Karen was and had also been born on the farm. It was on the second night after their parents had gone away that Karen heard a lot of noise coming from outside in the farm yard and looking out the window saw a group of animal rights protesters from her school, Amy had also seen them and told Karen that she would call the police, Karen said ”

Much to the dismay of the residents of a small English country town a government lab had been built on the out skirts of the town where they lived, after the lab had been open for six months none of the residents were one hundred percent sure what was taking place in the lab many of the residents assumed that animals were being used to test things on, the government would not give any details out, those who worked at the lab were to scared to reveal what they did for fear of being sacked if they did. A few residents had tried to get into the lab to find out what was taking place in there but failed, bribing

Residents of the small country town were really worried, the weather forecast had stated that there was going to be a very heavy storm with heavy rain, thunder and lightening and winds of over one hundred and eighty miles an hour the strongest ever recorded, residents had boarded up their homes and stocked up on extra supplies but they were still worried for their safety and the safety of the town, some residents left the town and headed into the hills where there were old mines where they took shelter. Some residents took no notice of the weather forecast saying that the forecasters never got it right, sixteen year old Karen a racist hard thug was one of those who

Martin was a sixteen year old thug who was not liked, he was homophobic, racist and violent and suspected of being responsible for many local burglaries, Martin was stood outside the small corner shop in the shadows watching the shop, Martin knew that the Bengali owner of the shop had not been to the bank for a few days so he had guessed that there would be plenty of money in the shop he had seen the shop owner and his wife go home a hour ago and since they had left there had been no lights or movement in the shop, Martin started walking towards the shop and after a final check slipped round to the rear of the

Sixteen year old Sharon and her sister Amy who was four years younger were both working part time in a vets practice, their mum was an alcoholic who was always drunk spending all her money on booze, so the girls did spare time jobs to earn money to buy food and clothes, it was a very hot day the practice had closed, Sharon had gone with the vet to help him as he treated an injured horse on the outskirts of town, Amy was working in the practice on her own and was getting ready to clean the pig pen and as it was a very hot day was not wearing anything under her overalls in the hope that she

It was going to be the second visit to aunt Flora again within a short time of the year. It was just the arrival of the springtime and Erica’s mom told her about the likely visit to aunt Flora’s town. It would be the same as last time though maybe a little shorter. Erica’s mind could not stop without wondering about many new opportunities she would have in the familiar areas of the known forest during this visit. Since her last visit, Erica has grown into a beautiful young girl of fifteen, just a few months less than sixteen; she was very young. Her quest for getting naked and wanted to be seen naked by others had taken larger dimensions.

It was a week after her first experience with dogs and Mandy was waiting for her cousin Tracy to turn up and when she did the pair started walking towards where the dog club was being held on route Tracy told Mandy that when they got there they would be assigned a handler who after they were naked would put a dog collar and chain on them and rub a oil that dogs loved over their body then lead the girls round a room while they were on their hands and knees and let the dogs do their work. When they got to the club Mandy saw Colin there with his dog on a lead when she pointed Colin out

The lorry carrying the gorilla to it’s new home at a different zoo was not travelling very fast as it approached the bend in the country lane but as the lorry went round the bend it suffered a puncture which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, the lorry over turned as it did the back doors of the cage sprung open allowing the gorilla to escaped, the driver of the lorry was stunned in the accident and it was half a hour before the crash scene was found, an alert was put out by the police and a search for the escaped gorilla was mounted. At the school near to the crash scene they had been told

It was a very windy evening as sixteen year old Mandy struggled home battling against the wind as she went, Mandy was very annoyed, despite being advised by her mum not to go out Mandy had gone out to meet up with her boyfriend Steve and had gone prepared for a good time and had worn a lose fitting skirt and no panties to give Steve easy access, Steve did not turn up, Mandy was battling against the very strong wind as she struggled along the deserted country lane doing her best to hold her skirt down which had blown up a few times, Tracy dropped her phone which slipped through a stye, Mandy tried to reach through the bars

Dawn was sixteen years of age and lazy but loved dogs so when a part time job at the local dog kennels was advertised Dawn very quickly applied for it and was very happy when she got a job working Saturdays after working at the kennels for a month and enjoying it Dawn was called to the office where the owner of the kennels asked her if she could work Monday evening and lock up after her shift. Dawn jumped at the chance readily agreeing. On the Monday Dawn went straight to the kennels after school where the owner gave her the keys and showed her how to set the alarms before leaving for a meeting. Dawn went round checking

Mr Khan was just starting his last shift at the zoo where he had worked for forty years and now at sixty eight years of age he was retiring. After doing his checks and finding everything in order he watched the last member of the day shift leave then sat down to read the memos left by his boss, the first memo told him that Dawn Miller would be arriving about nine after her football practice to study the gorilla’s in connection with her school work, Mr Khan knew that Dawn was sixteen years old and a loud mouthed violent racist and was not looking forward to having her in the zoo, just after nine Mr Khan went to the

Erica loved animals and her participation with cheerleaders Team for the animal show had given her this wonderful opportunity towards the cause for animals. She was also a member of the PET Organisation which was doing charity work for injured animals. Erica waved to the other girls as they were leaving the sports complex after the game that evening. Andrea asked one more time, “You sure Erica, you don’t want me to stay and help ?” “No,” Erica answered. “Just go and have fun. I’ll be along later.” “Okay, see ya then,” yelled Andrea as she waved and walked towards the out gate. Erica watched only for a moment as all other players and girls were leaving. She then picked

It was late on a Friday afternoon and the school had closed for the weekend, all the students had gone home for the weekend except for the school bully Tracy who was sixteen years old, her class mate Mark who was a flasher and Sara who was four years younger than the other two and a right Trouble maker, the trio were in detention sat in a classroom waiting for the tutor Mr. Jenkins to return, other than those four the school was empty. Mr Jenkins had gone for a cup of tea half a hour ago but Tracy knew that the tutor had a drink problem and kept a stash of Gin in his locker and had told the

Sara was sat in the farm house of the farm owned by her dad looking at the list of jobs that her dad had drawn up for her to do and noticed that top of the list was cleaning out the boar pen, Sara’s mum had left home when Sara was ten years old leaving Sara’s dad to bring her up on his own, now at sixteen years old Sara was quite an expert at working on the farm and knew how to do nearly all the jobs on the farm so when her dad had to go into hospital for a routine operation he was happy to leave Sara to run the farm. Sara finished eating her breakfast Sara

Kaylie was pulled out of her uneasy sleep by the early morning sounds of a manor farm. On the barn floor, far below her refuge in the hay loft, there were voices and sounds of horses being led out and hitched together into a team. There was the teamsters low chatter, the answering whickers and grumbles of draft animals being put into harness turned her initial panic into a deep aching homesickness. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling hot tears making tracks over her dirty face. Another day on the run, another day of constantly gnawing hunger, another day of the terror and loneliness of being hunted down in a strange kingdom, far from home. Another day spent as an

Chapter 1: Kati becomes a slave Kati Loreal sat at the desk of her aunt’s lawyer. She knew that she should have been heartbroken; having just heard that her aunt had died but she was not. After all, even though her aunt was, technically, her only living relative, Jane had barely any contact with for several years. And when her parents had died two years prior; instead of taking her in, she had left her in a group home to rot. Aunt Jane simply did not care about her, Kati told herself, which was why it came as a huge when surprise when, out of the blue, Jane’s lawyer, Mr. Patrick Fitzsimmons had called so as to alert her that

I remember as it was yesterday. Since my mom had decided to let me live and dress as Paula a woman. It was a nice spring day and I just got my driver license and went for a ride. Well I was dress as Paula as I did always but today I had juta mini skirt on and spaghetti strap short on with pink bra and thong. Well I had drove up the old back road when my car decided to start acting up. Well I pulled over and turned it off. Since I was in middle of nowhere I knew that nobody else ever travels that road. So I thought I’d just let the car sit a while. I

We were talking about Laura, I described the beautiful place she lives at, while we were brushing augie to a nice shine, and as though she read our minds, when out of the blue she called! I put the call on speaker phone, so all three of us could converse. She said that she wanted us to visit her and her boys soon! We chatted for another hour and said that we would love to meet her boys, after we ended the call, we flipped a coin to see who got to get fucked by augie first, Judy won the toss, so she pulled down her panties and got down on all fours, augie was excited and mounted her and

I had just turned 16 and was a sophomore in high school. I was also a virgin. Not due to any abstinence idea, but just because I hadn’t met the right person to give it up to. I do get a lot of attention from boys due to my big boobs which I inherited from my mom. I have a nice trim waist and 36d breasts which make me look almost top heavy. Well actually very top heavy. One day the school closed at noon due to a water leak. I walked the two blocks home and was surprised to see mom’s car in the driveway. I entered through the back door quietly, curious as to what she might be

Well after mom got back from her trip an me trying to not on that I had let Rex fuck me the whole time she was gone. Mom asked me how I enjoyed the time home and what I did. I told her watch TV and stuff. Fully knowing what really happened. Well she got me new mini dresses and mini skirts and blouses and corsets when she was away. Well I took them upstairs Rex whining downstairs when I did. Well the next morning I got up and mom was awake an asked me if I wanted to help her with her flowers. I said yes. We got dressed and went outside. Well I was down on my hands

England had been in the grips of a hurricane for three days, winds were recorded at over one hundred miles per hour, very heavy rain had fallen none stop, a lot of damage had been caused, many buildings had been badly damaged because of the wind some had been totally destroyed, rivers had burst their banks causing a lot of flooding and wide spread damage but now the rains had stopped and the wind was dying down, there were lots of warnings about dangerous buildings and flooded roads but people were venturing out of there homes and life was starting to get back to normal, sixteen year old Cindy was heading out to meet her boyfriend Steve and was annoyed

Well being a young crossdresser. Dressing as Paula 24/7. Well my mom was going out of town for a few days. Mom left me some money and told me that not to worry that nobody around this town. Well she said plus our great Dane Rex here and he would tare someone up if tried to break in or anything being completely Paula 24 7 an 16 was worried about it. She left that morning. Later on I went out in my string bikini and sunbathe for a while. Well on the way back in the house Rex followed me and keep sticking his nose on my ass cheeks and trying to lick my gurly-boi-pussi hole. I told him to

Janet and I got up early. We had a busy day ahead of us. First we had to travel two hundred miles to meet a man in a Walmart parking lot. After that we would travel another fifty miles to meet another man at a truck stop just off the interstate. Our first meeting was at 10 AM at Walmart. The second meeting was at 3 PM. We would have to leave the house by 6 AM, so I woke Janet up. “Wake up Hon,” I said as I shook her. “We have to get ready and leave by 6 and no later.” Janet rolled over on her back, her forearm over her forehead. “What time is it? “It’s 4:15,

The following is an absolutely true story of how I had my first sexual encounter. We have always had dogs around my house from as far back as I can remember. It was only when I got to around 13 years old that one day, while I was wearing short shorts and playing with my dog. He stuck his nose up the leg of the shorts and started licking my pussy. After I had gotten over the shock, I realized that this was the most intense thing I had ever felt in my life. Needless to say, from that day forward, I took every opportunity to allow him access to my pussy so he could lick and sometimes I would