All Round View

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The hotel had been situated on the edge of a small village in England, it had been a thriving business for many years with guests of the hotel staying there and visiting the local historic sites, but when the motorway was built fewer and fewer people stayed at the hotel, then a couple of years after the motorway was built the owners of the hotel decided to sell it, but nobody wanted to buy it but then it was sold to one of the richest men in the world who converted the hotel into a country mansion where he lived with his wife his sixteen year daughter Carol and Amy who was four years younger than what Carol was, the two girls soon earned a reputation as stuck up snobs who treated the residents of the village like dirt, there were often dinner parties held at the mansion but the residents of the village were never invited to them. Colin who was two years younger than what Carol was quite often went to the mansion because his mum worked there, Colin was a known peeping tom in the area and not liked, when at the mansion Colin often wished he could see more of the girls and despite his best efforts he never saw what he wanted to see. The owner of the mansion and his wife went away on a three week business trip leaving the two girls on their own, there was only one member of staff on duty who went home mid-afternoon each day. Colin took his mum’s keys one afternoon and went to the mansion, after letting himself in Colin looked round the place as he got to a room next to the roof he stopped in his tracks, through the window of the room Colin could see Carol laying naked face down sunbathing, he admired her cute bum hoping that she would roll over onto her back and after five minutes when Carol did roll over onto her back Colin thought very nice as he looked in awe at her firm boobs and shaved love tube, as he looked at Carol he noticed that her nipples were erect sticking up like two little matchsticks, Colin stood watching the blonde haired snob as she sunbathed and after a few minutes when Carol put her hand between her legs and started to rub her love tube and used her other hand to massage her boobs Colin thought this has been worth waiting for, after a few minutes of rubbing her love tube Carol stood up walked to a sun lounger and lay on it hanging her legs either side of the lounger, Colin smiled as he looked at Carol’s open love tube and when she inserted her fingers into it and started to masturbate Colin thought oh yes better than a porn film and watched as the unsuspecting Carol masturbated, after watching for ten minutes Colin saw Carol arch her back and gush, Colin thought very nice pity I do not have my phone to film it. After fifteen minutes Carol got up from the lounger and left the roof, Colin heard a shower go on and thought do not forget to wash your hands. After half a hour Colin saw Carol walking down the drive as he looked over the roof, he was about to leave the roof when Amy walked out onto the roof wearing a bikini, Colin thought part two I hope and watched Amy who after a few minutes took her bikini off, Colin stared at her cute bum and when she turned admired her just developing boobs and love tube, Amy lay on her back and after a hour got up and left the roof, Colin thought why do you not follow after your sister, Colin saw Amy leave the mansion and was about to go when he saw three of the local sixteen year old girls entering the mansion, he saw one was Sara the daughter of the head cook, Colin heard her say to her two mates, ” come on they will not be back for hours let us go swimming, the three friends were soon swimming naked unaware that Colin was watching them. Later that night as he lay in bed at home Colin was thinking who needs a hotel there is so much more to see at a mansion.