Mia was walking to her uncles shop at six in the morning, it was her turn to deliver the early morning papers, as she walked along the street Mia was still thinking about the strange flashing lights she had seen in the sky during the night wondering where they had come from she was also wondering where the dull humming noise she had heard had come from, as she got to the shop Mia saw that the door was still locked and thought that her cousin Asif had over slept again and went up the ally to the back of the shop, when she got to the rear of the shop she looked through the window and saw Asif who

Residents of the small English town wondered what was going on air force jets and helicopters had been flying over the town all day, police cars had been travelling the streets warning people to stay indoors and keep their doors and windows locked, then the army appeared on the streets, the news channels were broadcasting reports that alien space crafts had been seen in the sky over England, some residents of the town had ignored the warnings and tried going out but the army soon sent them back home, Troops were stationed at various points round the town, one of the young soldiers threw a cigarette butt into the garden, sixteen year old Tracy opened the door and yelled at

The evening had begun like any other evening in the small quiet English village, the small village shop had just closed for the night while the pub was just opening, Geoff the village police officer was on his way to the town thirty miles away for his weekly meeting with his boss, sixteen year old Emma was walking home from school along the narrow country lane towards the village she was not happy after having been in detention which had made her late, not far behind her was Colin who was two years younger than what Emma was, he had also been in detention but did not care, Colin was well known for being a peeping tom and was often

Sixteen year old Sharon was a racist loud mouthed bully girl who was not well liked, it was early as Sharon walked through the derelict building on her way to school wondering what all the fuss was about she had seen police cars all round the small town where she lived and a couple of military helicopters flying over head and heard the stories of a space ship being seen during the night but in her normal carefree and aggressive attitude had told people it was a load of bollocks and fake news. As she walked through the derelict sight she saw the twelve year old Bengali boy who she had often bullied he was looking at three strange shaped

John was a homeless man living in a derelict factory in the small town, he was fifty years old and had been homeless for the last ten years and for the last year had lived in the derelict factory where he got a lot of abuse from local kids who had set fire to the boxes he slept in, for the last two months he had seen the flashing lights in the sky above the factory and had watched them in awe, it was an early evening and the three sixteen year old girls who gave John the most trouble appeared, John had got to know their names and watched as Sharon Cindy and Helen walked across the room and

It was a quiet sunny summer afternoon and as was normal in the small country village not many people were about, the schools had just closed for the day and the students were slowly making their way home, most were in no hurry to get home but others were rushing to get home and off the streets. There had been reports of a strange light and shape in the sky above the village which caused rumours that aliens were going to invade and take over earth, the authorities reported that it was a weather balloon and that there was no need to worry and that everybody was safe and to continue their normal daily lives. Sixteen year old Tina was

Jet fighters were flying over the small town in the early hours of the morning, police and military personal were out on the streets residents of the town were woken from their sleep by all the noise, residents were told to stay inside their homes and to keep all windows and doors locked, then the news channels broadcast reports that unidentified aircraft had been picked up on radar then suddenly disappeared a police patrol reported seeing a bright green light in the sky that descended to the ground when the football pitch where the light had descended to was examined a high level of radiation as well as strange shapes in the soil was found, stories of Aliens having landed

There had been stories in the newspapers and on the telly news reports that a U.F.O. had been spotted flying over England and that the Royal Air Force had been tracking a space ship but had been unable to make any form of contact with the space ship, many people thought that the stories were a hoax and refused to believe in them, but the reports kept coming in, no civilians ever saw the space ship and more and more people thought the stories were some sort of ploy to get people to join the military services, then the reports stated the space ships had disappeared and that there was no sign of them. Then one morning when the youngsters

It was early evening on a warm summers night, the big mansion that stood just over five fives miles out side of the nearest town had a lot of activity happening inside of it, the man who owned it and was one of the richest men in the world had gone away on a business trip and would be away for two or three months, his wife had left him for a toy boy a couple of years ago Sara who at sixteen years of age and their only daughter had been left in charge of the running of the house while her dad was away and was having a dinner party for a few of her friends, none of

All night long residents of the small country town had been kept awake by the strange high pitched humming sound that had filled the night air the flashing lights that happened at the same time had also kept people awake, the police had been inundated with calls concerning the noise and flashing lights but no matter how hard they tried they could find out where the disturbance was coming from but just after six o clock in the morning the humming sound stopped and not long after the flashing lights stopped flashing, the residents of the town thought peace at long last and started going about their daily routine knowing they would not get any sleep before it was time

For quite a few weeks residents of the small village were baffled by a very small green light that kept appearing at night from the sky, many residents thought it was a laser but could not explain where it was coming from, the light did not seem to be causing any damage, the military stated that the light was nothing to do with them, the police could not track the source of the light, top government scientists were brought in and they could not come up with any logical explanation for the light, old Tom started parading about the village saying ” the end of the world is near repent all your sins” as normal Tom was ignored, the origin

The country had been enduring very hot weather for a couple of months, each day the temperature seemed to get hotter than the day before, heat records were being broken on a regular scale. The small country village was rationing water, the local corner shop had run out of ice cream and cold soft drinks with suppliers unable to keep up with the demand, the villagers were not doing much that used energy instead they were staying indoors or in shaded areas. The local river had dried up so nobody could go swimming in it to cool off. It was now early evening and the temperature had dropped a bit but it was still warm and sticky and residents of

Many people were talking about the storm that had struck over night they thought that it was weird that there had been forked lightening that hit many places with doing any damage at all, but there had been no thunder or rain, building engineers had been out checking the buildings for any damage and could not find any they declared that all buildings were one hundred per cent safe, scientists could come up with no explanation for the lightening. Sixteen year old Steve was still in bed after being out all night with his friends causing mayhem in the local town and getting drunk, he had arrived home at four o clock in the morning making a noise as he

The talk of the town was all about the strange lights that had been flashing in the sky above the town all night nobody knew where they were from there were no music festivals in the area or any other events that could explain the lights, people were still looking up at the sky but the lights could no longer be seen. It was now mid after noon and unexplained mounds had appeared in various parts of the town, the mounds were dismissed as the work of fly tippers as they were the same size and solid. The residents of the town carried on life as normal, the under eighteen years of age football match was under way sixteen year

The spaceship had been hovering over the small country town for a month, all attempts by the powers to be to make contact with the aliens on board the space craft had failed, fighter planes from the air forced had flew past the space craft a few times and got no response. Now it had been deemed that the aliens were friendly and intended the people of earth no harm this was backed up when one of the local residents fell into the swollen fast flowing river and was struggling, suddenly the resident was lifted out of the water by an invisible force and was gently put down on dry ground and after being examined by a doctor there was

16 year old Cindy was the school bully who was well feared by her fellow students and most of the teachers, Cindy would go up to a teacher with a cigarette and tell them to give her a light, she did not ask just demand and despite it being a no smoking at the school teachers would give her a light in fear of being hit if they never, if the teacher did not have a light they would go and get one from some where. It was a hot sunny afternoon when a space craft was seen hovering over the school which caused the school to go into a security shut down, all outer doors were closed and locked

The tower block of flats was just coming to life, it was 7 in the morning John was just entering the kitchen where he lived his mum had already gone to work he saw his 16 year old step sister Amy who was a couple of years older than him at the table eating breakfast, there was suddenly flashes of like lightening, Amy stood up looked at John and instead of bad mouthing him said  ” I am going to show you something you have wanted to see since you moved here a year ago” John looked at Amy said ” what’s that” and stared wide eyed as Amy took her dressing gown off and stood naked, John stared at

The green light had been shining over the town most of the night, the boss was in a foul mood the five 16 year old boys were sky larking about, his daughter Amy who was a lot younger than the boys and had not started the big school was there, the boss yelled at the boys to shut up the boys did so straight away, the boss walked to the door telling the boys he had a meeting, then told the boys to shower go home and told Steve to make sure his daughter Amy got home safely and left, to her surprise the boys all started to take their kit off and soon she was looking at five naked

At the first sign of the spaceship all the teachers and other staff had ran from the school leaving the pupils to fend for them selves not long after the staff had fled strange shaped figures had emerged from the space ship and entered the school where all the pupils had gathered in the assembly hall with the head prefect 17 year old Mark trying to control them and keep them calm, a strange l thick web had been spun round the entire building nobody could get into the building nor could they see in attempts to cut the web had failed even heat was not making any mark on the web like structure. 16 year old Amy a tough

Mark was walking through the local park with his sister who was a couple of years younger than he was when he saw 16 year old Martin who was a couple of years older than him. Martin was a well known local bully who had beaten Mark up a few times. Suddenly Mark saw a strong beam of light shining from what looked like a space ship, Mark saw a strange shape descend from the space ship. Martin also saw the shape and thought it looked like a disfigured person, in is normal stroppy self went to the shape and kicked it, suddenly Martin was thrown backwards landing on his back, he lay there dazed for a minute before standing

Cindy. Amy, and July were 16 year old best friends sitting at the back of the bus that was stationary miles from town, the driver was trying to start the bus with out luck, 19 year old Steve was sat looking through the window wishing the bus would start and the girls in the back would shut up, Steve noticed the bright green light shining from the sky and got worried as it approached the bus, the three girls carried on calling Steve a dirty old perv and other choice names, they were also calling Sam the 86 year old bus driver a coffin dodger and a useless old twat. The green light engulfed the bus making Steve feel warm,

16 year old Amy was sat with her best mate Tina who was the same age in the unused factory bunking school when they saw the odd shape in the sky, both girls stood watching and staring at it. Amy sat down looked at Tina said ” look there is the guy who pervs after us” Tina looked said ” yeah he is a convicted pedo” both girls stood looking at 48 year old John who was surprised when he did not get the normal amount of verbal abuse from the girls, Amy smiled said ” lets flash our tits at him” Tina replied ” let’s go one better and strip naked and go and talk to him” both girls

16 year old Sara was walking across the field on her way home from school, ahead of her was the Bengali boy who was a couple of years younger than herself but who she took great pleasure in bullying. As she was walking Sara saw a triangle shaped object floating in the sky above her she thought it was some sort of weather balloon and carried on walking, she called out to the Bengali boy whose name she not even know “oh shit head” the boy ignored her, a bright light from the shape in the sky engulfed Sara making her feel strange, after a minute the light faded, Sara felt strange, she looked at the boy quickened her pace

Mark was walking down the road after buying a large portion of chips, he saw year old Tony the thug who was homophobic with his girlfriend, Mark thought oh good he has not seen me and got to the park with out getting any verbal abuse. Mark thought one day he will get his own back on Tony who was just a bit  older than he was, as he entered the park he saw Gary who at 17 was friendly but gave some abuse Gary said “hello queer boy out looking for cock are you” Tony replied in a voice that could be mistaken for a girls voice “oh are you offering” Gary gave the one finger salute and walked

The bright light had shone in the sky above the shopping centre for 10 minutes before fading away. Inside the centre 16 year old Amy had been stocking shelves inside the Indian supermarket to earn some money, the owner’s son who was a couple of years younger than Amy had been watching her admiring the way her boobs pushed her tight fitting jumper out, Amy stood up said “it is fucking hot” and took her jumper off followed by her bra then her jeans and panties, Abdul stared at the naked Amy watching her naked boobs swing about as she worked, in the stock room 17 year old Steve the delivery boy was also standing naked with Abdul’s twin sister

The 22 floor tower block of flats stood in the middle of a run down council housing estate that had a very bad reputation, it was crime ridden with many thugs living there, the local police would not enter the block unless they really had to and then only in pairs, workmen rarely went into the block, even other residents would not enter the block. A bright light had been seen in the sky all night, with reports of strange shaped objects being seen in the tower block and strange noises coming from flats, in the morning the light was gone the strange shapes were gone things appeared normal. 16 year old Sara left the block on her way to

She woke up at 2 am. She lay naked in the upstairs bedroom. It was a hot night and pitch black upstairs. Her husband asleep next to her. He smiled as he was dreaming. She ran her hand to her naked shaved clit rubbing it feeling the sweat mixed with her pussy juices. She put her finger inside herself arching her back as she pleasured herself. She groaned quietly as she slid a hand to her breast rubbing her nipples as she fingered herself. She pulled her finger from her pussy sliding it between her lips tasting her juices and sweat. She sat up and walked to the window she opened the window and stood letting the breeze cool her

This is a story that is a Mix of several different types of stories. Forced, Bondage, Machine, Gay,Fantasy, Horror and maybe a touch of Alien. We were never sure of its Origin. All we really know for sure is that many people in our town were changed in one way or another. Me and My wife Jan had been married for several years, we had just moved in to a new house, well new for us, it needed some repairs that I could handle on my own, nothing major. There were a couple other houses down at the end of the Cul-de-sack but they were much larger than we could ever afford. Ours sat down a dead end, no other

Mia woke up suddenly. She looked at the clock. It was off.  “No power. ” she thought. Light was coming through the blinds on the window but it still felt like it was the middle of the night. She got up to go to the window. As soon as she threw off the covers chills went through her body. It was a cold November night, and since the heater wasn’t on, it was cold. The fact that she was only wearing a night shirt and her panties didn’t help either. She folded her arms as she walked over to the window. She opened the blinds a little bit and the light was blinding, as if someone was shining a spotlight right

It had been a long tour of duty, and the dominion starship  “Invincible ” was 3 days away from docking at star station  “Europa 3 “, orbiting the planet known as Tepiss 4. As the ship needed extended photon sweeping and engine decontamination procedures, the ship would be docked for 2 weeks, and all crew and officers were allowed shore leave. Being a major port, the station had regular shuttles to nearby planets, that were well known for their friendly, and sexually open, inhabitants, that always gave warm welcomes to crew members. Needless to say, the shuttles would be busy for the next few days. Treena Suluswi, minister of science and technology for the planet Entara Prime, and junior science officer on

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