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The four sixteen year old English boys were in India having just got off a flight from England and were now walking along behind Mia an Indian girl who was four years younger than what they were, Mia was leading the four boys to the truck that would take them to the hotel where they would stay for a week, as she walked Mia could hear the racist comments that the racist thugs were issuing but it did not bother Mia she was used to, once at the truck the boys climbed in the back and after a hours drive the truck pulled up outside a ramshackle wooden building that had a sign saying Glory Hotel above the door, Martin

There had been a hotel standing on the edge of the small English town for just over one hundred and fifty two years, but then the owners went bankrupt and the hotel closed and after legal debates was sold to a very rich business man who converted the hotel into a mansion, after moving in with his family the business man employed some of the local residents of the town. Sixteen year old Steve was the son of the business man and became known as a bad mouthed punk who caused trouble, Steve was not liked much by the staff who worked at the mansion, he was thought of as a bully. Steve’s parents went away on a six week

Adah was a young African girl who had been living in England for two years, Adah lived with her gran who was a chronic alcoholic, they lived in a flat on the tenth floor of a tower block of flats near to another tower block of flats, it was late at night Adah was alone in the flat her she knew that her gran was out getting drunk in some dingy pub and would not be home till very late, Adah was sat in her bedroom in the dark, she was looking out of the window when she saw Steve enter a room in the other tower block with his girlfriend Lucy, Adah knew both Steve and Lucy were racist

The whole of England was going through the coldest winter since records began, the temperature had been below freezing for over two weeks which caused the roads to be very icy and slippery which in turn was causing many accidents. Most people were not venturing outside of thier homes instead they were staying inside where it was nice and warm, Tony was a sixteen year old bi sexual boy who lived in a small town in the country side, he was a known peeping tom and flasher and because of his actions he did not have many friends, he was not trusted by many people and was shunned. It was si in the morning when Tony left his home to

Pia was a twelve year old Indian girl who had been in England for just over two weeks, she was an illegal immigrant who had entered the country by boat with her mum and dad as well as ten other Indian immigrants, it had been late at night when they had come ashore just outside of a small coastal town, the beach had looked very quite as the boat had approached it but with in a very short time of getting out of the small boat very powerful lights had come on lighting up the beach, this was followed by shouting and people running towards the immigrants, when the lights had come on Pia did what her parents had taught

The small hotel on the edge of the small English town had fifteen bedrooms and during the summer it was normally full but during the winter it was very quiet with normally no guests Karen was the sixteen year old daughter of Mr. And Mrs Henderson who owned the hotel, it was mid way through the winter months and Mr and Mrs Henderson had gone away on their annual holiday leaving Karen to run the hotel while they were away. There had been a warning of very heavy rain and gale force winds so Karen had sent the staff home early to avoid the bad weather. Sixteen year old Colin who was in Karen’s class at school was the only

Steve was a well feared violent thug who lived in a tower block of flats on a very well run down council estate in East London, at just sixteen years of age he had been in a youth detention twice, the first time was when he was just twelve years old, Steve was racist and homophobic he had very few friends and lived with his mum who was an alcoholic and his ten year old sister July both who were scared of him. Steve was walking home after being out all night it was his first day of freedom after serving a twelve month sentence in a youth detention centre, Steve had a couple of cans of lager with him

The isolated farm stood five miles out side of the nearest town, the owners of the farm had gone on holiday for two weeks, leaving their only farm hand seventeen year old Steve to run the farm, Steve had a very bad reputation for being a racist homophobic violent thug who many people did not trust or like, the owner of the farm was one of the few people who trusted Steve, he thought that Steve was a hard worker who did his job well and let Steve stay rent free at the farm.. There had been a heat wave for the last three days and it was expected to last for at least another week, Steve was just finishing

It was early evening as Adam walked through the town, he knew that it was to early to carry out his favourite hobby of spying on girls and boys, Adam was well known for being a peeping tom and also being bi sexual, he had made a few enemies in the town because of his peeping tom activities and had been clobbered a few times but that did not stop him, he carried on trying to see people as they changed or showered but did not have much luck but hoped that one day he would get lucky. Adam walked to the school which he knew would still be open, at the school he headed to a class room where

The large paint factory had stood on the edge of the small town for many years with out there being any problems for the residents of the town but then in the early hours of the morning and with out any warning at all the town was rocked by a big explosion that woke many of the residents from their sleep, Twelve year old Kelly had two of her class mates staying for a sleep over, Kelly’s sixteen year old brother Mark was woken by the explosion, Mark always slept naked, he got out of bed and went to the window his seven inch erection on show his bedroom door was open, Kelly and her two friends had left Kelly’s

Anjana was a fourteen year old Bengali girl who lived in East London, she was not feeling very happy her dad had made her stay in the family owned small grocery shop to keep an eyes on things, it was new years eve and there were big celebrations taking place with the streets being packed with party goers, Anjana knew that she was going to be in the shop on her own all night in case there was any trouble involving the shop, Anjana would rather have been out with her friends going to a party and having a good time, all the shutters on the front of the shop had been pulled down and locked by her cousin when

Pia did not like living in London, she wanted to go back to her home country of India where all her friends were where she could lead a life with out being bullied and made to do the jobs that nobody else wanted to do, in London Pia was bullied because she helped the old lady who lived in the disused park keepers hut in the local park, many people called her an old witch and threw stones at her, but Pia was kind to the lady and took her food when ever she could, it was six in the morning when Pia was delivering the papers from her dads shop, it was cold which is why her brother would

The weather had been scorching hot for many weeks, it was the hottest weather that the people of England had ever known, in the country side there were grass fires nearly every day, fields and woods were constantly catching fire rivers, lakes and canals had dried up which made it more difficult for the fire brigade to fight the fires, there was a national drought with water being heavily rationed. Mark was a seventeen year old thug who had been given a job by the owner of a big mansion to look after his property while he was away, Mark was happy to be at the mansion as it had a very good air condition system which kept the place

The farm had once been a very big farm, it had been open for nearly one hundred and fifty years, it had survived both of the world wars and had had a reputation for being the biggest farm in England, but then slowly the farm got smaller as field were sold off, then the farm started to decay all the fields were sold off to other farms and now it consisted of just the very old farm house and one barn which was owned by an alcoholic, sixteen year Dawn who was the farm owners daughter lived on the farm, she was well known in the nearest town that was two miles away as being a violent trouble maker and

Residents of the small English coastal town were not happy about the illegal immigrants who were coming ashore, despite the fact that there was dock or any other mooring places quiet a few immigrants came ashore on the beach very close to the town, the coast guards and the immigration authority did very little to stop the problem, they only sent out a patrol once a week and if anybody reported immigrants coming ashore it took a very long time for the authorities to turn up. The residents of the town held meetings and decided to form their patrols and look outs and had a couple of successes in stopping immigrants from getting into the country, one evening a boat

Steve was a sixteen year old racist thug, he was well known on the estate that he lived on, the Indian community hated him and did not trust him they were very scared of him and always avoided him when they could, his dad was a builder who did a lot of work in the town where they lived and was well respected, Steve would often earn money by cleaning up after his dad had completed a job, Steve was on his way to a shop that his dad had just finished refurbishing, Steve knew that the clean up was going to take all day so had gone prepared with a lunch and a small gas fire for making a

Every morning Asif delivered the early morning papers from his dad’s shop to the council housing estate that was in very bad need of some repairs, he hated delivering the papers on this estate as there was a lot of racists that lived on it and if they saw him they would often shout racist comments at him, Asif was walking along one of the upper walk ways when he saw a light in one of the flats go on, as they did Asif saw that the curtains had not been drawn and he could see through the window into the room as he looked he saw July who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what

The old age pensioners home had stood on the edge of the large housing estate for quite a number of years, the residents of the home were all men who were aged from sixty years of age upwards, it was only a small home that catered for six men, the residents of the housing estate gave support to the home and helped the residents if they could, but there were some residents who did not like the home being on the edge of their estate and wanted it closed down, sixteen year old Sara was one girl who wanted it closed down so that the building could be used for a youth club, Sara called the residents of the home

Sara was sat in the lounge of the small hotel that had been owned by her family for many years, different generations of the family had run the place and now her mum and dad were in charge of the hotel, her mum was in hospital where she had been since having a car accident, her dad had gone to visit her mum and would not be home for a few hours yet. Karen was a local girl who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what Sara was and was well known for being stroppy, but Sara’s dad had left her in charge while he went to the hospital. Karen walked through the lounge to the

Sixteen year old Steve was sat in the casualty area of the local hospital close to where he lived, his nine year old sister Kerry had been hurt while doing sports at school and taken to the hospital, after waiting for half a hour Steve’s mum arrived at the hospital, after talking with his mum Steve left the hospital and went home where he knew he would be on his own for a few hours and thought peace and quiet at last I have the place to my self I can do what the heck I want to do without anybody nagging at me, Steve went upstairs to his room where he stripped naked and was about to put his

The two tower blocks of flats were located in the centre of a very old council estate in England, the estate was eighty years old and in need of some repairs, the estate was well known for trouble and racist hooligans. Sixteen year old Steve was the leader of a street gang that was well feared on the estate, they were racist and violent, people stayed clear of them, there were only six members in the gang all sixteen years of age, Steve lived in the top flat of one of towers, he lived with his mum who was an alcoholic and hardly ever at home, the flat that Steve lived in was on the roof of the block and

Shoo was a Twelve year old Indian boy who had been given the nickname of shoo by his gran mother because he was always chasing the birds and shouting shoo as he chased them which had made his gran mother laugh. After the death of his parents in a landslide in India he had been brought to London to live with his uncle who was a very rich man and owned a very big house with an indoor swimming pool. Shoo loved swimming in the swimming pool, the only thing Shoo did not like about living in London was the fact there were a lot of racists living there some of who were violent. Shoo had been bullied at school

The hotel had been situated on the edge of a small village in England, it had been a thriving business for many years with guests of the hotel staying there and visiting the local historic sites, but when the motorway was built fewer and fewer people stayed at the hotel, then a couple of years after the motorway was built the owners of the hotel decided to sell it, but nobody wanted to buy it but then it was sold to one of the richest men in the world who converted the hotel into a country mansion where he lived with his wife his sixteen year daughter Carol and Amy who was four years younger than what Carol was, the

The factory had once been a busy factory that employed a few hundred people from the town it stood on the edge of, but the owners of the factory went bankrupt and the factory was boarded up, nobody wanted to buy the place which had now been empty for over twenty years in that time the roof was blown off during a very big storm, then boards were forced of the windows by people hunting for metal that they could sell, slowly over the years the building fell into great disrepair and was now a derelict shell of what it had been like, not many people ever went their anymore, but twelve year old Flo a girl from Nigeria went

Prisha was a twelve year old Indian girl who lived above the shop owned by her dad in a small English town, Prisha was well liked in the Indian community, she was a quiet girl who caused no problems and treated her elders with respect, she was willing to help anybody if they needed help and was good at solving problems, she was very intelligent for a girl her age and people thought that she would go to university and become a doctor like she had said that she wanted to do. Prisha would often work over the week end in her dad’s shop which pleased her dad very much. Prisha had earned the nick name Angel but Prisha knew

Sixteen year old Steve was a violent racist thug who many people were very scared of even the local police were wary of him, The Bengali family who lived in the house next to the one that Steve lived in often got a lot of racial abuse from him, the Bengali family went away for a week to visit relations but twelve year old Anjana stayed behind, her parents thought that he was old enough and very capable of looking after herself so they had been very happy and content to let her stay at home. It was in the very early hours of the morning when Anjana was woken from her sleep by very loud voices, when she looked

Pia was a twelve year old Bengali girl who had been living in England for just over two years, her dad was still living in Bangladesh where Pia wished that she could go back to and live there, her mum who had brought Pia to England had reported a Bengali shop owner to the police and the man got sent to prison, the Bengali community were very angry with Pia’s mum and shunned both Pia and her mum, the pair became outcasts in the Bengali community and faced many problems, the heating system in their flat got damaged and was no longer working, Pia would often go onto the roof where she found area’s where it was quite warm, one

Asif was sitting in is bedroom looking out the window waiting to see who was going to be looking after him when his parents went out, he knew the regular child minder was ill and could not make it, Asif could not understand why he had to have a child minder in his home country of Bangladesh they did not need a child minder, as he sat looking out the window he saw July enter the garden, Asif knew that July was sixteen years of age which was four older than what he was and a violent trouble maker, Asif hoped that July was not going to be looking after, he heard the door bell ring then the door being

The fire had started in the attic of the house in the early hours of the morning, it was later discovered that the cause of the fire had been due to an electrical fault. Tom was passing the house on his way home from work and by chance saw the smoke rising from the roof and after calling the fire brigade banged on the door of the house where the fire was alerting Tina and her mum to the fire, Tina and her mum quickly got out of the house, the fire brigade arrived very quickly but the fire had got a good grip on the roof most of which was destroyed by the flames. Neighbours of Tina and her

Tom a sixty year old pensioner who had been to prison a couple of times for sex related crimes, he was living in a small village where he received a lot of verbal abuse, he was a peeping tom, the police had said he was quite safe and would not harm anyone according to the police Tom was a looker and would not do anything more than watch but many of the residents of the village were not happy with the fact that Tom was living in the village and wanted him out of the village, Sharon was a sixteen year old girl who lived opposite Tom and she gave him a lot of verbal abuse and often spat at